Dudley Metropolitan Borough
Leader & Cabinet
The word Dudley in blue text with a green arc over the top of the word.
Founded1 April 1974
Preceded byDudley Borough, Stourbridge Borough, Halesowen Borough
Leader of the Council
Patrick Harley, Conservative
Deputy Leader
Steve Clark, Conservative
Chief Executive
Kevin O'Keefe
Deputy Chief Executive
Balvinder Heran
Sue Greenaway
Seats72 councillors
UK Dudley Council 2022
Political groups
Administration (46)
  Conservative (46)
Other parties (26)
  Labour (26)
First past the post
Last election
5 May 2022
Unity and Progress
Meeting place
The Council House, Dudley - geograph.org.uk - 2002474.jpg
Council House, Dudley
DudleyMBC UK locator map.png
Dudley Metropolitan Borough shown within West Midlands
Councillor Sue Greenaway, newly appointed mayor in May 2022, in the borough's mayoral robe and chain. Dudley Castle can be viewed through the window.
Councillor Sue Greenaway, newly appointed mayor in May 2022, in the borough's mayoral robe and chain. Dudley Castle can be viewed through the window.

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council is the local authority for Dudley metropolitan borough. It is more commonly known as Dudley Council or Dudley MBC.

The present authority was formed as a result of further reorganisation of local government in 1974. It incorporates the areas of Dudley, Brierley Hill, Stourbridge and Halesowen.


The council’s origins are from 1865 when it was incorporated as a municipal borough which allowed the development of an elected town council. This consisted of a mayor, alderman and councillors.[1]

In 1888 Dudley Council became a county borough and so the council took responsibility for neighbouring towns and districts.

In April 1966, under the West Midlands order of the borough, Dudley was extended to take in former Brierley Hill and Sedgley Urban Districts as well as parts of the Coseley Urban District.


For historical political control and leadership, see Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council elections.

Dudley Council has its main offices in Dudley town centre (where Dudley Council House is located), along with additional smaller offices throughout the borough. The council is made up of 72 councillors representing 24 wards.

On its formation in 1974, the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley was controlled by the Labour Party. Since then the controlling party has frequently changed, sometimes with no political party having a clear majority.[2]

The Tories currently have control of Dudley Council as a majority run administration. After a no overall control result in the previous local elections the Tories gained control of Dudley council in the 2021 local elections.[3][4]

Current councillors by political party
Party Councillors
Conservative Party 46
Labour Party 26
History of political control of Dudley Council
Year Council control Notes
1974 Labour
1976 Conservative
1980 No overall control
1982 Conservative
1984 No overall control
1986 Labour
1992 Conservative
1993 Labour
2003 No overall control Conservative led minority administration
2004 Conservative
2012 Labour
2016 No overall control Labour led minority administration
2017 No overall control Conservative led minority administration
2018 No overall control Conservative led minority administration
2021 Conservative


The 24 wards of the Dudley Borough are each represented by 3 councillors. The council groups wards together into 10 Community Forums to enable community engagement.[5]

1 Amblecote
Cradley and Wollescote
Lye and Stourbridge North
2 Belle Vale
Hayley Green and Cradley South
3 Brierley Hill
Brockmoor and Pensnett
4 Coseley East
5 Castle and Priory
St. James's
St. Thomas's
6 Gornal
Upper Gornal and Woodsetton
7 Halesowen North
Halesowen South
8 Kingswinford North and Wall Heath
Kingswinford South
9 Netherton, Woodside and St. Andrews
Quarry Bank and Dudley Wood
10 Norton
Pedmore and Stourbridge East
Wollaston and Stourbridge Town

Members of parliament

Current members of parliament for constituencies within Dudley MBC area are:

Constituency Member of Parliament Political Party
Dudley North Marco Longhi Conservative
Dudley South Mike Wood Conservative
Stourbridge Suzanne Webb Conservative
Halesowen and Rowley Regis James Morris Conservative
Wolverhampton South East Pat McFadden Labour

Chief Executives

Dates Name
1973-1986 John Francis Mulvehill
1986 Leslie Thomas Barnfield
1986-1988 Tom Headley Meredith
1988-1999 Alistair Vivian Astling
1999-2008 Andrew Sparke
2009-2015 John Polychronakis
2015-2019 Sarah Norman
2019–present Kevin O’Keefe

Mayor of Dudley and Civic Awards

The Mayor presides over meetings of the full Council to ensure that business is carried out properly and efficiently, with due regard to the rights of Councillors and the interest of the Community.[6] The Mayor of the Borough is elected at the Annual Meeting of the Council (usually in May each year) from the existing elected councillors.

The Mayor also nominates charities they wish to support during their mayoral year[7] and hosts the annual Mayors Ball and Civic Awards. The Civic Awards aim to recognise individuals and groups who make a difference in the borough. Each award is named for a local personality in that field.[8]

Civic arms and motto

Dudley’s coat of arms was designed in 1975.[1] It symbolises each of the authorities that came together to form the present borough. Key themes on the civic arms reflect the area’s pride in its industrial past.

The council adopted “Unity and Progress” as its motto in 1974.[1]

City status bid

In 2021, the council proposed the borough (rather than simply the town) of Dudley become a city, as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.[9] The bid was unsuccessful,[10] having also been unsuccessful in 2011.[11]


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