Coventry City Council
Third of council elected three years out of four
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Coat of arms
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Council logo
Term limits
Founded1 April 1974
Preceded byCoventry City Council (of the County Borough of Coventry)
Meriden Rural District Council
West Midlands County Council
Kevin Maton
since 2022/23
Leader of the Council
George Duggins, Labour
since 19 May 2016
Deputy Leader
Abdul Salam Khan, Labour
Leader of the Opposition
Gary Ridley, Conservative
Chief executive
Mr Hastie and Ms Nelson (joint), Interim CEOs
Seats54 councillors
Coventry City Council makeup.svg
Political groups
Administration (38)
  Labour (38)
Opposition (15)
  Conservative (14)
  Green (1)
Vacant (1)
First past the post
Last election
5 May 2022
Camera Principis
Meeting place
Coventry Council House.jpg
Council House, Coventry
Martin Reeves, Chief Executive 2008-23, seen on 20 October 2012
Martin Reeves, Chief Executive 2008-23, seen on 20 October 2012

Coventry City Council is the local government body responsible for the governance of the City of Coventry in England, which has been a metropolitan district since 1974.

The city is divided up into 18 Wards each with three councillors. Coventry has usually been controlled by the Labour Party over the past few decades, and at times they appeared to be in safe control. However, the Conservatives held control for a short time in the 1970s, and they also held control from July 2004 until 2010. For a time they held control on the casting vote of the Lord Mayor, but they won clear control at the local elections of 4 May 2006. However, in 2010 the Conservatives lost control of Coventry City Council when Labour gained enough seats to have overall control.

The leader of the controlling Labour group is George Duggins. He has held the post of Leader of the Council since May 2016 after winning a leadership election against the incumbent Ann Lucas.[1] The Chief Executive is Martin Reeves.[2] The leader of the Conservative group is Gary Ridley who has held the post since May 2017 after John Blundell, stood down.

In 2017 the council will move the majority of its staff to the Friargate development.[needs update] It will be the first tenant in the new business district, located next to Coventry railway station.

Council affiliation

Affiliation Members[3]
Labour 39
Conservative 14
Green Party 1
Total number of seats 54


Alice Arnold, wearing Coventry's mayoral regalia
Alice Arnold, wearing Coventry's mayoral regalia

Coventry's first female mayor, appointed in 1937, was Alice Arnold.[4][5]

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