Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council
Founded1 April 1974; 48 years ago (1974-04-01)
Preceded by14 councils[notes 1]
Mayor of Wigan
Yvonne Klieve, Labour
since 26 May 2021
Leader of the Council
Chief executive
Alison McKenzie-Folan
since 6 March 2019
Seats75 (38 needed for a majority)
Political groups
  •   Labour (57)
Opposition parties
Vacant (2)
Joint committees
Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Greater Manchester Police, Fire and Crime Panel
Last election
2018 (one third of councillors)
2019 (one third of councillors)
2021 (one third of councillors)
Next election
2022 (one third of councillors)
Meeting place
Wigan Town Hall
United Kingdom

The Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council is the local authority for the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan in the United Kingdom. It consists of 75 Councillors with one-third being elected every three years in four. The borough is separated into 25 wards. Councillors are democratically accountable to the ward they are elected to represent. Each ward is represented on the council by three council members.

Council members by ward

This is a list of the current Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council:[1]

Ward Councillor Party Offices[2]
Abram Eunice Smethurst Labour Chair of Confident Council Scrutiny Committee
Martyn Smethurst Labour Chair of the Children and Young People's Services Scrutiny Committee
Carl Sweeney Labour Lead Member for Youth Opportunities
Ashton Jenny Bullen Labour Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Children and Families
Danny Fletcher Labour
Anthony John Skyes Labour Vice-Chair of Confident Council Scrutiny Committee
Aspull, New Springs and Whelley Ronald Josef Conway Labour Chair of the Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee
Laura Flynn Labour
Christopher Ready Labour Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Communities, Public Relations, Corporate Land, Community Assets and Culture

Chair of Honorary Aldermen Nominations Committee

Astley Mosley Common Christine Lillian Roberts Labour
Barry John Taylor Labour Vice-Chair of the Confident Places Scrutiny Committee
Paula Wakefield Labour Co-operative Lead Member for Equalities and Domestic Abuse
Atherleigh Mark Aldred Labour
John Harding Labour
Debra Susan Ann Wailes Labour
Atherton Stuart Andrew Gerrard Independent Network
Jamie Hodgkinson Independent Network
James Paul Watson Independent Network
Bryn Andrew Francis Collinson Independent
Sam Flemming Labour
Sylvia Wilkinson Independent
Douglas Shirley Dewhurst Labour
Pat Draper Labour Vice-Chair of the Audit, Governance and Standards Committee
Sheila Rosaleen Ramsdale Labour
Golborne and Lowton West Susan Gambles Labour Portfolio Holder for Housing and Welfare

Chair of the Housing Advisory Panel

Yvonne Klieve Labour Mayor of Wigan
Gena Merrett Labour
Hindley Paul John Blay Labour Vice-Chair of the Licensing Committee, and the Regulation Committee
Jim Ellis Independent Network
James Talbot Labour
Hindley Green Bob Brierley Independent
John Vickers Labour
Ince David Trevor Molyneux Labour Leader of the Council and Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Regeneration

Chair of the Establishment (Ad Hoc) Committee

James Moodie Labour Lead Member for Leisure and Public Health
Janice Sharratt Labour
Leigh East Keith Cunliffe Labour Deputy Leader of Wigan Council and Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care
Fredrick Bown Walker Labour
Leigh South Kevin Anderson Labour Co-operative Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Police, Crime and Civil Contingencies
John O'Brien Labour Chair of the Confident Places Scrutiny Committee
Charles Rigby Labour Chair of Audit, Governance and Standards Committee
Leigh West Dane Anderton Labour Vice=Chair of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee
Samantha Brown Labour Sitting member of the Audit, Governance and Standards Committee
Susan June Greensmith Labour Vice-Chair of the Planning Committee
Lowton East Marie Cooper Conservative
Edward Noel Houlton Conservative
Kathleen Houlton Conservative
Orrell Marjorie Clayton Conservative
Steven Lyn Evans Conservative
Michael Winstanley Conservative Leader of the Conservative Group
Pemberton Jeanette Prescott Labour
Paul Prescott Labour Portfolio Holder for Planning, Environmental Services and Transport
Eileen Winifred Rigby Labour
Shevington with Lower Ground Janet Brown Shevington Independents
Paul Anthony Collins Labour Vice-Chair of the Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee
Michael John Crosby Labour
Standish with Langtree Adam Marsh Conservative Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group
Debbie Parkinson Labour Older Person Champion
Raymond Whittingham Conservative
Tyldesley Stephen John Hellier Labour Chair of the Planning Committee

Chair of the Licensing and Regulation Committees

Joanne Marshall Labour Lead Member for Greener Wigan
Nazia Rehman Labour Co-operative Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Finance, Resources and Transformation
Wigan Central George Davies Labour
Lawrence Hunt Labour
Michael McLoughlin Labour
Wigan West Phyllis Cullen Labour
Stephen Dawber Labour
Terence William Halliwell Labour Lead Member for Heritage and Building Conservation
Winstanley Paul Terence Kenny Labour Co-operative Lead Member for District Centres and Night Time Economy
Clive William Morgan Labour Lead Member for Armed Forces and Veterans
Marie Morgan Labour Deputy Mayor of Wigan
Worsley Mesnes Patricia Lynne Holland Labour
David Hurst Labour
William Rotherham Labour


Eight councillors are appointed to the cabinet who are each a 'Portfolio Holder' for an area of responsibility.[3] (Such as 'Portfolio Holder for Environment').

Portfolio Current Holder Notes
Executive Leader David Molyneux
  • Responsibility for policy direction, finance, partnership working, external relations within Greater Manchester and at national level, the performance of Cabinet Members and of Leader Members, and implementing the "Deal for the Future" policy.
Deputy Leader Kieth Cunliffe
  • Responsible for supporting the Executive Leader.
Economic Development and Regeneration David Molyneux
  • Responsible for transportation, delivery of future housing, infrastructure, economic development and skills and green infrastructure needs.
Children and Families Jenny Bullen
  • Responsible for issues and services for ages ranging from 0 -19.
Housing and Welfare Susan Gambles
  • Responsible for Wigan and Leigh Housing, chairing the Housing Panel, and Council Welfare Policy
Adult Social Care Keith Cunliffe
  • Support for older people and adults with disabilities and for their carers and ensuring vulnerable groups feel safe and protected and that their welfare is promoted. Enhancing self-reliance, improving life opportunities and independence.
Planning, Environmental Services and Transport Paul Prescott
  • Responsible for operational delivery of services, including waste collection/disposal, street scene, highways, transport provision, building maintenance, school catering, environmental protection, and environmental health and licensing. .
Communities, Public Relations, Corporate Land, Community Assets and Culture Chris Ready
  • Building Self Reliance, Strengthening Communities and Communications.
Police, Crime and Civil Contingencies Kevin Anderson
  • Responsible for Police and safety, with the aim at reducing crime.
Finance, Resources and Transformation Nazia Rehman
  • Responsible for improvement and efficiency, and transforming the way the council works and serves its customers, providing joined-up, ‘connected’ services in a customer-focused environment, and adopting the ‘one team, one council’ theme.
Deaths in office

Local election results

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