Some articles on Wikipedia may contain significant factual inaccuracies, i.e. information that is verifiably wrong. Articles for which much of the factual accuracy is actively disputed should have a ((Disputed)) warning place at the top, and they are listed at Category:Accuracy disputes. Also see a recent list of disputed articles, and the current list of articles that link here.

Handling content that may be inaccurate[edit]

If you see an article that may be inaccurate, you should do the following:

Handling factual inaccuracy warnings[edit]

If you see an article with a factual accuracy warning, please do the following:

Resolving disputes[edit]

Verified article – removed accuracy dispute

Disputed statement[edit]

If a Wikipedia article links to this page, it is due to an editor's concerns regarding the accuracy of statements within that article. Statements causing such concern are marked with the tags [disputeddiscuss] or [dubiousdiscuss]. An editor can insert such a warning by using the templates ((Disputed inline)) or ((Dubious)).

Several factors can prompt concerns about the accuracy of a statement, including:

If your work has been tagged:

If you encounter a statement with an accuracy warning, please:

If you encounter a statement that seems to be or is inaccurate, please:

If you cannot correct it right away:

Verified article – removed accuracy dispute

When you add an accuracy warning, you are invited to also help resolve other accuracy disputes or fact-check other articles listed in:

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