Bury Metropolitan Borough Council
Third of council elected three years out of four
Coat of arms
Council logo
Term limits
Founded1 April 1974
Mayor of Bury
Cllr Sandra Walmsley, Labour Party
since 5 May 2022
Leader of the Council
Eamonn O'Brien, Labour Party
since 5 May 2022
Deputy Leaders
  • Cllr Tamoor Tariq
  • Cllr Lucy Smith
, Labour Party
since 5 May 2022
Leader of the Opposition
Russell Bernstein, Conservative Party
Chief executive
Lynne Ridsdale
since 16 May 2018
The make-up of Bury Council following the 2023 local elections
Political groups
Administration (31)
  •   Labour (31)
    Opposition (22)
  •   Conservative (11)
  •   Radcliffe First (8)
  •   Independent (1)
Joint committees
Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Greater Manchester Police, Fire and Crime Panel
Last election
2023 (one third of councillors)
2022 (all 51 councillors)
Next election
2024 (one third of councillors)
2026 (one third of councillors)
Meeting place
Bury Town Hall

Bury Metropolitan Borough Council is the local authority of the Metropolitan Borough of Bury in Greater Manchester, England. It is a metropolitan district council, one of ten in Greater Manchester and one of 36 in the metropolitan counties of England. It provides the majority of local government services in Bury.

Wards and councillors

Each ward is represented by three councillors.[2]

Council Wards
1 Ramsbottom
2 North Manor
3 Tottington
4 Elton
5 Moorside
6 Bury West
7 Bury East
8 Redvales
9 Radcliffe North & Ainsworth
10 Radcliffe East
11 Radcliffe West
12 Unsworth
13 Pilkington Park
14 Besses
15 St. Mary's
16 Holyrood
17 Sedgley
Parliamentary constituency Ward Councillor Party Term of office
Bury North constituency Bury East Ummrana Farooq Labour 2023-27
Ayesha Arif Labour 2022-26
Gavin McGill Labour 2022-24
Bury West Shahbaz Arif Conservative 2023-27
Jackie Harris Conservative 2022-26
Dene Vernon Conservative 2022-24
Elton Charlotte Morris Labour 2023-27
Jack Rydeheard Conservative 2022-26
Martin Hayes Labour 2022-24
Moorside Babar Ibrahim Labour 2023-27
Sandra Walmsley Labour 2022-26
Ciaron Boles Labour 2022-24
North Manor Khalid Hussain Conservative 2023-27
Roger Brown Conservative 2022-26
Liam Dean Conservative 2022-24
Radcliffe North and Ainsworth Jo Lancaster (Conservative Group Deputy Leader) Conservative 2023-27
Donald Berry Radcliffe First 2022-26
Andrea Booth Radcliffe First 2022-24
Ramsbottom Gareth Staples-Jones Labour 2023-27
Clare Cummins Labour 2022-26
Tom Pilkington Labour 2022-24
Redvales Shaheena Haroon Labour 2023-27
Nikki Frith Labour 2022-26
Tamoor Tariq (Labour Group Deputy Leader) Labour 2022-24
Tottington Iain Gartside Conservative 2023-27
Yvonne Wright Independent 2022-26
Luis McBriar Conservative 2022-24
Bury South constituency Besses Lucy Smith Labour 2023-27
Noel Bayley Labour 2022-26
Mary Whitby Labour 2022-24
Holyrood Lynn Ryder Labour 2023-27
Elliot Moss Labour 2022-26
Imran Rizvi Labour 2022-24
Pilkington Park Michael Rubinstein Labour 2023-27
Russell Bernstein (Conservative Group Leader) Conservative 2022-26
Elizabeth Fitzgerald Labour 2022-24
Radcliffe East Mary Walsh Radcliffe First 2023-27
Carol Birchmore Radcliffe First 2022-26
James Mason Radcliffe First 2022-24
Radcliffe West Mike Smith (Radcliffe First Group Leader) Radcliffe First 2023-27
Glyn Marsden Radcliffe First 2022-26
Des Duncalfe Radcliffe First 2022-24
Sedgley Debbie Quinn Labour 2023-27
Richard Gold Labour 2022-26
Alan Quinn Labour 2022-24
St. Mary's Sean Thorpe Labour 2023-27
Eamonn O'Brien Labour 2022-26
Debra Green Labour 2022-24
Unsworth Tahir Rafiq Labour 2023-27
Joan Grimshaw Labour 2022-26
Nathan Boroda Labour 2022-24

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