The Duke of Spoleto was the ruler of Spoleto and most of central Italy outside the Papal States during the Early and High Middle Ages (c. 500 – 1300). The first dukes were appointed by the Lombard king, but they were independent in practice. The Carolingian conquerors of the Lombards continued to appoint dukes, as did their successors the Holy Roman Emperors. In the 12th century, the dukes of Spoleto were the most important imperial vassals in Italy. From 1198, the Duchy became under the sovereignty of the States of the Church.

They usually bore the title dux et marchio, "duke and margrave" as rulers of both Spoleto and Camerino.

List of dukes

Lombard supremacy

Frankish supremacy

(ND - Non-dynastic; S - Supponids; W - Widonids)

Feudal duchy

Tuscan supremacy

to the papacy 1056–1057

Papal supremacy

Member of Italian royal family

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