Dumb Patrol
Title card
Directed byGerry Chiniquy
Story byJohn Dunn
StarringMel Blanc
Music byBill Lava
Animation byVirgil Ross
Bob Matz
Lee Halpern
Art Leonardi
Layouts byBob Givens
Backgrounds byTom O'Loughlin
Color processTechnicolor
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
Vitagraph Company of America
Release date
  • January 18, 1964 (1964-01-18)
Running time
6 minutes

Dumb Patrol is a 1964 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon short directed by Gerry Chiniquy.[1] It was released on January 18, 1964, and stars Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam.[2] Director Gerry Chiniquy was a longtime animator in Friz Freleng's unit. The cartoon is set during World War I opening 'somewhere in France' in 1917, and it also commemorates the 50th anniversary of the war.[3]

The title is an allusion to The Dawn Patrol, a 1930 movie by Howard Hawks that also deals with World War I pilots. The same title was also used for an unrelated early Looney Tunes short starring Bosko, released in 1931.

Animation historian Jerry Beck considers Dumb Patrol to be among the worst Bugs Bunny cartoons.[4][5]

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