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European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research
Formation1947; 77 years ago (1947)[a]
FounderData analytics professionals and researchers in 1947
HeadquartersAmsterdam, Netherlands
Coordinates52°18′32″N 4°56′53″E / 52.309°N 4.948°E / 52.309; 4.948

ESOMAR is a membership organization for market, social, opinion, and data analytics professionals and researchers that was founded in 1947.[1][a] The name ESOMAR is an abbreviation of their original name, the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research, which reflects the original catchment of the organisation.[2] ESOMAR has published an ethics and guidance code for its members since 1948, with a joint code being published with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) since 1977.[3]


ESOMAR was founded in 1947.[1][a] In 1948 the first version of code of practice for members was published.[4] In 1976 ESOMAR and the ICC determined a single code of practice would be preferable and the first joint code of practice was published in 1977, with revisions in 1986, 1994 and 2007.[3] From the revision in 2016 the title and content was changed to include data analytics.[5]


ESOMAR produces information about market, opinion, and social research as well as data analytics.[6][7] An annual multi-day congress is held in-person,[8][9] except in 2020 and 2021 when it was held as a virtual "Insights Festival".[10][11]

Research World is a online platform that publishes non-commercial, original content submissions about research and practical issues relevant to marketing and business.[12] Until 2019, ESOMAR produced the Research World magazine bi-monthly, with publisher Wiley Online Library claiming a worldwide circulation of close to 20,000 with the majority of the readers in Europe.[13]

As the charity arm of ESOMAR, the ESOMAR Foundation helps non-profit organisations through research, supports market research education in developing countries and students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, and provide financial help to researchers in need.[14]

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