The levels of education in Greenland are primary, secondary and higher education. A 10-year primary education is compulsory for all children aged between 6 and 16. Education in Greenland is controlled by the Greenlandic Department of Education.[1] Danish is taught as a second language starting in the first grade.[2]

Following primary school, Greenlanders can choose to go to a secondary education, either in a gymnasium (a Nordic type of school similar to high school), or a vocational education.[3] Many Greenlanders choose to leave Greenland for Denmark to continue their education, either after primary school, or gymnasium.[4]

Greenlanders pursuing a high education can go to university in Denmark, holding the same rights as any other Danish citizen. They can also choose to stay in Greenland and pursue a higher education in the capital city of Nuuk, at the University of Greenland.[4]

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