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Egg tong sui
TypeTong sui
Place of originChina
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsWater, chicken eggs, sugar
Egg tong sui
Traditional Chinese雞蛋
Simplified Chinese鸡蛋
Jyutpinggai1 daan6*2 tong4 seoi2
Hanyu Pinyinjī dàn táng shuǐ
Literal meaningegg sugar water

Egg tong sui is a classic tong sui (sweet soup) within Cantonese cuisine, essentially a sweet version of egg drop soup. It is considered a more traditional and home-style dish in China, since it is rarely if ever served at any restaurants.


The soup recipe is simple as it only requires the boiling of water, chicken eggs, and sugar. The eggs are usually cracked open with the yolk and egg whites poured right in without any pre-mixing. It is always served hot.

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