Football Digest
Categoriessports magazine
Final issueNovember 2005
CountryUnited States

Football Digest was a sports magazine for fans interested in professional American football, with in-depth coverage of the National Football League (NFL). The magazine modeled the Reader's Digest idea, to bring the best in football journalism from newspapers and magazines that the fans would have otherwise not had an opportunity to read.

The final issue was published in November 2005.

It also had its own independent All-Rookie team which began in 1971 and its own All-pro team which began in the 1980s. The All-Pro team was chosen by the editorial staff which gave them the freedom to choose otherwise less-publicized players on the second-team selections. By interviewing coaches and players the editors felt they got the inside "scoop" on who the "sleepers" were for an All-Pro Team.[1]


NFL Player of the Year

NFL Defensive Player of the Year

NFL Defensive Back of the Year

NFL Defensive Linemen of the Year

NFL Linebacker of the Year

NFL Offensive Lineman of the Year

NFL Running Back of the Year

NFL Receiver of the Year

NFL Quarterback of the Year

NFL Specialists of the Year

NFL Kicker of the Year

NFL Coach of the Year


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