From Our Own Correspondent
GenreCurrent affairs
Running time23–30 minutes
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Home stationBBC World Service
BBC Radio 4
Hosted byKate Adie (BBC Radio 4)
Pascale Harter (BBC World Service)
Produced byAndrea Protheroe
Edited byTony Grant
Original release1955 –
WebsiteWorld Service edition
Radio 4 edition
PodcastBBC podcast

From Our Own Correspondent is a weekly BBC radio programme in which BBC foreign correspondents deliver a sequence of short talks reflecting on current events and topical themes in the countries outside the UK in which they are based.[1] The programme offers the BBC's correspondents around the world a chance to give a personal account of events from the epoch-making to the inconsequential.

From Our Own Correspondent is broadcast in two editions – one on the BBC World Service and one on BBC Radio 4 – and the programme was one of the first to be made available by the BBC as a podcast.

The programme was first commissioned in 1955. A book entitled From Our Own Correspondent: A celebration of 50 years of the BBC Radio Programme[2] was published in 2005 with a selection of the show's reports for each continent. A related series, From Our Home Correspondent, was presented by Mishal Husain and focussed on stories by British domestic correspondents and was broadcast between 2016 and 2020.[3]


The programme was, for many years, presented by the Radio 4 and World Service announcers as part of their duties, but is now fronted by former BBC correspondents:


Years Presenter Current role
1998–present Kate Adie BBC Radio 4 presenter
2012–present Pascale Harter BBC World Service presenter



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