The World
The World Logo.jpg
GenreInternational news: features, interviews, analysis, podcasts
Running timec. 50 min.
Country of originUnited States
Home stationWGBH
SyndicatesPublic Radio Exchange
Hosted byMarco Werman
Created byPublic Radio International
Directed byApril Peavey
Executive producer(s)Dan Lothian
Recording studioBoston, Massachusetts
Original release1995 – present
Audio formatStereophonic
The studio where The World is produced (part of the WGBH building in Boston)
The studio where The World is produced (part of the WGBH building in Boston)

The World is a US public radio news magazine with an emphasis on international news. The program originated partly in response to declining coverage of international news by US commercial media. It is co-produced by WGBH and the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) of the United States.

The World was the first co-production of Public Radio International. It was also the first news co-production of the BBC World Service.[citation needed] For the BBC, The World was conceived as a stand-alone program and also as a template for future co-productions which might expand the reach of the BBC World Service. At its launch, it was the first program dedicated to providing global news and making a global-local connection for Americans on a daily basis.

PRX currently distributes the show to more than 300 public radio stations across the United States. The program reaches more than 2.5 million listeners every week in broadcast alone.[1] It is hosted by Marco Werman[2] at WGBH's studios in Boston. Werman, who has been with The World since its inception, has hosted the program since 2010. The first host was Lisa Mullins.

The World was the first daily nationally syndicated public radio program to begin podcasting some of its content, notably its coverage of technology.[citation needed] Its technology podcast began on February 11, 2005, hosted by Clark Boyd. Today, numerous podcasts are available by topical area and entire programs are available as podcasts.

As of October 2009, the program also now airs on CBC Radio One in Canada as part of the CBC Radio Overnight lineup.

The original theme music was composed by Eric Goldberg, but it was replaced in July 2019 with new theme music composed by Ned Porter.

Portions of the program were repackaged and rebroadcast on the weekly BBC World Service program called Boston Calling,[3] which ended on 27 June 2020.[4] The BBC World Service's co-production of The World ended on 30 June 2020.[5]


The World has won over a dozen awards for its programming,[6] including:


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