Molly of Denali
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Created by
Directed byUwe Rafael Braun
  • Sovereign Bill
  • Sequoia Janvier
  • Zane Jasper
  • Vienna Leacock
  • Jules Arita Koostachin
  • Ronnie Dean Harris
  • Lorne Cardinal
  • Adeline Potts
Opening theme"Molly of Denali" by Phillip Blanchett and Karina Moeller
Ending theme"Molly of Denali" (instrumental)
  • Steve D'Angelo
  • Terry Tompkins
  • Lorenzo Castelli
  • Adam Damelin (S2-)
  • Rocco Gagliese (S2-)
  • David Conlon (S2-)
  • Joseph Coupal (S2-)
Country of origin
  • Canada
  • United States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes60 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Dorothea Gillim
  • Trevor Bentley (S2-)
  • Olubunmi Mia Olufemi (S1)
  • Elizabeth Thorsen (S2-)
Running time23-25 minutes
Production companies
Original network
Original releaseJuly 15, 2019 (2019-07-15) –

Molly of Denali (stylized as MOLLY of DENALI) is an animated children's television series produced by Atomic Cartoons in association with WGBH Kids, created by Dorothea Gillim and Kathy Waugh for PBS Kids and CBC Kids.[1][2] It premiered on July 15, 2019, and is the first American nationally distributed children's show to feature an Alaska Native as the lead character.[3] Thirty-eight half-hours were produced for season 1, which has a 50-minute special as its season finale.[4] A special live-action segment filmed in Alaska airs between the two 11-minute story segments.

On April 6, 2021, it was announced that the show had been renewed for two more seasons, whose second season premiered on November 1, 2021, and ended on October 10, 2022, after 14 episodes.[5] The third season premiered on November 7, 2022.

The series won a Peabody Award in the Children's/Youth category in 2020.[6]


The series follows ten-year-old Molly Mabray, an Alaskan Native vlogger from the fictional village of Qyah, and her family, friends Tooey Ookami and Trini Mumford, her Malamute Suki, and other residents. Her family runs the Denali Trading Post.


Voice direction by Nicole Oliver[8]


Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
140July 15, 2019 (2019-07-15)June 7, 2021 (2021-06-07)
214November 1, 2021 (2021-11-01)October 10, 2022 (2022-10-10)
313November 7, 2022 (2022-11-07)TBA

Season 1 (2019–21)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byPBS Kids air dateCBC Kids air dateProd.
11"Grandpa's Drum"
"Have Canoe, Will Paddle"
Uwe Rafael BraunRaye Lankford
Tim McKeon
July 15, 2019 (2019-07-15)TBA101[9]
When Grandpa Nat feels that he can't play the drums at an upcoming ceremony honoring their people's native heritage, Molly and Tooey find an old photograph of Nat during his boarding school days and make it their mission to get back his native drum by finding the girl he'd met in another town.
Molly, Tooey, and Trini have formed a canoe team so they can compete in a local canoe race, but need help in how they do it. After some training from a former Olympic athlete, the team is ready, but when their canoe suddenly gets damaged, a surprise awaits them on the day of the race.
"Name Game"
Uwe Rafael BraunLeah Gotscik
Tim McKeon
July 15, 2019 (2019-07-15)TBA102[9]
Molly's friend Trini is excited to be competing in a cabbage contest, only to find that something has started making a meal out of her giant cabbage, Cabbagezilla. With a moose as a suspect, Molly and Trini seek advice on how to protect Cabbagezila, only to find the real culprits...and an unexpected visitor to the contest.
Molly dreads the visit of her silent but serious Aunt Merna. After she helps Aunt Merna with the jam jars, she is instructed to take them to a place she's never heard of, but Molly's mother solves the mystery by explaining to Molly that the name Aunt Merna used was the native name given to Molly's mother. After Molly's father and Grandpa Nat reveal their native names, Molly becomes determined to gain a native name for herself, but upon learning she has to earn it, she goes around asking Qyah's Alaskan Native residents their native names and how they got them, eventually compiling them in a book that she gives to Trini's father, who works for the Qyah Library. After an attempt to impress Aunt Merna backfires, Molly goes down to the library, where her book is being recognized, enough for Aunt Merna to give her her native name...based on one of her favorite hobbies.
33"Berry Itchy Day"
"Herring Eggs or Bust"
Uwe Rafael BraunRaye Lankford
Peter Ferland
July 16, 2019 (2019-07-16)TBA103[10][9]
Molly and her parents go to pick blueberries, but when Molly accidentally brings the wrong spray bottle which is dog perfume instead of bug repellent, the mosquitoes come in on the attack and Molly tries asking for a homemade bug repellent from Tooey, who stayed behind to look after the trading post.
After hearing about how much herring eggs her cousin is catching, Molly wants to go get some for herself, but when her mother denies the request, Molly goes round town looking for other reasons from everybody else to go to her cousin's hometown.
44"First Fish"
"A-maze-ing Snow"
Uwe Rafael BraunRaye Lankford
Douglas Wood
July 17, 2019 (2019-07-17)TBA104[11][9]
After listening to Grandpa Nat and her parents tell tall tales about their first fish, Molly is over the moon when the salmon start running. On the day she and her father go out to fish, Molly seems to have no luck in catching a fish. Tooey and his dad, passing by in their motorboat, offer advice on the best fishing spot, but when their boat breaks down, they try to have Molly's other friends pass on the message (which ends up getting more mixed up as everybody has to shout the message). Just when Molly gets a very strange message, some seagulls lead her to the perfect spot...and the perfect tall tale
During a snow day, the school roof collapses as a result of too much snow and with the emergency funds already depleted from being spent on snowplows, Molly and Tooey suggest a carnival to raise funds to repair the roof. While setting up the carnival, Molly gets the idea to create a maze out of the deep snow, but as Molly's dad is helping make the maze, he runs into a rock, which causes an alteration of the maze's design. When Trini gives the maze a try, she ends up lost (as Molly and Tooey forgot to alter their map after learning about the rock) and could miss the blanket toss contest, but Suki comes to the rescue.
55"Bird in Hand"
"Bye-Bye Birdie"
Uwe Rafael BraunPeter Ferland
Douglas Wood
July 18, 2019 (2019-07-18)TBA105[12][9]
After checking out an old cabin as the result of a double dare, Molly and Tooey need to use the bathroom in the bunkhouse (as Molly's dad has shut off the water so he could do some plumbing work), but a strange noise in the dryer lint pipe scares the children. Thinking there could be a ghost, Molly and Tooey attempt to take a picture of the ghost...only to discover that the "ghost" is really an owl that was only looking for a new home after its old one near the old cabin got cut down
When Nina goes off to a fjord to make observations of the puffins that live there, Molly and Trini are over the moon about it and join their friend. Upon finding the puffin nests, Nina discovers that she accidentally left her camera along the switchback trail leading up to the nests, so while she goes back for it, Molly and Trini get the opportunity to write down their observations of the puffins until a couple of puffins getting ready to jump off a cliff causes the girls some alarm.
66"Culture Clash"
"Party Moose"
Uwe Rafael BraunTim McKeon
Kathy Waugh
July 22, 2019 (2019-07-22)September 28, 2019106[13][9]
In a flashback, Molly recalls the day when Trini moved to Alaska from Texas. After accidentally offending Trini about playing basketball, Molly and Tooey try to make it up to her by acting more Texan, based on what they see from a movie set in Texas. Once Trini and her father explain the people and culture of Texas, Molly and Tooey return the favor by explaining the people and culture of Alaska when Trini reveals her fear of polar bears.
Molly and her mother are taking supplies out to Nina and her team, who are out studying caribou, and to celebrate her birthday. However, upon approach to the landing strip, they discover a moose in the way of where the plane needs to come down. When all efforts fail to drive the moose away, something in Nina's birthday present just might help save her birthday before the plane has to turn back for more fuel.
77"Hot Springs Eternal"
"Tooey's Hero"
Uwe Rafael BraunLeah Gotscik
Peter Ferland
July 24, 2019 (2019-07-24)TBA107[14][9]
While Molly and Tooey are enjoying hot chocolate during a freeze that's left big icicles on the porch of the Denali Trading Post, a customers spies Grandpa Nat's old picture of a landmark dubbed "The Moose Tree" and tells Molly that he's seen the very landmark and is more than happy to give Molly the directions to find it (as Grandpa Nat doesn't remember the route). After Tooey wishes aloud that he could swim in hot springs, Molly makes it her mission to find the hot springs that Grandpa Nat also mentioned. With Molly's father and Grandpa Nat giving the children transport, they follow the directions Molly has written, but when the sun sets, it takes one more extra special detail that Grandpa Nat remembers to help them find the hot springs from the "Moose Tree"
Tooey is over the moon when famous dog sledder Eugene Pike is recreating the Great Mail Run for its centennial and more excited that his hero will be passing through Qyah, which is one of the stops on the Great Mail Run, and will give them a special package courtesy of the Governor of Alaska. All of Qyah gets ready for the special occasion (despite the welcome banner being misprinted as "Welcome Herf" instead of "Welcome Hero"), but Tooey gets an awful thought: earlier, he and Molly saw that, due to global warming, the ice in the river Eugene needs to cross as part of the run is breaking up earlier than usual. With no time to lose, Molly and Tooey make it to the river just in time and are able to warn Eugene Pike, but the famous dog sledder has a trick up his sleeve to ensure that Qyah gets its special package even if he can't cross the river.
88"The Worm Turns"
"Little Dog Lost"
Uwe Rafael BraunRaye Lankford
Mark Zaslove & Kathy Waugh
July 29, 2019 (2019-07-29)TBA108[9]
During Molly's sleepover, Grandpa Nat tells Molly, Tooey, and Trini a spooky story about a giant ice worm. The story leaves Molly and her friends worried about seeing a worm and their fears are further heightened when they see a trail out in the snow and when the power suddenly goes off. Next morning, suspecting that a giant ice worm was responsible for everything from the previous night, the three friends go to the library, where they learn to use more than one source to learn the truth...and not let their imaginations run away with them
Tooey is out giving his sled dog team's newest member Anka a test run when Molly's Auntie Midge gives the latest weather report. When an accident with the dog sled on the way home leads Tooey to try to get the sled dogs untangled, Anka runs away. Molly helps her friend look for the missing sled dog, but when making a trail using dog biscuits fails, Molly and Auntie Midge help Tooey use the power of the radio to gain help from the people of Qyah to look for well as being specific with Anka's descriptions.
99"Eagle Egg Hunt"
"Dream Tube"
Uwe Rafael BraunKeith Wagner
Katherine Sandford
July 30, 2019 (2019-07-30)TBA109[9]
On the day an eagle's eggs are due to hatch, the wind blows the video camera out of alignment, so Molly and her dad go to readjust the camera, but as wind has blown off the stick-it notes from a map detailing other animal cameras, it's a race against time to find the right camera
Molly and her friends are excited to see a tube raft, but not so much at how much it costs. After learning about a special kind of rock that is found at the riverbeds and that the trading post sells them, the three friends set up their own rock selling business, but end up coming short of the price for the raft. Fortunately, a customer who has her eyes on the raft as well has a bright idea in mind.
1010"Suki's Bone"
"Brand New Flag"
Uwe Rafael BraunPeter Ferland
Keith Wagner
July 31, 2019 (2019-07-31)TBA110[15]
While playing at a stream, Molly's dog Suki digs up a bone with markings on it. After Grandpa Nat, Molly, and Tooey take it to a museum where a friend of Grandpa Nat's works, Molly and Tooey are inspired by an exhibit depicting an ancient game to try it for themselves. Though Tooey has some difficulty at first, his practice comes in handy when their friend, Oscar (who found another artifact at the same time Suki found hers), gets his kite stuck up in a tree
Inspired by her own school project detailing the history of the design of the Alaskan Flag, Molly arranges a contest for her hometown to design a flag for the Denali Trading Post. With many entries, Molly finds the task of finding the best design very hard...especially with her friends pressuring her into selecting their designs. With advice from her aunt and a new entry from a mystery artist, Molly might just find the perfect flag that represents the trading post.
1111"Sap Season
Book of Mammoths"
Uwe Rafael BraunKatherine Sandford
Ann Austen
August 12, 2019 (2019-08-12)TBA111[16]
After spending a long winter without syrup, Auntie Midge takes Molly and Tooey out to tap the trees in the woods for syrup. After Molly and Tooey tap as much trees as they can, Auntie Midge takes them out the next day to fill the barrels, but when a cheeky raven untangles the rope for Auntie Midge's boat and lets it float down the river to sea, Auntie Midge and the kids must find a way back to go back down the river to Qyah for the syrup Auntie Midge has been making closer to home...and to prevent themselves from floating out to sea as well
When Molly and her father prepare to go out on a camping trip, a tourist named Travis arrives in Qyah from Florida and joins the campers...with the intentions of finding a Woolly Mammoth. Despite Molly and her father's explanations about the mammoths being extinct since the end of the Ice Age, Travis is determined to find one, as a book he had purchased before his trip states there are mammoths that survived extinction. Along the way, after Molly finds out the truth about Travis' book and saves him from a predicament, she helps him understand that he can't always believe everything he reads...and to appreciate the other interesting things about Alaska.
1212"New Nivagi
Crane Song"
Uwe Rafael BraunVera Starbard
Princess Daazhraii Johnson
August 19, 2019 (2019-08-19)TBA112[9]
Grandpa Nat is going on a trip to see a volcano in the Aleutian Islands, but the downside to going is that he will be missing out in the upcoming Qyah Ice Cream Competition, which he has often won, so he entrusts Molly with his recipe and securing a spot in the competition. Molly makes the ice cream, but no sooner is it finished than Suki suddenly eats it, and worst of all...she slobbered all over the recipe. With the competition just hours away, Molly and Tooey race against time to recreate the recipe, secure moose fat from a local barter, and find wild carrots and wild strawberries, but when the strawberries are out of season, Molly has to make do with different berries, but will it be enough to impress Auntie Midge whose judging the competition?
Nina and her friend Dr. Antigone are going out to band crane colts in the wild before their migration to Texas and invite Molly and her father along for the trip. During the trip, a beaver (angry at seeing humans in its territory) slapping its tail disturbs the cranes during an attempt to sneak up on them and Dr. Antigone catches a cold after a backfired attempt to band a colt. All the while, Molly writes down notes on what to do and what not to do for next time, but it's Grandpa Nat who offers the best advice for banding cranes and makes the trip a success.
1313"Fiddle of Nowhere
A Splash of Mink"
Uwe Rafael BraunKeith Wagner
McPaul Smith
August 26, 2019 (2019-08-26)August 8, 2020113[17][9]
While dropping off some magazines to Oscar, Molly is surprised to find her friend playing the fiddle. After showing Molly an article about his idol Finnegan King in a fiddle magazine, Oscar starts to play Finnegan's signature song about Qyah (which he hopes to play at a fiddle festival that night), but the E String breaks midway through playing. When Qyah's other fiddle playing residents don't have a spare string, Molly and Oscar's last hope is Mr. Patak, who has only had one fiddle lesson, but is on his way to return a fiddle he just fixed to a mysterious person known as the "Fiddler in the woods". Although he misses the fiddle festival, Oscar is in for a big surprise when he learns the true identity of the "Fiddler in the woods"
Trini is excited to be participating in Qyah's annual jig for the first time, but while she and Molly are practicing their dance moves out in the woods, Suki accidentally disturbs a mink that sprays the girls. Upon arrival back into Qyah, Molly and Trini discover that they have the mink stench and the smell also bothers Oscar, who is in charge of admission to the jig. When suggested methods of getting rid of the smell backfire (including turning to a source with completely false information on how to get rid of certain problems), Grandpa Nat explains to the girls that they have to go to a source they can trust and explains the true method to get rid of mink smell, which Tooey uses for his sled dogs. Once the girls finally get rid of the smell, they finally make it to the jig, but it quickly ends...for somebody else has been accidentally sprayed by the mink.
1414"Turn on the Northern Lights
Uwe Rafael BraunVera Starbard
Annie Evans & Kathy Waugh
October 7, 2019 (2019-10-07)September 5, 2020114[18][9]
At school, Molly and her friends have been taking basketball practice for their school team, the Qyah Northern Lights, which has Molly and Tooey talking about the times they've been seeing the Northern Lights. Their talk, however, makes Trini feel disappointed that she's been missing out on one of the great things about living in Alaska, even though she's only lived in Qyah for three months so far. Wanting to cheer up Trini, Molly decides that the amount of Northern Lights appearing through the winter should be the right time for Trini to see them for the first time. For three nights, Molly, Tooey, and Trini stay up to see the Northern Lights, but the nightly ritual ends up making them sleepy by day, which is taking a toll on their basketball practice. With advice from Grandpa Nat, a chapter in a book on the solar system, and a reliable weather app, Molly and Tooey just might make Trini's wish come true...if only they can get Trini to stay awake long enough to witness what she's been missing out on/After attending a jig with the other residents of Qyah, Molly compliments Oscar on his fiddle playing and wishes she could play the fiddle. Although he has a wish to dance a jig, Oscar agrees to help Molly learn how to play the fiddle, since Auntie Midge has confiscated his video games recently. Oscar's lessons are soon paying off, but after Molly demonstrates her new talent to Grandpa Nat, she suddenly finds herself interested in learning how to play the drum as well, with Grandpa Nat tutoring her. During a visit to Grandpa Nat to collect a surprise drum, Molly forgets that she and Oscar had scheduled fiddle lessons the same day. Now caught between wanting to play the fiddle and wanting to play the drum, Molly doesn't know how to tell Oscar without hurting his feelings. Advice from Molly's mother and a revelation on how she wanted to be a pilot not only helps Molly muster the courage to tell the truth, but also leads to Oscar revealing how he wound up playing the fiddle...which also leads to a suitable compromise as well.
Visit Qyah"
Uwe Rafael BraunKeith Wagner
Leah Gotcsik & Tim McKeon
October 8, 2019 (2019-10-08)January 11, 2020115[19]
Molly and her friends want to play basketball, but the basketball court outside the school has just had cement added and will take time to dry. To pass time, the children have to play a different game. Molly ends up coming up with an idea for a new game: Mollyball. Within the game, the children go about making up the rules as they go along and while it does get more confusing as it goes along, although the cement dries in time, Molly knows the one permanent rule for Mollyball: having fun/Molly is excited when the latest edition of the Alaskan Travel Guide is in the Qyah Library, but is disappointed to find that their hometown is not listed in the index. Determined to have Qyah mentioned in the next edition of the travel guide, Molly makes contact with the author, who then comes to visit Qyah. As Molly shows him around, the author looks for what to do and where to find certain things in Qyah, but the one thing he hopes to find is the very thing that makes Qyah unique. Although Molly has a hard time trying to look for Qyah's unique thing, she soon finds that the answer has been staring at her right in the face all this time.
1616"The Night Manager
Not So Permafrost"
Uwe Rafael BraunPeter Ferland
Douglas Wood
October 9, 2019 (2019-10-09)January 4, 2020116[20]
After Molly checks out a guest all on her own, her father compliments her for the job and makes light humor that Molly will soon handle all guests by herself, which ends up going to Molly's head. Later, while Trini sleeps over, both Molly and Trini get a surprise when the Sassy Ladies of Saskatoon come sooner than expected and the guests are puzzled that Molly is giving them complimentary gifts that have a summer theme and opening a window, even though it's winter. Adding to the mixup, a flying squirrel ends up coming in through the open window. After finally clearing things up, Molly not only updates her parents' instruction book so that she knows how to serve guests depending on the season in future, but also understands that she's never too old to ask for help when she needs it/Molly, Tooey, and Trini go out to their clubhouse out in the woods to play, but are surprised to find that it looks like its starting to sink into the ground. Grandpa Nat investigates and explains that due to global warming, the permafrost beneath the ground in the woods is thawing out, thus making the clubhouse sink. At first, the only solution is to demolish the clubhouse, which distresses the children as they have so many memories of it. However, when an attempt by Mr. Rally to demolish the clubhouse backfires due to an old tractor he'd just acquired, Molly comes up with a solution in which the whole community can get involved and save their precious clubhouse.
1717"Tooth or Consequences
Qyah Spy"
Uwe Rafael BraunLeah Gotscik
Mark Zaslove
October 10, 2019 (2019-10-10)TBA117[21][9]
A dentist comes to Qyah and Molly is glad because she's been having a toothache lately, which the dentist diagnoses as a cavity. Just as Molly is announcing an upcoming vlog about her dental appointment, her older cousin Randal phones her and shows a video made by a boy who describes a ghastly experience with his own dentist. Now overcome with a new fear of dentists, Molly tries to hide and ends up getting Tooey, Trini, and Oscar to hide with her. In an effort to find a bigger hiding place, their cover is blown when they try hiding in the bunkhouse and the dentist plans to stay overnight in the same building. After confessing their fears and showing her the video, the dentist assures Molly that what was depicted isn't true and Molly allows the dentist to appear on her vlog during her appointment as well as make a video that shows the not so scary truth about dentists/Inspired by a comic book they've been reading, Molly and Tooey are playing secret agents, but their activities only end up with the residents of Qyah giving them friendly greetings. While trying to call it for a day, Molly and Tooey end up spotting a mysterious stranger appearing on a boat, bringing a package, and seeing some of Qyah's important residents. What's more puzzling is the "code" the stranger is speaking in. During the search for clues, Molly and Tooey find out from the stranger's hat that she's from Mongolia and during a stopover at Aunty Midge's place, their spying is found out. However, Midge tells them the full truth about what's been going on as well as her own connections with the Mongolian visitor.
1818"Ice Sculpture
Tale of the Totem"
Uwe Rafael BraunRaye Lankford
Dennis Haley & Marcy Brown
October 11, 2019 (2019-10-11)TBA118[9]
Auntie Midge hears about the Fairbanks Ice Sculpture Contest and asks Molly's mother, an ice sculpture expert herself, if she'll participate, but Molly's mother is busy with work at the Denali Trading Post. Wanting to see her mother in action on an ice sculpture, Molly suggests that Qyah hold its own ice sculpture contest. Along the way of planning the event and having some of Qyah's residents enter, Molly's idea runs into some snags that threaten to cancel the contest: global warming causing spring to come early, being unable to use chainsaws in the dark, and not enough lights to see in the dark. Despite it all, Molly and her friends persist in ensuring the contest does happen and, after becoming an unexpected power source for the lights, there is a surprise in store for both Molly and her mother/Molly and her parents travel to a coastal town to visit Molly's cousin Randal, Aunt Merna, and Uncle Jack in time for the raising of a totem pole. Uncle Jack explains that the totem pole being raised is a recreation of a totem pole carved in 1940, but with special shells for the eyes. After Uncle Jack leaves, Molly and Randal play with the shells and lose one by accident. With time running short and Randal's apprenticeship in the art of totem poles at stake, the kids seek help from Aunt Merna, who helps them find the perfect spot for the shell they're looking for, but all it takes to save the ceremony is an unexpected surprise from Uncle Jack.
1919"Reading the Mud
Unsinkable Molly Mabray"[9]
Uwe Rafael BraunGlen Berger
Mark Zaslove
May 26, 2020 (2020-05-26)January 14, 2020119[9]
With spring coming to Qyah, Molly has her hands full mopping up muddy footprints that the customers track into the Denali Trading Post. Fortunately, she gets something more fun than mopping up mud when Connie tasks her and Tooey with watching over her turkeys while she goes away on a whale watching trip, but while Molly and Tooey engage in a game of ping pong, Suki digs a hole into the turkey enclosure, allowing a white turkey to escape. Realizing their mistake, Molly and Tooey begin searching for the missing turkey (who they christen "Trouble") by using a guidebook on animal tracks, but the trail goes cold when the turkey tracks stop at a rock in the woods...where some lynx tracks also stop. The next day, after a false alarm from Trini's dad, Molly and Tooey go back to the rock in the woods and discover a third set of tracks, but Molly doesn't need a guidebook to know what made them/After listening to Trini's dad tell his final tall tale of the summer vacation, Molly, Tooey, and Trini become interested in sailing the Seven Seas. The three friends check out books on sailing and boat building, only to realize their sailing plans might have some snags: school is due to start the following week, Trini is due to visit her grandmother the following summer vacation in the following year, and Mr. Patak is away in Anchorage. After securing an old rowboat from Mr. Rally (for a hundred pinecones), Molly, Tooey, and Trini patch it up and turn it into a sailing boat. As they head down to the lake, the boat runs away from them while going downhill and sinks upon hitting the water. The friends' plans are sunk...until unexpected help comes along.
2020"Winter Champions
Uwe Rafael BraunTim McKeon
Peter Ferland
February 12, 2020 (2020-02-12)TBA120[22][9]
Throughout the Alaskan winter, Molly, Tooey, Trini, and Oscar have been competing in winter based games, determined to declare themselves "Winter Champions". Almost to the end, Molly and her friends are looking for a new game they can play, one that can officially declare two out of four of them the true "Winter Champions" by the last day of winter, when Nina gives a strange but helpful suggestion: an outhouse race like the one the people in Anchorage hold every winter. After researching the rules of the Anchorage Outhouse Race (and adding three rules of their own for the first Qyah Outhouse Race), Molly and Tooey seek help from Mr. Patak to help build their outhouse. Mr. Patak gives the two friends a piece of engineering advice and provides them with useful information to help their outhouse beat the one Trini and Oscar are working on as well. On the day of the race, not only do Molly and Tooey deploy their outhouse's secret weapon, but the outcome of the race will determine whose outhouse gets to be the community center's new outhouse...and initiate a new seasonal champion/While struggling to teach Aunt Merna how to use the video chat, Molly is impressed that Aunt Merna has acquired a new puppy and wants to help her teach the new puppy to find her keys every time she misplaces them. Later on, Tooey offers to help Molly make an instructional video for Aunt Merna on how to train dogs to find missing objects by using Luka (one of his sled dogs) after Luka finds Tooey's dad's wallet, but Tooey's dad is taking Luka with him on his five day trip out of town, which leaves the friends with only Molly's dog, Suki. During the training session, Molly has some difficulty in trying to train Suki how to find lost keys, but after adding to Tooey's written instructions and trying to edit the video they're making to make it look like Suki is a professional, Molly comes up with the perfect way to make the instructional video look professional...while still hiding Suki's inexperience.
2121"Wild Moose Chase
Where the Bison Roam"[9]
Uwe Rafael BraunGlen Berger
Mark Zaslove
July 1, 2020 (2020-07-01)TBA121[9]
As part of a school project by Mrs. Marsh, Molly and her friends are to make a barter with a class in Kaktovik. To sweeten the deal, Molly offers to trade moose antlers for the Kaktovik school's whale bone, but when Molly and Tooey go to the Denali Trading Post to collect the moose antlers, they learn that Molly's father has just traded them to Mr. Patak for a metal detector. Molly and Tooey then go around Qyah to learn that the moose antlers have been bouncing from Mr. Patak to Auntie Midge to Tooey's father. Unfortunately, Tooey's father reveals that Onka has taken the moose antlers and buried them somewhere in the woods. Going back to the Denali Trading Post, Molly's father decides to give the metal detector to Molly, which not only helps Molly find the precious antlers (they still had bolts on them), but also helps the Kaktovik students find their whale bone, which has also gone missing/Molly and her mother accompany Nina to see Nina's friend, Professor Locklear, who is going out to count Wood Bison as part of a conservation project and for Nina to write a nature article for a magazine. Seeing that Molly is stoked to find a baby bison, Professor Locklear gives Molly her very own nature journal. While flying to the spot where the herd they're counting has gone, Locklear's detector picks up a weak signal from a bison that has left the herd. Upon landing, the party counts up all the bison in the herd, but finds that one is missing, so they split up to find the missing bison. While going south and thinking of taking a break, Molly and her mother are briefly startled by a moose, only to find the missing bison...which has given birth to a baby bison. Molly hopes to take pictures of the discovery, but her cellphone's battery power has run out. Luckily for her, she has something else to help keep record of the newest addition to the bison herd.
2222"Rocky Rescue
Canoe Journey"[23]
Uwe Rafael BraunKathy Waugh
Vera Starbard
May 29, 2020 (2020-05-29)January 22, 2020122[23]
After accompanying Grandpa Nat and Nina on a scientific expedition into the mountains, Molly is disappointed to be leaving so soon and hopes to live in the mountains when she's as old as Nina. Before the group sets off for home, Nina takes the time to show off her snowboarding skills, but during the ride down, she suddenly falls over and hurts her ankle. After helping Nina into the sledge, Molly alerts her mother, who brings along Tooey's mother (whose Qyah's doctor) aboard her airplane, but while they wait for help, Molly and Grandpa Nat have to diagnose the severity of Nina's injury with help from a book in the First Aid kit, which eventually pinpoints that Nina broke her ankle during her fall. As if Nina's injury isn't bad enough, the sky has clouded over which will make it impossible for Molly's mother and Tooey's mother to find the group at the landing site, but Molly, who has already helped Nina in more ways than one during the expedition so far, has another brainstorm to aid the rescue flight/Molly and her mother join Cousin Randal and his mother in Sitka for an upcoming canoe trip to Juneau for the Celebration festival. Before leaving, they get advice from Aunt Merna and Uncle Jack, who tells them about the route he took in the past (one way involving a rock shaped like a sleeping bear and an echoing bay and a shortcut across a small island where a nose shaped rock points the way). The Mabrays and their canoe crew soon set off on the long trip, but on the way, they run into a patch of fog. The sleeping bear rock and the echoing bay are found, inspiring Randal to play his drum for a pod of orcas on their migration route, but the fog has cost the canoe trip some time, which means they might not get to Juneau until the following day, and therefore they may miss the Grand Entrance at the start of the festival. Both Molly and Randal remember Uncle Jack's shortcut, but when the search for the Big Nose starts to turn up empty handed, Molly remembers one key detail from Uncle Jack's story and his history to ensure that they can still make it to Grand Entrance in time.
2323"Seal Dance
Snowboarding Qyah Style"[24]
Uwe Rafael BraunKatherine Sandford
McPaul Smith
February 11, 2020 (2020-02-11)January 25, 2020123[25][24]
Molly and her mother take Grandpa Nat on a flight to the Aleutian Islands to visit Nat's friends studying seismic activity at a volcano, but air pockets from an incoming storm force them to land on an island short of their intended destination. Luckily for Molly, she gets to experience something more exciting than a volcano: she meets Nadia, the daughter of her mother's old friend, and Nadia tells her about how she's learning the Seal Dance (with some difficulty) for an upcoming tribal dance scheduled for the evening. Nadia also tells Molly about how the dance steps of her people were almost lost to time during the US military occupations of the Aleutians during World War Two and how they're being brought back. While accompanying Grandpa Nat to study the seismic equipment of the island, Molly and Nadia encounter seals, and when the storm finally hits, forcing the group to take shelter in a shack, it will take some help from the storm to help Nadia perfect her seal dance...and bring in a bigger surprise for Molly as well/Molly and Randal are making videos of activities in their hometowns, with the intent of making their hometowns look more exciting. After Randal shows off a video of him snowboarding, Molly becomes determined to one up the video by snowboarding "Qyah Style" and she has one week to do it. She enlists Tooey to help her, but snowboarding is almost harder than it looks for Molly. Auntie Midge can't teach Molly as she'll be going out of town, but gives Molly some useful advice to help her. After seeing Mr. Rowly trying to teach his dog a new trick and Trini getting the hang of a new dance she's just learning, Molly comes up with the idea of combining snowboarding, dog sledding, and dancing, which might be goofy, but guaranteed to one up Randal's snowboarding video...even if it means learning one of the hardest tricks of snowboarding while on the go.
2424"Welcome Home Balto
Snow Jam"[26]
Uwe Rafael BraunDouglas Wood
Mark Zaslove
February 10, 2020 (2020-02-10)February 1, 2020124[27][26]
While playing basketball at Tooey's house, Molly and Tooey find an old book of Tooey's that is about Balto, the famous sled dog. After Tooey reads the book to Molly and the friends find Balto in a book on famous animal heroes at the library, Molly learns about the Balto statue in New York City and is disappointed that there isn't a statue dedicated to Balto in Alaska. Thanks to Auntie Midge's connections with the tribal chief in Nenana (where Balto's famous run in 1925 started), who informs Molly of an upcoming ceremony dedicated to Balto, Mr. Patak makes a statue of Balto and his musher out of wood. Before the statue can be delivered, however, an incoming blizzard threatens to delay the departure, but being determined to insure an Alaskan town has its own Balto statue, Molly, Tooey, their fathers, and Tooey's sled dog team must have the spirit of the famous sled dog in order to see the delivery gets through in time for the ceremony/The Qyah Northern Lights are stoked when they're invited to participate in an upcoming basketball tournament in another town, but unfortunately, the school lacks the money to afford making the trip. As having the team travel in Molly's mother's plane is also out, Molly seeks advice from Auntie Midge for help in raising the necessary funds for the trip, which gives Molly the idea of combining a run with snowshoeing and basketball dribbling to go around the lake. While spreading the news, Molly also gets a lesson from Grandpa Nat about the different kinds of snow that Alaskans experience throughout the winter. On the day of the fundraising event, with help from Molly, the Qyah Northern Lights are able to get round all kinds of snow, but when a snowdrift blocks their way, it will take teamwork to finish the race and secure the funds for their big trip.
2525"The Whole Mitten Kaboodle
Eagle Tale"[28]
Uwe Rafael BraunLeah Gotcsik
Vera Starbard
December 9, 2020 (2020-12-09)February 8, 2020125[9]
2626"Operation Sleepover
Beneath the Surface"[29]
Uwe Rafael BraunKathy Waugh
Lazar Saric
February 13, 2020 (2020-02-13)March 7, 2020126[29]
While Tooey is updating his blog on Eugene Pike by making his own post about sled dogs, Molly and her dog Suki drop by for a brief visit. However, just as Molly and Suki get ready to go home, a blizzard blows in and is not expected to let up until the following afternoon, which means that Molly and Suki will have to stay overnight at Tooey's house. Molly helps Tooey and his mother feed the sled dogs and put them in the shed for the night, but Molly can't help but feel sorry for the sled dogs when they begin to feel lonesome and afraid. After some persuasion with Tooey's mother, Molly and Tooey bring the sled dogs inside and assign sleeping areas for them, but chaos ensues when Tooey's family's cat Mouse entices Suki and the sled dogs into a chase around the main floor that makes a mess of the living room. Together, Molly and Tooey will have to bring down law and order to the sled dogs and find a way to ensure no more mishaps/On the first day of the ice fishing season, the residents of Qyah all go down to the lake for ice fishing. Upon arrival, Nina asks Molly and Tooey to help her with some work cataloging the different fish that live in the lake and, to top it off, Grandpa Nat gives Molly a fish charm to add to her lucky fish charm bracelet. Molly and Tooey help Nina with her special underwater camera that benefits her work and make a post for Molly's vlog in the process. Afterwards, when Molly and Tooey get down to fishing, they decide to turn it into a "fish off" to see who can catch the most of each different kind of fish. During the heat of the moment in the "fish off", Suki's appetite for the fish egg bait leads to Suki accidentally knocking Molly's lucky fish charm bracelet into the fishing hole. When an attempt to fish it out backfires, as a result of the bracelet breaking on a rock and losing the fish charms, Molly not only comes up with the perfect idea to rescue her precious charms, but ends up making the "catch of the day" in the process.
2727"Valentine's Day Disaster
Porcupine Slippers"[30]
Uwe Rafael BraunMark Zaslove
Katherine Sandford
February 14, 2020 (2020-02-14)February 15, 2020127[30][31]
As usual for Valentine's Day, Molly is planning a secret surprise for the residents of Qyah. After she and Trini talk about surprises they'd done for their hometowns for Valentine's Day the previous year, Molly invites Trini over to her house, where Trini finds herself intrigued by the sun-catcher that Molly's Aunt Merna had sent Molly for her birthday. The sun-catcher gives Molly the idea to make sun-catchers for everybody. Tooey's dad gives Molly a lift to Nenana by dogsled to buy the beads required, but on the way back to Qyah, a bump in the trail causes the bag to rip and the beads to fall out. Molly is quick to find some substitutes for beads, but while she and Trini start making the first sun-catcher, they don't follow the instructions from a book in order and end up letting it fall apart. Straight after following the instructions in order, Molly discovers that it took longer than expected, but finds a way to share the one sun-catcher she managed to complete with everybody...with a little help from Alaska's late sunrises/Molly's mother's birthday is coming up in a week and Molly wants to make her a pair of slippers as her birthday present. While Molly secretly makes the slippers with help from Tooey and his mother, she gets inspired to make a special bead design based on what she sees in a book, but Tooey discovers that the amount of porcupine quills needed are almost out. Under the pretense of having another sleepover at Tooey's place, Molly joins Tooey and his mother in tracking down a porcupine that night, with Tooey having created a homemade suit of armor (to protect himself from getting pricked≈ as he has a fear of porcupines). As the party follows the trail of a porcupine, they come across an eagle's nest where Tooey's mother explains to Molly about how she and Molly's mother used the nest as a landmark ever since they were young (as well as explaining how Molly's mother got the nickname "Eagle Eye"). They manage to find a porcupine and gather enough of its quills, but Molly is still at a loss as to what the bead design should look like...until a sighting of an eagle over Tooey's house gives her the perfect inspiration.
2828"Picking Cloudberries
Uwe Rafael BraunPeter Ferland
Douglas Wood
May 28, 2020 (2020-05-28)February 22, 2020128
Molly's mother has been away for two weeks helping deliver supplies and is due to come home in the evening, so Molly and her father decide to host a welcome home party for her, which will include Cloudberry Pie, her very favorite. After getting some hand written directions to find cloudberries from Grandpa Nat, Molly, accompanied by Trini and Nina, head off to a trail that leads to the spot Grandpa Nat had suggested. The hiking trip is also an excuse for Nina to try to take a photograph of a butterfly for her brother, so while she tries to get a photo of the butterfly when she gets the chance, Molly and Trini go to look for the cloudberries. Grandpa Nat's cursive handwriting and accidentally skipping an important detail confuses Molly at some key points, but Trini's method of being prepared and Nina's pursuit of the butterfly eventually lead them to the cloudberries...which also leads to a bigger surprise at the welcome home party/While playing hide and seek with Tooey at his house, Molly (accidentally by chance) discovers a secret compartment in the floor in Tooey's bedroom, which contains a mysterious looking box. After Molly and Tooey have hard luck trying to get it open, Tooey's dad points out that it's a Japanese Puzzle Box and how there's always a trick to getting it open. After several tries and writing down the directions, Molly and Tooey succeed in getting the box open and not only find a Japanese glass fishing globe in it, but discover the initials "B.H." in it. By looking through the town records and with help from Tooey's dad, Molly and Tooey find the name of the original owner (Bessie Higgenbottom) of the puzzle box and the globe and meet her in another town. After Bessie tells them the history of her prized possessions, she restores the globe to her belongings, but allows Tooey to keep the puzzle box, which gives Tooey an idea on how to protect his most prized possession from Mouse.
2929"King Run
Native Youth Olympics"[33]
Uwe Rafael BraunElana Lasser and Cliff Ruby
Joe Yates
June 30, 2020 (2020-06-30)February 29, 2020129
Molly, Suki, and Grandpa Nat are headed up to Fish Camp with Tooey and his father joining them in catching King Salmon. Upon arrival, when Grandpa Nat and Tooey's father find that the Fish Wheel needs a bit of repair, they show Molly and Tooey how to cut and bend the wood needed for the frames, while Suki meets a cheeky otter. After completion of repairs, the Fish Wheel catches a salmon, only to have it swiped by the otter. During the night, a windstorm blows over a tree that knocks the Fish Wheel loose, making the group spread out to look for it in the morning. Thanks to Suki tracking down the otter, Molly and Tooey find the Fish Wheel, only to see that it took on damage from the tree, but Molly's many questions from earlier might help them get the Fish Wheel back in working order and catching salmon again/While helping her father restock the shelves at the Denali Trading Post, Molly stumbles upon a box containing three medals, to which her father reveals that he'd won them in the Native Youth Olympics years ago. While Molly is a little disappointed that her father didn't win any gold medals, she is encouraged to form a new team for Qyah by rallying her friends and hiring her father as their coach, as well as getting advice and equipment from Grandpa Nat. Over the course of two months, Molly seems to be having difficulty in practicing for every event in the NYO while her friends have better luck, but Grandpa Nat teaches her about the history of the origins of the NYO to boost her confidence. On the day of the NYO, when Oscar breaks a shoelace before his event, Molly comes to his rescue...and discovers in the process an event that she's been getting better at during practice back in Qyah and didn't even know it.
3030"Froggy of Denali
Molly Mabray and the Mystery Stones"[34]
Uwe Rafael BraunPeter Ferland
Jeff Goode
May 25, 2020 (2020-05-25)March 14, 2020130
While trying to make the most of what's left of the snow during a spring thaw, Molly and Tooey come across a Wood Frog. Feeling sorry for the frog, Molly decides to take it home to keep it warm until the weather warms up. At the Denali Trading Post, Molly and Tooey decide to christen the frog "Bandifer" (because Molly thought Jennifer sounded like a good name and Tooey thought the frog's eyes make it look like it's wearing a bandit's mask). Keeping the frog doesn't come without problems: Bandifer keeps surprising Tooey by leaping at him, jumps into Molly's salad during dinner, and keeps Molly up at night by croaking loudly. The following morning, after saving Bandifer from a raven, Molly and Tooey turn to Grandpa Nat, who not only helps them find a safe home for Bandifer, but is also the source of some froggy facts about how frogs hibernate in winter/Molly's mother takes Molly, Tooey, and Grandpa Nat to Sitka for the three of them to spend the weekend with Randal while Molly's mother and Randal's mother go away for the weekend. The trip to Sitka ends up being a twofer when Grandpa Nat looks forward to the harvesting of sea cucumbers (for a dish that involves sea cucumber as the main ingredient) at Crescent Moon Cove and Molly and Tooey hope to find petroglyphs (which they've been recently learning about in school) in the same spot. After getting an early start the following morning, which ends up with soggy sneakers, Molly and Tooey join Grandpa Nat and Randal in harvesting the sea cucumbers that wash up on the beach and learn about the sea cucumber's defenses as they go. Although they harvest enough sea cucumbers for Grandpa Nat's recipe, Molly and Tooey still want to find the petroglyphs, until they find something in Grandpa Nat's tide book that just might help them plan an earlier head start in the morning.
3131"Busy Beavers
The Night Watchers"[35]
Uwe Rafael BraunBrian Clark
Melissa Berg
May 27, 2020 (2020-05-27)March 28, 2020131
After engaging in a game of basketball, Molly and Tooey are more than thrilled when Trini invites them over to her house to harvest strawberries from her garden. Upon arrival, Trini is dismayed to discover that the garden appears to be flooded and its coming from a stream that wasn't there before. The children track the stream all the way to a pond that has been dammed up and make the stream go down by removing some of the sticks from the dam, but when the stream returns the following day, they discover that the dam has been both mended and built by a beaver that is raising two babies. Rather than try to take apart the dam again, Molly, Tooey, and Trini decide to think like beavers by reading a book about beavers and build a dam of their own. When the first one fails to hold back the new stream, the children build a second one that not only saves Trini's garden, but provides an unexpected water source for something else/Molly and her friends are out camping for the night as part of their Explorers group (headed by Molly's mother and Tooey's mother). As it is Trini's first time in the group, Trini is determined to earn her very first merit badge. Tooey's mother announces that the group will be trying for a Nocturnal Creature Observation badge and each Explorer has to find and identify three nocturnal animals. After an encounter with a marmot, the Explorers encounter an animal that they dub "not-marmot" and split into two groups. While Oscar's group has difficulty trying to track down the "not-marmot", Molly's group has success in finding two nocturnal animals "a little brown bat, and a flying squirrel". While finding the third nocturnal animal "a beaver, Trini loses her badge sash in a bush, but her persistence will end up earning more than just her first badge before bedtime.
3232"Spring Carnival
Tooey's Hole-i-Day Sweater"[36]
Uwe Rafael BraunElana Lasser and Cliff Ruby
Frank Henry and Kaash Katasse
December 7, 2020 (2020-12-07)April 4. 2020TBA
Molly and Tooey are ecstatic about Qyah's upcoming Spring Carnival and are looking forward to the water balloon toss, but are most thrilled about Auntie Midge being in charge of the carnival events like she has done every year. Two weeks before Carnival Day, Auntie Midge has an accident that results in a broken hip and has to go to Fairbanks for a hip replacement surgery. She is allowed to return home, but has been advised not to go outside while she heals. This disappoints Molly and Tooey as this means their elderly friend will miss out on the carnival, even though Molly's dad might take over hosting duties. After looking up a website that details how to help injured people get to places, Molly and Tooey, along with Mr. Patak, come up with the prefect brainstorm that might ensure Auntie Midge won't miss the carnival/The holidays are coming up in Qyah with Molly's family celebrating Christmas, Trini and her dad celebrating Kwanzaa, and Connie celebrating Hanukkah. For Tooey, Christmas means that he'll get to carry out a long awaited tradition in his family: giving away his grandma's sweater (already passed onto him by his two big brothers) which he has now outgrown to his younger cousin. Disaster strikes when Luka accidentally bites off part of the sweater, devastating Tooey. With help from Tooey's dad and his friend who is a muskoxen farmer, Molly and Tooey acquire enough material to mend the sweater along with an instruction book, but it's a surprise arrival from Tooey's grandma that might introduce a new holiday tradition for Tooey.
3333"Stand Back Up
Seal Meal"[36]
Uwe Rafael BraunPrincess Daazhrii Johnson
Anna Hoover
June 29, 2020 (2020-06-29)April 18, 2020TBA
Molly's mother is over the moon when she learns that Sharon Firth, one of her favorite childhood skiing idols, will be making an appearance at the Nenana Cross Country Youth Skiing 5K in two weeks and shows Molly a book about the Firth sisters. After reading the book and having a dream of meeting the Firth Sisters, Molly becomes interested enough to want to learn how to ski so that she can compete in the upcoming event. As two weeks go by, Molly experiences a lot of falls while practicing, but she is soon able to master skiing enough to race her friends to school and to speed up errands that involve the use of a sled. On the big day, even though she has the Spirit of Qyah with her, Molly accidentally breaks one of her poles and falls over. It will take the spirit of the Firth Sisters to encourage Molly to get up again and a big surprise that awaits her and her mother at the finish line/Molly and her parents fly up to Bristol Bay via seaplane where they're going to go fly fishing. Upon arrival, they meet up with Sven (an old friend of Molly's father), who lets Molly borrow his fishing hat, and his dog Thor. Later on, when they come to the perfect fishing spot, Molly's father has good luck in catching three Sockeye Salmon, while Molly's mother ends up with an empty hook and Molly accidentally casts her line ashore. At lunchtime, the Mabrays suddenly see that because they forgot to close their lunchbox, a seal has sneaked into their boat and gobbles up their lunch and the salmon they'd caught. When trying to scare off the seal with noise doesn't work, Molly's father goes back to Sven's place on foot, but while he's away, Molly and her mother catch sight of some Alaskan Grayling and get the idea that luring the seal out with more food might work. Even though Molly knows about her bad luck earlier, some other "gifts" from Sven and Thor just might help her turn her luck around.
3434"Puppypalooza: Part I
Puppypalooza: Part II"[36]
Uwe Rafael BraunKathy WaughMarch 22, 2021 (2021-03-22)[37]April 25, 2020TBA
During mud season, Molly and Trini can't help but notice that Tooey doesn't seem to be acting like himself. Tooey does reveal his problem: Cali, one of the dogs on his family's dog sled team, doesn't seem to be feeling well. Fortunately, a vet is visiting Qyah to check on the pets of the village. When it seems like a long wait might prevent the vet from finding out what's wrong with Cali, Molly helps her speed things up by writing down notes for her. Eventually, the vet diagnoses Cali's problem: she is pregnant and due to give birth to four puppies in two weeks. After a tense two weeks, Molly makes it over to Tooey's place to find that Cali has successfully given birth to the puppies/Eight weeks have past since the birth of Cali's puppies and Tooey's parents make him a little arrangement: one puppy will remain with the family to be trained to be a sled dog while the other three will be sold to new owners. Tooey's big brothers don't think he can do it, but Tooey is determined to find out which puppy will be worth staying. With Molly and Trini helping with naming the puppies (Molly returning the favor for when Tooey helped her pick out a name for her own dog, Suki), Tooey asks the other villagers for advice on what to look for in a future sled dog. With just a little time and patience, Tooey just might find the right puppy to join the sled dog team and find new homes for the three remaining puppies.
3535"Big Sulky
The Funny Face Competition"
Uwe Rafael BraunGlen Berger & Peter Ferland
X̱'unei Lance Twitchell
March 23, 2021 (2021-03-23)[38]May 9, 2020TBA
Molly and Tooey are forced to cut their kite flying short when the kite crashes into Big Sulky, the tallest tree in Qyah, and as a storm strikes. While taking shelter in the library, the two friends learn from Trini's father that the library will be hosting a display with a different theme next month, but the storm knocks out the power before Molly and Tooey can look on the internet for any ideas. Once the storm is over, Molly and Tooey see the most devastating sight of all: the storm has blown over Big Sulky. Although the children are upset by the loss, it seems everybody in Qyah has their own story to tell about Big Sulky, which ends up giving Molly and Tooey an idea on what the library's next display should be about. As the Big Sulky display grows, somebody in Qyah just might have the answer to how the tree gained its name in order to complete the display/While returning an old book about Qyah to the library, Molly and Tooey are disappointed to see that the photos depict everybody as looking serious and bored. After Trini's father explains what he's learned about Qyah's past, it gives Molly and Tooey an idea on how to update the book and show readers that the residents of Qyah are more fun...and the answer lies with an upcoming competition that involves making funny faces where the winner has to be the one that hasn't laughed at anybody else's funny faces. On the day of the contest, everybody is surprised when the undefeated champion of the contest is revealed to be Molly's Aunt Merna. At first, it seems like Aunt Merna might have the competition in the bag as always, but Qyah just might have the key to defeating her...with all hopes pinned on Tooey.
3636"Going Toe to Toe with a Dinosaur
Sassy Ladies on Ice"
Uwe Rafael BraunGlen Berger & Peter Ferland
Olubunmi Mia Olufemi
March 24, 2021 (2021-03-24)[39]May 16, 2020TBA
Molly, her dad, and her friend Vera have the exciting privilege of accompanying two paleontologists on a paleontology dig in Dinosaur Valley. The best part about the trip is that there's a site for Molly and Vera to try their luck at finding dinosaur fossils (as the paleontologists explain how children can find most things that grown ups miss during a dig), though Molly's overexcitement over what she finds ends up finding things that aren't fossils. With help from a book from one of the paleontologists, Molly and Vera dig up what they think looks like the toe bone of a dinosaur. Careful analysis from the girls eventually determines that what they'd found isn't really a fossil at all, but as the expedition prepares to head for home, Molly and Vera stumble upon something that just might be proof that there are dinosaur remains in the area after all/Molly's old friends, the Sassy Ladies of Saskatoon, have returned to Qyah and they require Molly and her mother to fly them to a certain spot in Alaska that they'd visited during a hike thirty years ago. The purpose of the Sassy Ladies' visit is to go to a glacier that they'd found during their previous visit to the region and recreate a photograph that was taken in the very same spot, with Molly there to take the picture. Although the group lands in the spot and goes hiking along the very same trail, when they reach the spot, both Molly and the Sassy Ladies are disappointed to see that the glacier has long since vanished. While the group has lunch at a small restaurant, the owner, who has lived in the area all her life, tells them that the spot from their photos is one and the same, but global warming has made the glacier recede to a point where tourists now have to rent canoes to view the bottom of the glacier. This disappointing piece of information only inspires Molly to come up with a more creative way for the Sassy Ladies to recreate their glacier photograph.
3737"Climb Every Mountain
Happy Trails"
UnknownUnknownMarch 25, 2021 (2021-03-25)[40]June 6, 2020TBA
Grandpa Nat is going to go out rock climbing and Molly is thrilled to come with him, enough to invite Oscar to join them. While Oscar discusses the upcoming trip with Auntie Midge, Auntie Midge tells him about how during her last rock climbing trip with Grandpa Nat, she broke her toe on the way back down...right before an upcoming dance contest she'd hoped to take part in, but she tells Oscar, who shows some fear over rock climbing, to listen to his heart on whether he wants to do it or not. Molly helps him research rock climbing at the library and later on, Oscar, wearing a lynx mask and gloves, helps Molly and Trini get their frisbee out of a tree by climbing up it. On the day of the outing, although Auntie Midge joins them and stays at the bottom, Grandpa Nat makes it up safely and Molly joins him, albeit with some difficulty. When Oscar's turn comes, Oscar encounters some difficulty himself...until Molly reminds him of his favorite animal. While Molly is helping Tooey try to break a record for jumping on a pogo-stick, Molly's old friend Travis returns from Tampa with a new mission in mind for his vacation: to use a robotic camera disguised as a parakeet to capture a photograph of the Alaskan state bird, the Willow Ptarmigan. Once Travis shows Molly an old pamphlet he bought at a secondhand bookstore before his trip and comes back an hour later, Molly can't help but notice that the trail he wanted to go has locations that she's never heard of. Grandpa Nat, however, while mending the bird camera, points out to Molly that the pamphlet was published in the early 20th Century and the locations were given English sounding names whereas they have native sounding names. This gives Molly the opportunity to update the pamphlet with the information she's gathered and help Travis make a second try at trying to find his bird...and at the same time help Tooey with his own goal.
3838"By Sled or Snowshoe
The Shortest Birthday"
UnknownUnknownDecember 8, 2020 (2020-12-08)June 13, 2020TBA
Grandpa Nat has joined Nina on a scientific expedition to witness a volcanic eruption, but Nina discovers that a video camera that's needed to film the eruption has taken some damage and texts Molly to bring up a replacement. After persuading her parents to make the trip, along with some encouragement from Tooey, Molly brings along a map that shows how to get to the volcano and invites Tooey and his dogsled team to help them make part of the trip along a trail. Along the way, obstacles are thrown into the works (from Molly accidentally misguiding Luka to spilling fish soup on the map, which Luka eats) and the party is on a deadline to catch a ferry that crosses a lake as part of the final leg to the volcano. Fortunately, Molly and Tooey remember a key detail that Mr. Patak provided, but they'll need encouragement to never give up if Molly wishes to see a volcanic eruption/Molly and Tooey are stoked for the fact that Trini will be having her first Qyah birthday, but what makes it more special is that her birthday happens to be on the same day as the Winter Solstice. For her birthday, Trini wants to do some birdwatching and would like more than anything to see a Pine Grosbeak, but the day is complicated by the fact that Qyah only gets four hours of daylight during the Solstice and Molly and Tooey accidentally forgetting some of Trini's birthday presents adds further chances that Trini's birthday might not go as planned. When Molly and Tooey have to make a quick return to Qyah, Trini and her dad take the time to learn some Native Alaskan words and what they mean and their newfound knowledge not only helps them find the perfect birdwatching spot, but adds another unexpected surprise for the birthday girl.
39–4039–40"Molly and the Great One"[41]Uwe Rafael BraunElana Lesser and Cliff RubyJune 7, 2021 (2021-06-07)[42]December 26, 2020TBA

Molly is at Grandpa Nat's house helping him tidy up when she comes across an old book about Denali, along with an old photograph of Nat in front of Denali. After learning the history behind the photograph and about the 1913 climbing expedition, Molly encourages Nat to try again at climbing Denali, with the intention of completing his dream to reach the summit. Although they are too young for scaling such a big mountain, Molly and Tooey are allowed to come along to help Nat carry the expedition's supplies, even if they can only go as far as one of the camps on the way, and the expedition is made even more interesting when a TV action star and his camera-lady join the trek for the same reason. Almost to the summit, bad weather threatens to prevent Nat from reaching his goal and as if that's not bad enough, the action star lands in big trouble when he suffers an injury after disobeying the weather warning.

Meanwhile, Trini is over the moon when she learns that her mother, who works for the US Army, is on military leave for a whole week and will be joining her and her dad in their new home in Qyah. As time progresses, Trini introduces her mother to her Qyah friends and shows her the hobbies that she's acquired since the last time they saw each other. As the stay begins to reach its end, even though Trini's mother justifies that she needs to leave because a lot of people need her, Trini is devastated and insists that she needs her mother more. However, when news of the action star's accident during Nat's Denali expedition reaches Qyah and the action star needs medical help, there is only one person in Qyah who is capable of flying up to the mountain and getting him back safely.

Season 2 (2021–22)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byPBS Kids air dateCBC Kids air dateProd.
411"Molly & Elizabeth"
"Uqiquq (Throw Party)[43]"
Uwe Rafael BraunVera Starbard
Joe Yates
November 1, 2021 (2021-11-01)TBATBA
Molly and Tooey are holding a tour, but two tourists are mean to them and make fun of Natives. After Auntie Merna tells them about how she met Elizabeth Peratrovich, they help the tourists learn that what they said was more wrong than right.
Tooey has caught his very first animal, and he is having an uqiquq! But, Grandma Elizabeth is coming to visit, and Tooey doesn't know how to give a speech in Yup'ik!
422"Mouse in the Treehouse"
"Leader of the Pack"
Uwe Rafael BraunPeter Ferland
Peter K. Hirsch
November 2, 2021 (2021-11-02)TBATBA
433"Butterflies and Bunny Babies"
"Every Meow and Again[44]"
Uwe Rafael BraunKathy Waugh
Frank Henry Kaash Katasse
November 3, 2021 (2021-11-03)TBATBA
444"Come Back Birdie!"
"Winter is Coming"
Uwe Rafael BraunPeter Ferland
June Thiele
November 4, 2021 (2021-11-04)TBATBA
455"Trini's Super Coop"
"Trini's Winter Warm Up"
Uwe Rafael BraunPrincess Daazhrii Johnson
Aaluk Edwardson
November 5, 2021 (2021-11-05)TBATBA
466"Basketball Blues[45]"Uwe Rafael BraunElana Lesser & Cliff RubyMarch 14, 2022 (2022-03-14)TBATBA
477"A Fireweed Feast"
"River Skate"
Uwe Rafael BraunAnna Hoover
Kathy Waugh
March 15, 2022 (2022-03-15)TBATBA
488"Sea Lion Crooks and Halibut Hooks"
"Nature's Medicine"
Uwe Rafael BraunPeter Ferland
X'Unei Lance Twitchell
March 16, 2022 (2022-03-16)TBATBA
499"Fili-Bascan Chefs"
"Ladybug Sleepover"
Uwe Rafael BraunVera Starbard
Peter Ferland
March 17, 2022 (2022-03-17)TBATBA
5010"Cry Wolf"
"A Sound Idea[45]"
Uwe Rafael BraunPeter Ferland
Glen Berger
July 18, 2022 (2022-07-18)TBATBA
Molly and her Dad help Molly's favorite TV wilderness explorers Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt from Wild Kratts find a missing pack of wolves.
There's a strange noise in the middle of the night and the people of Qyah wonder what it is. With Nina's special sound recording equipment, Molly and her friends find what is making the noise that is waking everyone up and that is a porcupine.
5111"Heat Wave"
"It Came from Beyond"
Uwe Rafael BraunCusi Cram
June Thiele
July 19, 2022 (2022-07-19)TBATBA
5212"Lynx to the Past"
"Molly of the Yukon"
Uwe Rafael BraunFrank Henry Kaash Katasse
Rochelle Adams
July 20, 2022 (2022-07-20)TBATBA
5313"Midnight Sun Fun Run"
"Molly Oodi' Heekha"
Uwe Rafael BraunVera Starbard
Anna Hoover
July 21, 2022 (2022-07-21)TBATBA
5414"Bubbling Up"
"Eenie Eenie Aye Over"
Uwe Rafael BraunFrank Henry Kaash Katasse
Wáats'Asdidei (Joe) Yates & Peter K. Hirsch
October 10, 2022 (2022-10-10)TBATBA

Season 3 (2022–present)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byPBS Kids air dateCBC Kids air dateProd.
551"Home Made Heroes"
"Molly and the Snow Hawk[45]"
Uwe Rafael BraunMcPaul Smith
Keith Wagner
November 7, 2022 (2022-11-07)2023TBA
562"The Story of the Story Knife"
"Raven Saves the Birthday Party"
Uwe Rafael BraunJune Thiele
X'Unei Lance Twitchell
November 8, 2022 (2022-11-08)2023TBA
573"A Whale of a Time"
"That's Snow Fun"
Uwe Rafael BraunCliff Ruby & Elana Resser
June Thiele
November 9, 2022 (2022-11-09)2023TBA
584"Art From the Heart"
"Gold Strikeout"
Uwe Rafael BraunUnknownJanuary 16, 2023 (2023-01-16)TBATBA
585"Mystery in the Night Sky"
"Lights, Camera, Patak!"
Uwe Rafael BraunUnknownJanuary 17, 2023 (2023-01-17)TBATBA
"Fire, Food, and Family"
Uwe Rafael BraunUnknownJanuary 18, 2023 (2023-01-18)TBATBA
587"The Qyah Ice Classic"
"The Great Qyah Cleanup[45]"
Uwe Rafael BraunUnknownMarch 20, 2023 (2023-03-20)TBATBA
598"Puppy Sitting"
"Big Dreams and Blue Skies"
Uwe Rafael BraunUnknownMarch 21, 2023 (2023-03-21)TBATBA
609"Sticker Shock"
"A Song for Lola"
Uwe Rafael BraunUnknownMarch 22, 2023 (2023-03-22)TBATBA


The show's theme song is sung by Phillip Blanchett and Karina Moeller from the band Pamyua, with a fiddle and drum played by Brennan Firth.[46] Portions of the show's dialogue are in the Gwichʼin language.[47]

Molly of Denali is created with the help of at least 88 different indigenous contributors.[48]


Molly of Denali premiered on Nat Geo Kids in Latin America in September 2019. It premiered on CBC Kids in Canada on September 2, 2019. CBeebies acquired the UK TV rights to the series in 2022. A podcast was released shortly after its premiere date, this time as a prequel to the series, with season 2 of the podcast premiering in September 2020. Season 3 of the podcast premiered on March 3, 2021.[49]


Julia Jacobs of The New York Times wrote "PBS Raises Its Bar for Inclusion."[50]

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref.
2020 Peabody Awards Children's and Youth Molly of Denali Won
TCA Awards Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming Won
2021 Kidscreen Awards Best Inclusivity Won
Youth Media Alliance Best Program, Animation, Ages 6–9[51] Won


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