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GNOME LaTeX logo.png
Screenshot LaTeXila.png
LaTeXila 3.14 under GTK 3.14
Developer(s)Sébastien Wilmet, community, The GNOME Project
Stable release
3.38[1] / September 11, 2020 (2020-09-11)[1]
Written inVala, C
Operating systemLinux
Available inMultilingual
TypeTeX/LaTeX editor

GNOME LaTeX (up to version 3.26 known as LaTeXila) was a TeX/LaTeX editor to edit TeX/LaTeX documents. It ran on Linux systems with the GTK library installed.


GNOME LaTeX had many useful features needed to edit TeX/LaTeX source code, such as:[2]

However, it lacked some features available in other editors:

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