Gary Geld (born October 18, 1935, Paterson, New Jersey)[1] is an American composer known for his work creating musicals and popular songs with his lyricist partner Peter Udell.

Raised in Clifton, New Jersey, Geld graduated from Clifton High School, where he won a songwriting competition.[2] A graduate of New York University, Geld composed the music to the popular songs "Sealed With A Kiss", "Save Your Heart for Me" and "Hurting Each Other" with Udell as lyricist. Geld and Udell co-created the Broadway musicals Purlie (1970, a nominee for the Tony Award for Best Musical), Shenandoah (1975), and Angel (1978).

His music for Shenandoah was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Original Score in 1975. Geld and Udell also contributed songs to the musical dance revue American Dance Machine (1978).[3]


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