The General Electric GE4/J5 afterburning turbojet
Type Turbojet
National origin United States
Manufacturer General Electric
First run 1967
Major applications Boeing 2707
Lockheed L-2000
Produced 1967 - 1972
Number built 3[citation needed]
Developed from General Electric YJ93
A mock-up of the GE4/J5 single-shaft afterburning turbojet

The General Electric GE4 turbojet engine was designed in the late 1960s as the powerplant for the Boeing 2707 supersonic transport. The GE4 was a nine-stage, single-shaft, axial-flow turbojet based largely on the General Electric YJ93 which powered the North American XB-70 bomber.[1] The GE4 was the most powerful engine of its era, producing 50,000 lbf (220 kN) dry, and 65,000 lbf (290 kN) with afterburner.[2] The Boeing 2707 was cancelled in 1971, putting an end to further work on the GE4.

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