George Skene Keith

George Skene Keith (11 March 1819 – 12 January 1910) M.D., F.R.C.P., LL.D was a Scottish physician, photographer and author.


Keith was born in St Cyrus.[1] He took his M.D. degree in 1841 and was admitted a licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd). He became a Fellow of the RCSEd in 1845.[1] Keith was a Gold Medallist in Professor James Young Simpson's class at University of Edinburgh.[2]

His father was minister Alexander Keith. In 1844, he visited Palestine with his father for five months and took some of the earliest photographs of the region.[3][4] He took 30 daguerreotypes, eighteen of which were published as engravings in his father's book Evidences of the Truth of the Christian Religion in 1848.[3][5][6]

In 1847, Keith took part in an experiment with James Young Simpson and colleagues which demonstrated the use of chloroform upon humans as an anaesthetic.[1] Keith practiced medicine successfully in Edinburgh until 1880 but later became disillusioned with the medical community and embraced simple living.[1] He was not fond of drugs, instead he prescribed little food, fresh air, plenty of hot water and rest to his patients.[7][8]



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