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Google Shell
Type of site
Search engine
Available inMultilingual
Created byStefan Grothkopp[1]
Current statusactive

Google Shell, or goosh, is an open-source browser based Unix-like shell used as a front end for Google Search. Written in AJAX the results are shown directly on the page. Google Shell is open source under the Artistic License/GPL. The code is currently hosted on Google Code.


Users are able to use most of the features of Google through specific commands and keywords. Functions that are marked with a * are currently experimental, and should be used with caution. While most of the command results are displayed as text, a few will display a portion of a website for you to interact with.

Command Aliases Parameters Function
web search,s,w keywords google web search
news n keywords google news search
more m get more results
blogs blog,b keywords google blog search
read rss,r url read feed of url
feeds feed,f keywords google feed search
place places,map,p address google maps search
images image,i keywords google image search
video videos,v keywords google video search
clear c clear the screen
wiki Wikipedia keywords Wikipedia search
help man,h,? command displays help text
cd command change mode
site in url keywords search in a specific website
open o url open url in new window
go g url open url
lucky l keywords go directly to first result
ls command lists commands
addengine add goosh to firefox search box
load url load an extension
calculate calc expression evaluate a mathematical expression
settings set name value edit settings
gmail mail compose read & write mail in gmail *
login login with your google account *
logout log out of goosh *


The default amount of results when searching is only 4, but this, along with other settings, can be changed. When a user is logged into their Google Account, their settings are saved remotely.