HMS Forest Moor aerial
Royal Navy EnsignUnited Kingdom
NameHMS Forest Moor
CommissionedOctober 1960[1]
DecommissionedNovember 2003
General characteristics
Class and typeStone frigate
Notes40 acres (16 ha)

HMS Forest Moor was a Royal Navy land base located in Nidderdale in the borough of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England.[2]


The establishment was first used as one of the Second World War intelligence units, or Y-stations.[2]

In 1960 it became the Royal Navy's major high frequency (HF) receiver station,[2] its primary function was to route HF signals from locations abroad to military bases and command centres in the UK.[3] The base was manned by a small group of Royal Naval radio operators and electricians (approximately six to a shift).

This centre provided HF comms receiver links to bases in the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Canada and a RATT ship/shore receiver link to warships at sea. Transmitters were located at HMS Inskip in Lancashire.[citation needed]

It also had a small ships company (including an RPO, a PO Caterer and chefs) for the day-to-day running of the establishment, including three civilian drivers.[citation needed]

HMS Forest Moor was also the setting of a short-lived YTV comedy Thundercloud starring James Cosmo on a stone frigate which the Royal Navy confuse with an actual ship.[4][5]

In 2003 it was transferred to VT Communications (now Babcock International) under a PPP contract to provide HF communications to the Ministry of Defence via the Defence Communication Services Agency. It is now operated by civilian personnel, from a 190-acre (78 ha)[6] site on Meagill Lane adjacent to the old Forest Moor site.[7]

In 2010, the site was disposed of by Defence Estates to North Yorkshire County Council for £4.7 million.[8] The site has been converted to a school for children with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.[9][10]


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