Hispanics in the United States Naval Academy account for the largest minority group in the institution. According to the academy, the Class of 2009 includes 271 (22.2%) minority midshipmen. Out of these 271 midshipmen, 115 are of Hispanic heritage.[1] In 2004, of the total of 736 female midshipmen, 74 (10%) of them were of Hispanic descent.[2]

The United States Navy has implemented a recruitment program directed towards this group, El Navy, whose principal aim is to attract those who speak Spanish.[3]

First Hispanic-American alumni of the Academy

The United States Naval Academy (USNA), founded 1845, is an institution for the undergraduate education of officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.[4]

The first Hispanic-American to graduate from the academy was Commodore Robert F. Lopez, Class of 1879.[5] The first Hispanic to graduate from the academy and to reach the rank of admiral was a Puerto Rican, Rear Admiral Frederick Lois Riefkohl, Class of 1911.

In 1980, the USNA included Hispanic/Latino as a racial category for demographic purposes. Four women identified themselves as Hispanics in the Class of 1981, and they became the first Hispanic females to graduate from the academy. The four women were Carmel Gilliland, who had the highest class rank; Lilia Ramirez, who retired with the rank of Commander; Ina Marie Gomez; and Trinora Pinto.[6]

Notable Hispanic USNA graduates

Amongst the academy's Hispanic alumni who have distinguished themselves as career officers in the Navy, the Marine Corps or the United States Air Force are the following:

19th century, notable Hispanic USNA graduates

1900-1959, notable Hispanic USNA graduates

1960-present, notable Hispanic USNA graduates

Gallery of Hispanic USNA Alumni

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