Hong Kong Act 1985
Act of Parliament
Long titleAn Act to make provision for and in connection with the ending of British sovereignty and jurisdiction over Hong Kong.
Citation1985 c. 15
Introduced bySir Geoffrey Howe, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Territorial extent United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Royal assent4 April 1985
Commencement25 May 1985
Expired1 July 1997
Status: Spent
Text of statute as originally enacted
Text of the Hong Kong Act 1985 as in force today (including any amendments) within the United Kingdom, from legislation.gov.uk.

The Hong Kong Act 1985 (c. 15) was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that made provision for the ratification of the Sino-British Joint Declaration that was signed on 19 December 1984 in Beijing that agreed to end British sovereignty and jurisdiction over the then British dependent territory of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China after 1 July 1997. It was given royal assent by Queen Elizabeth II on 4 April 1985.[1]

The Act became spent following the transfer of sovereignty on 1 July 1997.[citation needed][dubious ]

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