"I Saw It in the Mirror"
Song by ABBA
from the album Ring Ring
Songwriter(s)Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus
Producer(s)Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus

"I Saw It in the Mirror" is a song by Swedish pop band ABBA, released on their 1973 album Ring Ring.

Production and release

The song was recorded in early 1970.[1]

The deluxe reissue of the Ring Ring album includes a rare original version of I Saw It in the Mirror - by Billy G-son.[2][3]


Björn and Benny are lead vocalists on this song.[4] The song includes an electric piano and a synth bass. The song has a chord-per-bar pattern that is sometimes broken due to filigree.[clarification needed][5]

Critical reception

Bright Lights Dark Shadows: The Real Story of Abba describes it as "dirge-like", and says it "holds the dubious distinction of being the least-liked Abba track ever among the group's hardcore fans", adding that it is a leftover from an earlier project.[6] ABBA: Let The Music Speak notes that this song was an "uninspired attempt at laid-back R&B", adding though that the song gave Agnetha and Frida some isolated moments by way of their "'echo' vocals".[1] It also refers to the song as "less remarkable",[7] "filler track", and "lacking trademark ABBA vocal ambience".[8]



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