Information Processing Society of Japan
FormationApril 22, 1960
16,944 regular members
2,446 student members
246 corporate members
(as of end of March, 2012)
Norishige Morimoto

The IPSJ - Information Processing Society of Japan (Japanese: 情報処理学会) is a Japanese learned society for computing. Founded in 1960, it is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. IPSJ publishes a magazine and several professional journals mainly in Japanese, and sponsors conferences and workshops, also mainly conducted in Japanese. It has nearly 20,000 members. IPSJ is a full member of the International Federation for Information Processing.[1]


IPSJ publishes one magazine, several journals, and several peer-reviewed transactions. Most of these publications primarily carry articles and peer-reviewed papers in Japanese, but accept some articles in English, especially for transactions special issues.


Every year since 1999, IPSJ has inducted a new group of Japanese Fellows.[3] It has no foreign or international fellows and most, if not all, fellows are Japanese.[4]

Online Computer Museum

IPSJ maintains an online Computer Museum of computers developed in Japan, featuring equipment ranging from old mechanical calculators to modern supercomputers, in both English and Japanese.


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