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Cy Young holds the major-league record for innings pitched with 7,356 during his career.

In baseball, the statistic innings pitched (IP) is the number of innings a pitcher has completed, measured by the number of batters and baserunners that have been put out while the pitcher is on the pitching mound in a game. Three outs made is equal to one inning pitched. One out counts as one-third of an inning, and two outs as two-thirds of an inning. Sometimes, the statistic is written 34.1, 72.2, or 91.0, for example, to represent 34+13 innings, 72+23 innings, and 91 innings exactly, respectively.

Runners left on base by a pitcher are not counted in determining innings pitched. It is possible for a pitcher to enter a game, give up several hits and possibly even several runs, and be removed before achieving any outs, thereby recording a total of zero innings pitched. Alternatively, it is possible for a pitcher to enter a situation where there are two runners on base and no outs. He could throw one pitch that results in a triple play, and for that one pitch he would be credited with a full inning pitched.


In Major League Baseball, the only active players in the top 100 all-time at the end of the 2009 season were Tom Glavine (ranked 30th with 4,413+13 IP), Randy Johnson (ranked 38th with 4,135+13), Jamie Moyer (ranked 45th with 3,908+23) and John Smoltz (ranked 74th with 3473). By the end of the 2018 season, only two active players were in the top 100 all-time: CC Sabathia (ranked 73rd with 3470), and Bartolo Colón (ranked 74th with 3461+23). This is because over time, innings pitched have declined. Several factors are responsible for this decline[citation needed]:


All-time leaders

Pud Galvin accrued over 6000 innings pitched during his major-league career.

Further information: List of Major League Baseball career innings pitched leaders

Rank Player Innings pitched
1 Cy Young 7,356
2 Pud Galvin 6,003+13
3 Walter Johnson 5,914+13
4 Phil Niekro 5,404
5 Nolan Ryan 5,386
6 Gaylord Perry 5,350
7 Don Sutton 5,282+13
8 Warren Spahn * 5,243+23
9 Steve Carlton * 5,217+23
10 Grover Cleveland Alexander 5,190
11 Kid Nichols 5,067+13
12 Tim Keefe 5,049+23
13 Greg Maddux 5,008+13
14 Bert Blyleven 4,970
15 Bobby Mathews 4,956
16 Roger Clemens 4,916+23
17 Mickey Welch 4,802
18 Christy Mathewson 4,788+23
19 Tom Seaver 4,783
20 Tommy John * 4,710+13
* Pitched left-handed
Active players in bold
Through 2016 season

Single-season leaders

Ed Walsh holds the major-league record for innings pitched in a single season.
Rank Player Year Team Innings pitched
1 Ed Walsh 1908 Chicago White Sox 464
2 Jack Chesbro 1904 New York Highlanders 454+23
3 Joe McGinnity 1903 New York Giants 434
4 Ed Walsh 1907 Chicago White Sox 422+13
5 Vic Willis 1902 Boston Beaneaters 410
6 Joe McGinnity 1904 New York Giants 408
7 Ed Walsh 1912 Chicago White Sox 393
8 Dave Davenport 1915 St. Louis Terriers 392+23
9 Christy Mathewson 1908 New York Giants 390+23
10 Jack Powell 1904 New York Highlanders 390+13



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