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The International Alliance of App-based Transport Workers (IAATW) is a global union federation of ridesharing and other gig transport workers.


IAATW was founded in January 2020 during an international conference of app-based transport trade unions hosted by the UPHD which is now branded as App Drivers & Couriers Union,[1] with financial support from the Open Society Foundations.[2]

During the conference, organisers and drivers shared success stories and challenges, reflecting on the global nature of the gig economy as well as country specific challenges, like Proposition 22 in California.[2]

In July 2020, IAATW together with the App Drivers and Couriers Union and NGO Worker Info Exchange started a campaign of supporting Uber drivers in filing legal complaints against the company for failing to provide access to their personal data.[3]

In February 2021, UK judges ruled in favour of IAATW-affiliated members App Drivers & Couriers Union that Uber drivers should be considered as workers. Afterwards, IAATW affiliates relaunched a similar case in South Africa and considered opening one in Nigeria.[4]


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