JMT Records
Parent companyPolyGram
Founded1985 (1985)
FounderStefan Winter
Defunct1995 (1995)
Country of originGermany

JMT Records (an acronym of Jazz Music Today) was a German record label founded by Stefan Winter. It was based in Munich, Germany, specialized in contemporary jazz, and operated from 1985 until 1995.[1]


JMT released debut albums by Steve Coleman, Greg Osby, Cassandra Wilson, Jean-Paul Bourelly, and Robin Eubanks and also released early albums by Gary Thomas helping to define the M-Base concept.[2] The label also produced early recordings of musicians associated with the New York downtown scene including Mark Feldman, Mark Dresser, Hank Roberts, Tim Berne, Uri Caine and Joey Baron. Other jazz musicians who recorded for JMT included Bob Stewart, Anthony Cox, and Craig Harris. European musicians such as Django Bates, Marc Ducret, and Peter Herborn were also part of the label's portfolio.

One of the most successful releases on JMT was John McLaughlin's Live at the Royal Festival Hall with Trilok Gurtu and Kai Eckhardt which reached number 3 in the Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.[3] Drummer and composer Paul Motian released eleven albums between 1988 and 1995 on the JMT label including many with his trio featuring Joe Lovano and Bill Frisell.

In 1995, JMT was fully absorbed into PolyGram, which deleted most of the label's back catalogue. One of the label's artists, Tim Berne, stated that the majority of his work vanished.[4]

In 1997 Stefan Winter established Winter & Winter Records and gradually re-released the JMT catalogue through this label.


Year released Catalogue No. Artist Title Notes
1985 JMT 850 001 Steve Coleman Group Motherland Pulse
JMT 850 002 Herb Robertson Quintet Transparency
JMT 850 003 Jane Ira Bloom and Fred Hersch As One
1986 JMT 860 004 Cassandra Wilson Point of View
JMT 860 005 Steve Coleman and Five Elements On the Edge of Tomorrow
JMT 860 006 Jay Clayton and Jerry Granelli Sound Songs
JMT 860 007 Stefan F. Winter The Little Trumpet subtitled (For Petra)
1987 JMT 870 008 Craig Harris and Tailgaters Tales Shelter
JMT 870 009 Jean-Paul Bourelly Jungle Cowboy
JMT 870 010 Steve Coleman and Five Elements World Expansion subtitled (By the M-Base Neophyte)
JMT 870 011 Greg Osby Greg Osby and Sound Theatre
JMT 870 012 Cassandra Wilson Days Aweigh
JMT 870 013 Herb Robertson Quintet X-Cerpts: Live at Willisau
1988 JMT 880 014 Bob Stewart First Line
JMT 880 015 Craig Harris and Tailgaters Tales Blackout in the Square Root of Soul
JMT 880 016 Hank Roberts Black Pastels
JMT 880 017 Peter Herborn Peter Herborn's Acute Insights
JMT 834 418 Various Artists For Real Moments Songs and Dances Compilation featuring Greg Osby, Cassandra Wilson, Craig Harris, Bob Stewart, Steve Coleman & Hank Roberts
JMT 834 419 Cassandra Wilson Blue Skies
JMT 834 420 Herb Robertson Brass Ensemble Shades of Bud Powell
JMT 834 421 Paul Motian Monk in Motian with Joe Lovano and Bill Frisell
JMT 834 422 Greg Osby Mindgames
JMT 834 423 Miniature Miniature Joey Baron, Tim Berne & Hank Roberts
1989 JMT 834 424 Robin Eubanks Different Perspectives
JMT 834 425 Strata Institute Cipher Syntax Double trio led by Steve Coleman and Greg Osby
JMT 834 426 Cold Sweat Cold Sweat Plays J. B. James Brown tribute led by Craig Harris
JMT 834 427 Bob Stewart's First Line Band Goin' Home
JMT 834 428 Geri Allen, Charlie Haden & Paul Motian In the Year of the Dragon
JMT 834 429 Arcado String Trio Arcado Mark Dresser, Mark Feldman & Hank Roberts
JMT 834 430 Paul Motian On Broadway Volume 1
JMT 834 431 Tim Berne Tim Berne's Fractured Fairy Tales
JMT 834 432 Gary Thomas & Seventh Quadrant By Any Means Necessary
JMT 834 433 Robin Eubanks & Steve Turre Dedication
1990 JMT 834 434 Cassandra Wilson Jumpworld
JMT 834 435 Greg Osby Season of Renewal
JMT 834 436 John McLaughlin Trio Live at the Royal Festival Hall
JMT 834 437 Hank Roberts Birds of Prey
JMT 834 438 Various Artists The Best of Jazz Music Today Compilation featuring Cassandra Wilson, Robin Eubanks, Geri Allen, Tim Berne, Hank Roberts, Greg Osby, Gary Thomas, John McLaughlin, & Paul Motian
JMT 834 439 Gary Thomas While the Gate Is Open
JMT 834 440 Paul Motian On Broadway Volume 2
JMT 834 441 Arcado String Trio Behind the Myth
1991 JMT 834 442 Tim Berne's Caos Totale Pace Yourself
JMT 834 443 Cassandra Wilson She Who Weeps
JMT 834 444 Cold Sweat 4 Play
JMT 834 445 Paul Motian Bill Evans
JMT 834 446 Robin Eubanks Karma
JMT 849 147 Miniature I Can't Put My Finger on It
1992 JMT 849 148 Marc Ducret News from the Front
1991 JMT 849 149 Cassandra Wilson Live
JMT 849 150 Herb Robertson Certified
JMT 849 151 Gary Thomas The Kold Kage
1992 JMT 849 152 Arcado String Trio For Three Strings and Orchestra with the Kölner Rundfunk Orchester conducted by David de Villiers
JMT 849 153 Marc Johnson Right Brain Patrol
JMT 849 154 Paul Motian Motian in Tokyo with Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano
JMT 849 155 Christy Doran, Mark Helias, Bobby Previte & Gary Thomas Corporate Art
JMT 849 156 Peter Herborn Something Personal
JMT 849 157 Paul Motian On Broadway Volume 3
JMT 849 158 Joey Baron Tongue in Groove
JMT 514 000 Gary Thomas Till We Have Faces
JMT 514 001 Cassandra Wilson After the Beginning Again
JMT 514 002 Peter Herborn Traces of Trane
JMT 514 003 Tim Berne Diminutive Mysteries (Mostly Hemphill)
1993 JMT 514 004 Paul Motian Paul Motian and the Electric Bebop Band
JMT 514 005 Hank Roberts Little Motor People
JMT 514 006 Gabrielle Goodman Travelin' Light
JMT 514 007 Uri Caine Sphere Music
JMT 514 008 Django Bates Summer Fruits (and Unrest)
JMT 514 009 Gary Thomas Exile's Gate
1994 JMT 514 010 Various Artists Flashback on M-Base Compilation featuring Steve Coleman, Robin Eubanks, Greg Osby & Cassandra Wilson
JMT 514 011 Various Artists Almost Normal Compilation featuring Django Bates, Tim Berne, Gary Thomas, Gabrielle Goodman, John McLaughlin, Hank Roberts, Miniature, Uri Caine, Cassandra Wilson, Corporate Art & Paul Motian
JMT 514 012 Paul Motian Trio Trioism
JMT 514 013 Tim Berne's Caos Totale Nice View
JMT 514 014 Django Bates Autumn Fires (and Green Shoots)
JMT 514 015 Gabrielle Goodman Until We Love
JMT 514 016 Paul Motian and the Electric Bebop Band Reincarnation of a Love Bird
JMT 514 017 Robin Eubanks Mental Images
1995 JMT 514 018 Marc Johnson's Right Brain Patrol Magic Labyrinth
JMT 514 019 Tim Berne's Bloodcount Lowlife: The Paris Concert
JMT 514 020 Tim Berne's Bloodcount Poisoned Minds: The Paris Concert
JMT 514 021 Tethered Moon Tethered Moon Play Kurt Weill Masabumi Kikuchi, Gary Peacock & Paul Motian
JMT 514 022 Uri Caine Toys
JMT 514 023 Django Bates Winter Truce (and Homes Blaze)
JMT 514 024 Gary Thomas Overkill
JMT 514 025 Various Artists Guitar Music Compilation featuring John Scofield, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Pat Metheny, Jean-Paul Bourelly, Kelvyn Bell, Kevin Eubanks, John McLaughlin, Marc Ducret & Bill Frisell
JMT 514 026 Cassandra Wilson Songbook Compilation featuring tracks from JMT 850 001, JMT 860 004, JMT 860 005, JMT 870 012, JMT 834 419, JMT 834 434, JMT 834 443 & JMT 514 001
JMT 514 027 Stefan F. Winter The Little Trumpet Reissue of JMT 860 007
JMT 514 028 Paul Motian Trio At the Village Vanguard subtitled You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart
JMT 514 029 Tim Berne's Bloodcount Memory Select: The Paris Concert[5]

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