Jing Wang
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Jing Wang (王瑾; 1950 – July 25, 2021)[1] was Professor of Chinese media and Cultural Studies and S.C. Fang Professor of Chinese Language & Culture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was jointly appointed to MIT's Comparative Media Studies and Global Studies & Languages.[2]

After a bachelor's degree from National Taiwan University, Wang studied comparative literature at University of Michigan before earning her doctorate at the University of Massachusetts. She began her teaching career at Duke University, where she was on the faculty for 16 years. Her 1992 monograph The Story of Stone: Intertextuality, Ancient Chinese Stone Lore, and the Stone Symbolism in Dream of the Red Chamber, Water Margin, and The Journey to the West won the Joseph Levenson Prize for the year's best book on premodern China.[3]

Jing Wang was the founder and organizer of MIT's New Media Action Lab.[4][failed verification] In spring 2009, Wang launched an NGO2.0.[5][failed verification]

Wang started working with Creative Commons in 2006 and served as the Chair of the International Advisory Board of Creative Commons Mainland China. She was appointed to serve on the advisory board for Wikimedia Foundation in 2010. She served on the editorial and advisory boards of ten academic journals in the US, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the UK[citation needed].

Wang died in Boston, July 25, 2021, aged 71.[6]



Candy R. Wei Memorial Scholarship

Jing Wang's daughter Candy R. Wei took her own life at the age of 20. Jing Wang and Candy's father, Young Wei, established a travel scholarship fund at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design in 2001 to commemorate their daughter.[6][7] The recipients of this fund made individual contributions to Wikipedia by submitting works inspired during their study abroad.


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