Kakao Games Corp.
Company typeDivision
IndustryVideo games
Area served
SubsidiariesAction Square (10.4%)[1]
XLGAMES (52.97%)[2]
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Kakao Games Corp. (Hangul: 카카오게임즈) is a South Korean video game publisher and a subsidiary of Kakao.[3] It specializes in developing and publishing games on PC, mobile, and VR platforms.[4] Each is represented by Namgoong Hoon and Cho Gye-hyun.[5]

Originally known as Daum Games before the acquisition of Daum, Kakao Games has expanded from game distribution solely in Korea. Now, Kakao Games distributes its games globally throughout North America, Europe, and other parts of Asia thanks in part to its social aspect with KakaoTalk. Kakao uses the game portal of Daum and social network of KakaoTalk to connect players within their games.[6][7]


Games released as "Daum Games"

Year Title Developer Notes
2015 Black Desert Online Pearl Abyss Publishing rights handed over to Pearl Abyss after February, 24, 2021.

Games released as "Kakao Games"

Year Title Developer Notes
2013 CookieRun: Kakao Devsisters Publishing deal since April 2, 2013
2017 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Krafton Publishing deal in Korea since August 2017[8]
2018 Lord of Dice NGEL Games
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Craft Egg Publishing deal in Korea since February 6, 2018[9][10]
Moonlight Sculptor XL Games
Friends Racing Kakao Games
2019 Path of Exile Grinding Gear Games Publishing deal in Korea since March 2019[11]
2020 Guardian Tales Kong Studios
Elyon Krafton
2021 Eternal Return Nimble Neuron Publishing deal since July 2021[12]
World Flipper Cygames
Friends Racing Duo Kakao Games
ArcheAge XL Games Publishing deal since December 1, 2021 for EU and NA.[13]
2023 Eversoul NINEARK

Cancelled Games

Capcom Super League Online title screen
Title screen of Capcom Super League Online

Kakao Games was to be the publisher for Capcom Super League Online, a tactical role-playing game for Android and iOS phones developed by Capcom Entertainment Korea that was planned for release in South Korea only.[14][15] The character-collecting game allowed the player to recruit from an all-star cast of characters from different Capcom IPs to fight against various villains.[16] A closed beta test of the Android version was conducted from 4–7 October 2018.[14][16] The game was scrapped due to an unspecified "business decision" between Kakao Games and Capcom, which also closed down its Korean branch.[14]


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