Type of site
Blog Host
Available inKorean
Created byTatter and Company,[1]
Daum Communications
LaunchedMay, 2006
Current statusActive

Tistory is a South Korean blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs.

It was first started by 'Tatter and Company', a blogging platform developing company that developed the software 'Tattertools', with Daum Communications, the major web portal in South Korea in 2006.[1][2] In July 2007, all rights to manage the services were taken over into Daum.

In 2022, Tistory was ranked as the most visited website in South Korea that is not a search engine.[3]

Behind The Name

Tistory is a compound word of T, the initial letter of Tattertools, and History. This name was created through the unity of the initial planning members, and was chosen to create a service-type blog containing personal history based on Tattertools.



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