Qalat Division
قلات ڈویژن
قلات ولایت‎
Map of Kalat Division
Map of Kalat Division
Country Pakistan
Province Balochistan
Established14 October 1955
 • TypeDivisional Administration
 • Total412,232 (population of Kalat District Balochistan)

Kalat Division or Qalat Division is an administrative division of Balochistan Province of Pakistan.[2] Its capital city is Khuzdar. The area of Kalat Division is 140,612 km².

In 2015, the Balochistan Assembly unanimously passed a resolution calling upon the provincial government to establish a new Rakhshan Division comprising the districts of Nushki, Chagai, Kharan and Washuk which were parts of Quetta and Kalat.


Kalat Division established after dissolution of Balochistan state union in 14 October 1955.When the Baluchistan States Union became Kalat Division, Khuzdar was established as the divisional headquarters. At the time of establishment division have four districts (04) Kalat, Makran, Lasbela, and Kharan district.

In 1960, Lasbela district transferred to form Karachi-Bela division.

On 1 July 1971, Makran district separates from Kalat Division to form a separate division.

In 1972, Lasbela district again become a part of Kalat division.

In 1974, a new district Khuzdar created from Kalat district and added in Kalat Division.

In 1991, Mastung district spelt from Kalat district territory included in Kalat Division.

In 1992, Awaran district split from khuzdar district and added in Kalat Division.

In 2007, Washuk district created from Kharan district territory and added in Kalat Division.

On 17 May 2015, Kharan and Washuk district shifted from Kalat Division to newly established Rakhshan Division.

In 2017, Surab district created from Kalat district territory included in Kalat Division.

Recently, in 2022, Hub district split from Lasbela district and added in Kalat division.


It contains the following districts:[2]


According to 2017 census, Kalat District had a population of 412,282.[1]

Religions in Kalat Division (2017)

  Islam (99.28%)
  Hinduism (0.57%)
  Christianity (0.07%)
  Scheduled Caste (0.02%)
  Other (0.03%)

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