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Quetta Division
کوئٹہ ڈویژن
کوټه څانګه‎
کویٹه ولایت‎
Map of Quetta Division
Map of Quetta Division
Country Pakistan
Province Balochistan
Established14 October 1955
 • TypeDivisional Administration
 • CommissionerMuhammad Hamza Shafqaat (BPS-20 PAS)
 • Regional Police OfficerAbdul Hayee Baloch (BPS-20 PSP)

Quetta Division is an administrative division of Balochistan Province, Pakistan, being the third tier of government.

In 2015, the Balochistan Assembly unanimously passed a resolution calling upon the provincial government to establish a new Rakhshan Division comprising the districts of Nushki, Chagai, Kharan, and Washuk which were parts of Quetta and Kalat.


In 14 October 1955, Quetta was created as an administration division of Balochistan Province.


It contains the following districts:


According to the 2017 census, Quetta division had a population of 4,170,194, which includes 2,181,934 males and 1,987,906 females. Quetta division constitutes 8,585 Hindus, 4,132,257 Muslims, 26,375 Christians followed by 1,420 Ahmadi and 1,557 others.

Religions in Quetta Division (2017)

  Hinduism (0.20%)
  Islam (99.09%)
  Christianity (0.63%)
  Ahmadi (0.03%)
  Other (0.03%)


30°15′N 68°30′E / 30.250°N 68.500°E / 30.250; 68.500