The main gate of the Kalevankangas Cemetery

Kalevankangas Cemetery (Finnish: Kalevankankaan hautausmaa) is a cemetery in the Kalevanharju district within the city of Tampere, Finland. [1][2]


The Kalevankangas Cemetery was consecrated in 1880. [1]

Victims of the Battle of Tampere in Kalevankangas Cemetery

During the Battle of Tampere, Kalevankangas was the scene of much conflict. The first goal of the White Guard had been to take Kalevankangas, the barrack area and the graveyard. The Swedish volunteers were on the right, and the Jägers were on the left. The Reds were protected by the gravestones and White veterans would later recall that it seemed nearly impossible to get to them. The Battle of Tampere was the bloodiest battle of the entire Finnish Civil War, and the bloodiest in Finnish history at that point in time. Kalevankangas Cemetery still has headstones that have been shattered, or which have bullet holes. The killed Reds and those who later died in the Tampere camp were buried in mass grave of 2,700 people.[3][2][4]

In 1928, a memorial was erected to remember the victims of the Imatra disaster of 1927.

Notable interments



  1. Kalevankangas Cemetery – Tampere


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