Alternative namesPolish Carpathian cream cake
TypeCream pie
Place of originPoland
Associated cuisinePolish cuisine
Main ingredientsChoux pastry, shortcrust pastry, custard pudding cream, marmalade, icing sugar

Karpatka is a traditional Polish cream pie filled with vanilla milk pudding or custard. It is sometimes composed of two different types of pastry; the base layer could be made of choux pastry or shortcrust pastry and can be thinly covered with marmalade and thick cream, then topped with a sheet of choux pastry.[1] The dessert takes its name from the mountain-like pleated shape of the powdered choux pastry, which resembled the snowy peaks of the Carpathian MountainsKarpaty in Polish.[2] The dish is often dusted with icing sugar.[1]

The origins of the desert are unclear; it most likely emerged at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, but its popularity only became widespread in the 1970s and 1980s.[3] The official name "karpatka" was first coined or recorded in 1972 by a group of philology students.[3][4] Traditionally, one large slice of the pie was served with coffee or tea.

There are "karpatka" baking mixes available in shops across Poland. In 1995, "Karpatka" became a trademark registered for a company called Delecta for the determination of cream powder in the Polish Patent Office.

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