Light vessel 78 Calshot Spit on station in 1979

LV 78 Calshot Spit is a former Trinity House lightvessel that was anchored off Calshot Spit and is now a museum ship in Southampton.

LV 78 was built in 1914 by John I. Thornycroft & Company shipyard in Southampton and decommissioned in 1987. She was stationed at the entrance to the Port of Southampton to act as a floating lighthouse to guide ships and flying boats entering Southampton Water.

After decommissioning in 1987 she became a static attraction at the Ocean Village marina in Southampton from 1988 to 2010. In November 2010 she was moved a short distance to the Trafalgar dock where, after renovation, she was to be displayed at the "Aeronautica" attraction, due to open in 2015. The plans for "Aeronautica" came to a halt in January 2012.[1] In December 2019 the ship was relocated to the Solent Sky museum under plans for it to be converted into part of the museum's café.[2] The vessel remains on dry land outside Solent Sky museum awaiting developments.

LV 78 is on the National Historic Ships UK register.[3]

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