Lac La Ronge Provincial Park
Island on Lac la Ronge
Map showing the location of Lac La Ronge Provincial Park
Map showing the location of Lac La Ronge Provincial Park
Location Saskatchewan
Nearest cityLa Ronge, Saskatchewan
Coordinates55°16′17″N 104°43′56″W / 55.27139°N 104.73222°W / 55.27139; -104.73222Coordinates: 55°16′17″N 104°43′56″W / 55.27139°N 104.73222°W / 55.27139; -104.73222
Governing bodySaskatchewan Parks

Lac La Ronge Provincial Park is located in the boreal forest of the north central part of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan within the Canadian Shield. Situated in the Churchill River system, this provincial park has close to 100 lakes and more than 30 canoe routes, many of which follow old fur trade routes. Summer activities include camping, hiking, boating, fishing, and swimming. In the winter, there's cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing.[1] Saskatchewan's highest waterfall is in the park. Nistowiak Falls are located north of Lac La Ronge along the Rapid River.

A little more than half of Lac La Ronge Provincial Park's area is water with Lac la Ronge being the largest lake. The park boundary begins on the western shore of Lac la Ronge at La Ronge and extends north to the Churchill River. Highway 102 forms this western boundary with one exception. 13 km (8 miles) north of the town of La Ronge the park goes further west to include a section of Nemeiben Lake.[2] The northern section of the park follows the Churchill River until it goes south to include the eastern shore of Lac la Ronge. Just north of Wapawekka Lake on the eastern shore the park ends.[2]


There are seven campgrounds throughout the park that offer a variety of different camping experiences. All campgrounds have fire pits, washrooms, and access to potable water.[3]


Location of La Ronge on Lac la Ronge
Location of La Ronge on Lac la Ronge

The town of La Ronge, 243 km (150 miles) north of Prince Albert on the west side of Lac la Ronge, is reached by Highway 2. Highway 2 becomes Highway 102 within the community.

The following places in the park are reached from La Ronge on Highway 102 (distances are all from La Ronge).

Highway 912 ends in a dead end in the eastern side of the park.

Flora and fauna

Wildlife found in and around the park include wolves, cougars, black bears[12] moose, deer, elk, antelope, caribou, coyotes, foxes, lynx, gophers, and rabbits. Trees commonly found in the park’s rugged landscape are jack pine, spruce, and larch.[13]

Fish species found in the park's largest lake, Lac la Ronge, include walleye, sauger, yellow perch, northern pike, lake trout, lake whitefish, cisco, white sucker, longnose sucker, and burbot.[14]

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