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TypeComic book store, art gallery
IndustryComic books, art
FoundedNovember 8, 1968; 53 years ago (1968-11-08) [1]
FounderKees Kousemaker
Key people
Kees Kousemaker and Evelien Willems
Klaas Knol
Bas Van der Zee
Boris Kousemaker
ProductsComic books

Galerie Lambiek is a Dutch comic book store and art gallery in Amsterdam, founded on November 8, 1968[2] by Kees Kousemaker, though since 2007, his son Boris Kousemaker is the current owner. From 1968 to 2015, it was located in the Kerkstraat, but in November 2015, the store moved to the Koningsstraat 27.[3] As of 2018, Lambiek is the oldest comics store in Europe,[4] and the oldest worldwide still in existence.[5][6]

The name "Lambiek" originated as a misspelling of the name of the comics character Lambik, from the popular Suske & Wiske comic book series created by Belgian artist Willy Vandersteen. [7]The logo of the shop is an image from the Suske en Wiske album Prinses Zagemeel (Princess Sawdust).[8]


An older comic book store is known to have opened in Europe prior to Kousemaker's: George Henderson's Canadian, Toronto-based Memory Lane Books opened in May 1967,[9] (itself a continuation of the Viking Bookshop he had already opened on another location in the spring of 1966[10]), which makes Lambiek the third oldest store. All three stores had a strong focus on underground comics in common. However, Memory Lane Books closed in the 1980s, and Arlington's store closed in 2002.[11]

Kees Kousemaker and his wife Evelien also published two encyclopedic books about comics, titled Strip voor Strip (1970) and Wordt Vervolgd (1979). [12] He and Margreet de Heer also wrote the book De Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis (2001) and De Wereld van de Nederlandse Strip (2005) about Dutch comics and their history. [13] From 1986 on, the store gained fame by holding art exhibitions and book signings by numerous comic authors, including Robert Crumb, Will Eisner, André Franquin, Joost Swarte, Charles Burns, Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, François Avril and Art Spiegelman. [14] [15]

Between 1968 and 2015, Lambiek was located in the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam. Since 2015 it moved to the Koningsstraat. [16] [17]

In 2010, Lambiek's founder, Kees Kousemaker, died. [18]


Since 1 November 1999, Lambiek also hosts the Comiclopedia, a digital encyclopaedia featuring biographies of more than 14.000 international comics authors. [19] [20] [21]


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