Place of originPhilippines
Service history
Used byMoro people
Length24–48 in (61–122 cm)

Blade typeSingle edge, pronged tip
Hilt typewood

Laring is one of the traditional ethnic Moro weapons of Southern Philippines.[1] It has a lightweight design for slashing and thrusting. It has a two pronged tip like a blade catcher that looks like a snake's tongue.[2] The blade guard has a small round steel for firmer hold and mobility. The handle end has a unique hooked hilt grip design that serves as a counter weight for better handling and balance and to prevent the sword from slippage when pulling out when stuck in a target.

The open type scabbard is made of kalantas wood, a type of Philippine mahogany which allows for quick drawing. The length is about 24–48 in (61–122 cm).[3][4]


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