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Taylorcraft Auster 5 liaison aircraft of 1957

A liaison aircraft (also called an army cooperation aircraft) is a small, usually unarmed aircraft primarily used by military forces for artillery observation or transporting commanders and messages. The concept developed before World War II and included also battlefield reconnaissance, air ambulance, column control, light cargo delivery and similar duties. Able to operate from small, unimproved fields under primitive conditions, with STOL capabilities, most liaison aircraft were developed from, or were later used as general aviation aircraft. Both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters can perform liaison duties.

Use by country


(Fuerza Aérea Argentina)



Nazi period:

LR-1 of the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force
LC-90 of the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force


Imperial period:

Postwar period:



Former Reims-Cessna FTB-337 of the Portuguese Air Force

Soviet Union



United Kingdom

United States

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