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Lip Service is a game show that aired on MTV from February 22, 1992,[1] to January 3, 1993, and again from May 10, 1993, to December 17, 1994. It was hosted originally by Jay Mohr, who was followed in the position by John Ales. Both hosts were joined by a rap-style disc jockey and included Spinderella (from Salt 'N Pepa), Monie Love, and Yo! MTV Raps regular T-Money.

The game featured two teams from U.S. colleges and universities competing in a lip-sync contest. The high-scoring team in each round won a smaller prize, and the team that earned the most points won a vacation.


Deadly Medley

In the first round, players didn't know what songs would be played or the order in which they would appear. One player at a time, the players had to lip-sync to the songs. Their performance would earn a score of 1–10 from each of the three judges: one judge scoring on the accuracy, a second on body mechanics (later changed to "sass"), and the third scoring overall performance.


For round two, a music video was shown. One player at a time, the contestants sang the vocals instead of the artist in the video. For this round, contestants were made aware of the song they would sing shortly before the taping of the round, and lyrics were provided. Scoring in each category was again 1–10.

Scratch Factor

In the final round, the teams each perform a rehearsed and choreographed lip-sync performance. The song was chosen ahead of time for each team. During the performance, the team had to react to whatever the DJ did to try and slip them up (such as scratching, playing the record backward, speeding up, or slowing down the song).

The scoring for this round was 1–20 (10–20 later). Instead of awarding a prize for this round, the grand prize was then awarded to the high-scoring team.

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