Coke bottle design in the facade of the Elmira Building
Coke bottle design in the facade of the Elmira Building

The following buildings and structures are related to The Coca-Cola Company or their bottlers. As of 2012, 900 factories and bottleries served the company and many buildings formerly used by the company have been added to heritage registers.[1]

During the early 20th century Coca-Cola's in-house architect, Jesse M. Shelton, used a compendium of architectural styles but typically included elaborate flourishes including Coke bottle designs in the facades to help promote the company's image.[2] During the depression in the 1930s, Coca-Cola often spent $500,000-$600,000 on elaborate bottling plants but, because they are commercial buildings, traditional architects have often overlooked their beauty.[3]

Atlanta, Georgia architects Pringle and Smith designed buildings and created standardized designs for Coca-Cola bottling plants, including one located in Tifton Residential Historic District:

The 1937 Tifton Coca-Cola Bottling Plant is located at 820 Love Avenue. The building is a two-story, brick, commercial Beaux Arts-style building with tile roof, heavy modillions under the cornice, metal factory sash-windows, leaded-glass transoms over plate glass display windows, and decorative cast-concrete door surround. Terra-cotta panels with the trademark "Coca Cola" emblem are located on the fagade and side elevations. Designed by the Atlanta architectural firm Pringle and Smith, the building is an example of "Standardized Coca Cola Bottling Plant, Model 3A." Between 1928 and the late 1940s, Pringle and Smith designed a series of plans for bottling plant franchises for the Coca-Cola Company that were built throughout the southeastern United States.[4]

United States

Sorted by state, then city, then building name:

Building Image City State Type Coord Note
Coca-Cola Building (Morrilton, Arkansas)
Morrilton Arkansas Bottling plant 35°9′15″N 92°44′35″W / 35.15417°N 92.74306°W / 35.15417; -92.74306 (Coca-Cola Building (Morrilton, Arkansas)) Listed on the NRHP in Arkansas.
Coca-Cola Ship Building
Coca-Cola Building Los Angeles.jpg
Los Angeles California Bottling plant 34°1′43″N 118°14′42″W / 34.02861°N 118.24500°W / 34.02861; -118.24500 (Coca-Cola Building (Los Angeles)) Streamline Moderne-style building designed by architect Robert V. Derrah in 1939, a

LA Historic-Cultural Monument

Coca-Cola Ft. Lauderdale
Ft Laud FL crths02.jpg
Fort Lauderdale Florida Bottling plant Listed on the Broward Trust for Historic Preservation's Significant and Endangered Sites in Broward County, Florida.[5]
Club Cool
Lake Buena Vista Florida Attraction Within Walt Disney's Epcot
Florida Coca-Cola
Ocala Florida Bottling plant 29°11′47″N 82°8′11″W / 29.19639°N 82.13639°W / 29.19639; -82.13639 (Coca-Cola Bottling Plant (Ocala, Florida)) Listed on the NRHP in Florida.
Coca-Cola Trenton
Trenton Coca Cola bldg06.jpg
Trenton Florida Bottling plant Listed in A Guide to Florida's Historic Architecture[6]
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant-Athens
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, photographer facing NE from N. Finley St..JPG
Athens Georgia Bottling plant 33°57′35″N 83°23′0″W / 33.95972°N 83.38333°W / 33.95972; -83.38333 (Coca-Cola Bottling Plant-Athens) Listed on the NRHP in Georgia.
Candler Building (1906)
Candler Building, Atlanta.jpg
Atlanta Georgia Office building 33°45′24″N 84°23′17″W / 33.75667°N 84.38806°W / 33.75667; -84.38806 (Candler Building (Atlanta)) Listed on the NRHP in Georgia.
Coca-Cola Annex
Historic Coca-Cola Building Annex.JPG
Atlanta Georgia Office building 33°45′21″N 84°22′53″W / 33.75583°N 84.38139°W / 33.75583; -84.38139 (Coca-Cola Building Annex) Listed on the NRHP in Georgia.
Coca-Cola headquarters
Atlanta Georgia Office building Includes One Coca-Cola Place
Coca-Cola Olympic City Atlanta Georgia Attraction 1996 Summer Olympics
Dixie Bottling Plant
Atlanta Dixie Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant 2012 09 15 06 6270.JPG
Atlanta Georgia Bottling plant 34°12′16″N 84°22′10″W / 34.20444°N 84.36944°W / 34.20444; -84.36944 (Dixie Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant) Listed as a National Historic Landmark; now part of Georgia State University
World of Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Hi-rise.jpg
Atlanta Georgia Attraction 33°45′46″N 84°23′34″W / 33.76278°N 84.39278°W / 33.76278; -84.39278 (World of Coca-Cola) Within Pemberton Place
Tifton Coca-Cola Bottling Plant
Coca-Cola building, Tifton (East face).jpg
Tifton Georgia Bottling plant 820 Love Avenue
31°27′40″N 83°30′24″W / 31.46121°N 83.50658°W / 31.46121; -83.50658 (Tifton Coca-Cola Bottling Plant)
a contributing building in Tifton Residential Historic District.
Chicago Coca-Cola
Coca Cola Company Building Chicago IL.jpg
Chicago Illinois Office and syrup plant 41°51′54″N 87°37′34″W / 41.86500°N 87.62611°W / 41.86500; -87.62611 (Coca-Cola Building) Listed on the NRHP in Illinois
Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building (Quincy, Illinois)
Coke Quincy IL.JPG
Quincy Illinois Bottling plant 39°56′18″N 91°22′37″W / 39.93833°N 91.37694°W / 39.93833; -91.37694 (Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building) Listed on the NRHP in Illinois.
Coca-Cola Bloomington
Bloomington bottling plant northeastern angle.jpg
Bloomington Indiana Bottling plant 39°9′50″N 86°31′57″W / 39.16389°N 86.53250°W / 39.16389; -86.53250 (Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant (Bloomington, Indiana)) Listed on the NRHP in Indiana.
Shelbyville Coke Plant
Shelbyville Coke plant.jpg
Shelbyville Kentucky Bottling plant 38°12′36″N 85°12′24″W / 38.21000°N 85.20667°W / 38.21000; -85.20667 (Coca-Cola Plant(Shelbyville, Kentucky)) Listed on the NRHP in Kentucky.
Biedenharn Museum and Gardens
Biedenharn Home, Monroe, LA IMG 4122.JPG
Monroe Louisiana Museum 32°31′11″N 92°7′52″W / 32.51972°N 92.13111°W / 32.51972; -92.13111 (Biedenharn Museum and Gardens)
Coca-Cola Branch Factory
Old Coke Baltimore.JPG
Baltimore Maryland Bottling plant 39°16′7″N 76°35′53″W / 39.26861°N 76.59806°W / 39.26861; -76.59806 (Coca-Cola Baltimore Branch Factory) Listed on the NRHP in Maryland.
Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building (Columbia, Missouri)
Ragtag cinema.jpg
Columbia Missouri Bottling plant 38°57′3″N 92°19′30″W / 38.95083°N 92.32500°W / 38.95083; -92.32500 (Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building (Columbia, Missouri)) Ragtag Cinema
Coca-Cola Building
Western Auto.jpg
Kansas City Missouri Office Building 39°5′16″N 94°34′52″W / 39.08778°N 94.58111°W / 39.08778; -94.58111 (Coca-Cola Building (Kansas City, Missouri)) Listed on the NRHP in Missouri.
Coca-Cola Syrup Plant
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant NRHP on Michigan Ave in St. Louis MO 02.jpg
St. Louis Missouri Bottling plant 38°32′44.55″N 90°15′57.01″W / 38.5457083°N 90.2658361°W / 38.5457083; -90.2658361 (Coca-Cola Syrup Plant) Listed on the NRHP in Missouri.
Everything Coca-Cola
Coca Cola building.jpg
Paradise Nevada Attraction
Coca-Cola Works
Elmira CocaCola.jpg
Elmira New York Bottling plant 42°5′21″N 76°48′58″W / 42.08917°N 76.81611°W / 42.08917; -76.81611 (Elmira Coca-Cola Bottling Company Works) Listed on the NRHP in New York.
Candler Building (1914)
New York City New York Office building 40°45′22″N 73°59′18″W / 40.75611°N 73.98833°W / 40.75611; -73.98833 (Candler Building (New York, New York)) Listed on the NRHP in New York.
Coca-Cola sign
2017 Coke Sign.jpg
New York City New York Billboard sign Times Square
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant
Coca-Cola Plant.jpg
Charlotte North Carolina Bottling plant 35°13′43″N 80°51′52″W / 35.22861°N 80.86444°W / 35.22861; -80.86444 (Charlotte Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant, Former) listed on the NRHP in North Carolina
Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation
Cincinnati Ohio Bottling plant 39°8′47″N 84°28′26″W / 39.14639°N 84.47389°W / 39.14639; -84.47389 (Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation) Listed on the NRHP in Ohio; now part of Xavier University
Coca Cola Airport Corvallis Oregon Airport 44°25′19″N 123°15′32″W / 44.42194°N 123.25889°W / 44.42194; -123.25889 (Coca Cola Airport) (FAA LID: OG49)
Coca-Cola Park
Coke Park.PNG
Allentown Pennsylvania Sports venue 40°37′34″N 75°27′9″W / 40.62611°N 75.45250°W / 40.62611; -75.45250 (Coca-Cola Park (Allentown)) Home field for the IronPigs
Coca Cola Beverages Northeast
Coca Cola Beverages Northeast.jpg
Providence Rhode Island Distribution Center 41°49′52.7″N 71°25′39.8″W / 41.831306°N 71.427722°W / 41.831306; -71.427722 (Coca Cola Beverages Northeast)
Coca-Cola Covington
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Covington,Tn.JPG
Covington Tennessee Bottling plant 35°33′51″N 89°38′58″W / 35.56417°N 89.64944°W / 35.56417; -89.64944 (Coca-Cola Bottling Plant) Listed on the NRHP in Tennessee.
Coca-Cola Works
Winchester Virginia Bottling plant 39°10′14.02″N 78°10′38.34″W / 39.1705611°N 78.1773167°W / 39.1705611; -78.1773167 (Winchester Coca-Cola Bottling Works) Listed on the NRHP in Virginia.

Other countries

Sorted by country:

Building Image City Country Type Coord Note
Coca-Cola billboard Sydney Australia Billboard sign 33°52′30.93″S 151°13′20.04″E / 33.8752583°S 151.2222333°E / -33.8752583; 151.2222333 (Coca-Cola billboard) In Kings Cross locality.
Coca-Cola Coliseum
Toronto Canada Sports Venue 43°38′08.27″N 79°24′54.14″W / 43.6356306°N 79.4150389°W / 43.6356306; -79.4150389 (Coca-Cola Coliseum)



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