This is a list of known World War II era codenames for military operations and missions commonly associated with World War II. As of 2022 this is not a comprehensive list, but most major operations that Axis and Allied combatants engaged in are included, and also operations that involved neutral nation states. Operations are categorised according to the theater of operations, and an attempt has been made to cover all aspects of significant events. Operations contained in the Western Front category have been listed by year. Operations that follow the cessation of hostilities and those that occurred in the pre-war period are also included. Operations are listed alphabetically, and where multiple aspects are involved these are listed inline.

Flags used are those of the time period.


Excludes North African campaigns

Atlantic Ocean

Includes North Sea and Arctic Ocean operations and actions against naval vessels in harbour

Eastern Front

Main article: List of military operations on the Eastern Front of World War II

Mediterranean Sea

Main article: List of naval and land-based operations in Mediterranean Sea area during World War II

South West Pacific and Pacific Ocean

Main article: List of naval and land-based operations in Pacific Theater during World War II


South West, South, and South East Asia

Includes operations in Iraq, Syria, Iran, India, Burma, Malaya and Indo-China, and the Indian Ocean

Scandinavia and Finland




Western Front

Main article: List of military operations in the West European Theater during World War II by year




Special Operations Executive

Main article: List of Special Operations Executive operations in World War II

Partisan operations

Includes some operations by regular forces in support of partisans

Anti-partisan operations

Main article: Anti-partisan operations in World War II





Propaganda, war crimes, and genocide


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