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This is a list of aircraft registration prefixes used by civil aircraft:

Current (post-1928) allocations

The 1928 markings have been amended and added to over the years, with the current markings being:

Country or region Registration prefix Presentation and notes
Afghanistan YA[1] YA-AAA to YA-ZZZ.
Albania ZA[2] ZA-AAA to ZA-ZZZ.
Algeria 7T[3]
  • 7T-VAA to 7T-VZZ Civilian.
  • 7T-WAA to 7T-WZZ Military
Andorra C3[2] C3-AAA to C3-ZZZ
Angola D2[3] D2-AAA to D2-ZZZ. Colonial allocation CR-L.
Anguilla VP-A[3] VP-AAA to VP-AZZ
Antigua and Barbuda V2[3] V2-AAA to V2-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Leeward Islands VP-L.[a]
Argentina LV[1]
  • LV-AAA to LV-ZZZ (Civilian type certified aircraft)
  • LV-X001 to LV-X999 (experimental)
  • LV-S001 to LV-S999 (LSA)
  • LV-U001 to LV-U999 (Ultralight)
LQ LQ-AAA to LQ-ZZZ (Government/police owned aircraft).
Armenia EK[3] EK-10000 to EK-99999
Aruba P4[3] P4-AAA to P4-ZZZ
Australia VH[1]
  • VH-AAA to VH-ZZZ
  • VH-22A to VH-ZZ9[b][4]
Austria OE[1]
  • OE-AAA to OE-KZZ
  • OE-BAA to OE-BZZ (official use)
  • OE-LAA to OE-LZZ (airlines operating scheduled flights)
  • OE-VAA to OE-VZZ (test registrations)
  • OE-WAA to OE-WZZ (amphibian and sea planes)
  • OE-XAA to OE-XZZ (helicopters)
  • OE-0001 to OE-5999 (gliders)
  • OE-9000 to OE-9999 (motor gliders).
  • Historically A- prior to 1939.
Azerbaijan 4K[3]
  • 4K-AZ1 to 4K-AZ999
  • 4K-10000 to 4K-99999
Bahamas C6[3] C6-AAA to C6-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-B.
Bahrain A9C[3]
  • A9C-AA to A9C-ZZ
  • A9C-AAA to A9C-ZZZ
  • A9C-AAAA to A9C-ZZZZ
Bangladesh S2[3] S2-AAA to S2-ZZZ
Barbados 8P[1] 8P-AAA to 8P-ZZZ. Historically VQ-B prior to 1968.
Belarus EW[3]
  • EW-10000 to EW-99999 (ex-Soviet Union registrations)
  • EW-100AA to EW-999ZZ (aircraft in general, except those listed below)
  • EW-200PA to EW-299PA (reserved for Boeing 737 aircraft)
  • EW-100PJ to EW-299PJ (reserved for CRJ aircraft)
  • EW-001DA, EW-001PA, EW-001PB, EW-85815 (reserved for official use)
  • EW-0001L to EW-9999L (reserved for balloons)
Belgium OO[1]
  • OO-AAA to OO-PZZ
  • OO-RAA to OO-SZZ
  • OO-BAA to OO-BZZ (preferred for balloons)
  • OO-YAA to OO-ZAA (preferred for gliders)
  • OO-01 to OO-499 (home-built aircraft)
  • OO-501 to OO-999 & OO-A01 to OO-Z99 (microlights)
Belize V3[1] V3-AAA to V3-ZZZ. Colonial allocation British Honduras VP-H.
Benin TY[3] TY-AAA to TY-ZZZ
Bermuda VP-B, VQ-B[1]
  • Colonial allocation VR-B.
Bhutan A5[3] A5-AAA to A5-ZZZ
Bolivia CP[1] CP-1000 to CP-9999.
Bosnia and Herzegovina E7[1] E7-AAA to E7-ZZZ. Previously T9-.
Botswana A2[3] A2-AAA to A2-ZZZ. Colonial allocations VQ-ZE, VQ-ZH.
Brazil PP[1] PP-AAA to PP-ZZZ.
PR PR-AAA to PR-ZZZ (PR-ZAA to PR-ZZZ is reserved to experimental non-LSA aircraft)
PS PS-AAA to PS-ZZZ (proposed by ANAC to be available in 2016)[5]
PT PT-AAA to PT-ZZZ (PT-ZAA to PT-ZZZ is reserved to experimental non-LSA aircraft)
PU PU-AAA to PU-ZZZ (Microlights and experimental LSA aircraft)
British Virgin Islands VP-L[3] VP-LAA to VP-LZZ.[a]
Brunei V8[1]
  • V8-AAA to V8-ZZZ
  • V8-AA1 to V8-ZZ9
  • V8-001 to V8-999.
  • Colonial allocation VR-U.
Bulgaria LZ[3] LZ-AAA to LZ-ZZZ
Burkina Faso XT[3] XT-AAA to XT-ZZZ
Burundi 9U[1] 9U-AAA to 9U-ZZZ. Historically BR- prior to 1939; OO-C as part of Ruanda-Urundi to 1962.
Cambodia XU[1] XU-AAA to XU-ZZZ. Colonial allocation F-KH. Temporary KW-.
Cameroon TJ[1] TJ-AAA to TJ-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VR-N.[c]
Canada C[1][d]
  • C-FAAA to C-FZZZ
  • CF-AAA to CF-ZZZ (Pre 1957 vintage aircraft may be registered CF- instead of C-F)[6]
  • C-GAAA to C-GZZZ
  • C-IAAA to C-IZZZ (ultralight aeroplanes only)
  • Canada historically CF- from 1929 to 1974 and G-C from 1921 to 1929.
  • Newfoundland historically VO- prior to 1949.
Cape Verde D4[3] D4-AAA to D4-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Cape Verde Islands CR-C.
Cayman Islands VP-C, VQ-C[1] VP-CAA to VP-CZZ, VQ-CAA to VQ-CZZ. Colonial allocation VR-C.
Central African Republic TL[3] TL-AAA to TL-ZZZ
Chad TT[3] TT-AAA to TT-ZZZ
Chile CC[1]
  • CC-AAA to CC-ZZZ from July 1, 2009 onwards.
  • Gliders had numbers in between registrations (e.g., CC-K14W) and some balloons too (e.g., CC-P1).
  • Ultralights are registered with the markings ULM-number.
China B[1]
  • B-0000 to B-9999
  • B-000A to B-99ZZ (General)[e]
  • Historic: X-C, XT and B-000.[7]
Colombia HJ[1] HJ-1000A to HJ-9999Z (Microlights)
HK HK-1000A to HK-9999Z
Comoros D6[3] D6-AAA to D6-ZZZ
Congo, Republic of TN[3] TN-AAA to TN-ZZZ
Congo, Democratic Republic of 9S[f] 9S-AAA to 9S-ZZZ. Historically OO-C as Belgian Congo to 1960; 9O 1961 to 1963; 9Q 1963 to 2016.
9T[f] 9T-AAA to 9T-ZZZ (Military)
Cook Islands E5[3] E5-AAA to E5-ZZZ
Costa Rica TI[3]
  • TI-AAA to TI-ZZZ
  • TI-000 to TI-999 (Ultralight aircraft)
Croatia 9A[1]
  • 9A-AAA to 9A-ZZZ
  • 9A-GAA to 9A-GZZ (Gliders)
  • 9A-HAA to 9A-HZZ (Helicopters)
  • 9A-OAA to 9A-OZZ (Balloons)
  • 9A-UAA to 9A-UZZ (Ultralights)
  • Previously RC-.
Cuba CU[1]
  • CU-A1000 to CU-A1999 (Agricultural Aircraft)[8]
  • CU-C1000 to CU-C1999 (Airlines, cargo operations)[9][10]
  • CU-H1000 to CU-H1999 (Helicopters)
  • CU-N1000 to CU-N1999 (Private Aircraft)[11]
  • CU-T1000 to CU-T1999 (Airlines, passenger flights)
  • CU-U1000 to CU-U1999 (Ultralights)[12]
  • Historically C-C and NM-.
Cyprus 5B-D[3] 5B-DAA to 5B-DZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-C.
Czech Republic OK[1]
  • OK-AAA to OK-ZZZ
  • OK-AAA 00 to OK-ZZZ 99 (Microlights)
  • OK-0000 to OK-9999 (Gliders & balloons)
  • OK-A000 to OK-A999 (Ultralight gliders)[13]
  • OK-X000A to OK-X999Z (Unmanned aircraft)[14]
Denmark OY[3]
  • OY-AAA to OY-ZZZ
  • OY-HAA to OY-HZZ (Helicopters)
  • Any registration containing X (Gliders including Touring Motor Glider)
  • OY-BAA to OY-BZZ (preferred for hot-air balloons)
  • OY-81 to OY-8999 Ultralight trikes (weight shift control)
  • OY-91 to OY-9999 Ultralight 3-axis
  • OY-1001 to OY-1999 Ultralight Gyro
Djibouti J2[3] J2-AAA to J2-ZZZ
Dominica J7[3] J7-AAA to J7-ZZZ
Dominican Republic HI[1]
  • HI100AA to HI999ZZ
  • HI100 to HI1999[15]
East Timor 4W[16] 4W-AAA to 4W-ZZZ. Colonial allocation CR-T.
Ecuador HC[3] HC-AAA to HC-ZZZ
Egypt SU[3]
  • SU-AAA to SU-XXZ
  • SU-ZAA to SU-ZZZ
  • SU-001 to SU-999 (Gliders and balloons)
El Salvador YS[3] YS-AAA to YS-ZZZ
Equatorial Guinea 3C[3] 3C-AAA to 3C-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-ZI.
Eritrea E3[3] E3-AAAA to E3-ZZZZ
Estonia ES[3]
  • ES-AAA to ES-ZZZ
  • ES-0001 to ES-9999 (gliders and motor gliders)
Eswatini 3DC[2] 3DC-AAA to 3DC-ZZZ
Ethiopia ET[3] ET-AAA to ET-ZZZ
Falkland Islands VP-F[3] VP-FAA to VP-FZZ
Faroe Islands See Denmark
Fiji DQ[1] DQ-AAA to DQ-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-F.
Finland OH[3]
  • OH-AAA to OH-ZZZ
  • OH-HAA to OH-HZZ (Helicopters)
  • OH-XAA to OH-XZZ (Experimental aircraft)
  • OH-LAA to OH-LZZ (Finnair)
  • OH-001 to OH-999 and OH-1000 to OH-9999 (gliders and motor gliders)
  • OH-G001 to OH-G999 (autogyros)
  • OH-U001 to OH-U999 (ultralights)
France F[1]
  • F-AAAA to F-ZZZZ
  • F-AYAA to F-AYZZ (Historic aircraft)
  • F-AZAA to F-AZZZ (Historic aircraft)
  • F-BAAA to F-BZZZ; F-GAAA to F-HZZZ (Based in Mainland France and Corsica)
  • F-CAAA to F-CZZZ (Gliders)
  • F-OAAA to F-OZZZ (Based outside Mainland France and Corsica)
  • F-PAAA to F-PZZZ (Homebuilt)
  • F-WAAA to F-WZZZ (Test and Delivery)[17]
  • F-DAAA to F-DZZZ (Radio controlled Model aircraft)
  • F-JAAA to F-JZZZ (Ultralights)
  • F-ZAAA to F-ZZZZ (State owned) "department number" -AA to -ZZ & -AAA to -ZZZ (Ultralights) [e.g.: 59-ABC for the Nord département ].
French Guiana F-O[17] Outside mainland France is F-OAAA to F-OZZZ[g][17]
French Polynesia F-O[17] Outside mainland France is F-OAAA to F-OZZZ.[g][17] Was F-OH.[2]
French West Indies F-O[17] Outside mainland France is F-OAAA to F-OZZZ[g][17]
Gabon TR[3]
  • TR-AAA to TR-ZZZ
  • TR-KAA to TR-KZZ (Military)
Gambia C5[1] C5-AAA to C5-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-X.
Georgia 4L[3]
  • 4L-AAA to 4L-ZZZ
  • 4L-10000 to 4L-99999
Germany D[3]
  • D-AAAA to D-AZZZ for aircraft with more than 20 t MTOW
  • D-AUAA to D-AZZZ (test registrations) for aircraft manufactured by Airbus at Finkenwerder
  • D-BAAA to D-BZZZ for aircraft with 14–20 t MTOW
  • D-CAAA to D-CZZZ for aircraft with 5.7–14 t MTOW
  • D-EAAA to D-EZZZ for single-engine aircraft up to 2 t MTOW
  • D-FAAA to D-FZZZ for single-engine aircraft from to 2–5.7 t MTOW
  • D-GAAA to D-GZZZ for multi-engine aircraft up to 2 t MTOW
  • D-HAAA to D-HZZZ for rotorcraft
  • D-IAAA to D-IZZZ for multi-engine aircraft from 2–5.7 t MTOW
  • D-KAAA to D-KZZZ for powered gliders
  • D-LAAA to D-LZZZ for airships
  • D-MAAA to D-MZZZ for powered ultralight aircraft
  • D-NAAA to D-NZZZ for non-powered ultralight aircraft
  • D-OAAA to D-OZZZ for manned free balloons
  • D-0001 to D-9999 for gliders.
  • Historic: Danzig YM incorporated into Germany with D prefix. Saar allocated EZ during League of Nations mandate became part of Germany with D prefix in 1935, and used SL during French protectorate from 1947 and became part of Germany again in 1957 with the D prefix. East Germany DM, later replaced by DDR, now part of Germany using D.
Ghana 9G, 9GR[3]
  • 9G-AAA to 9G-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Gold Coast VP-A.
  • 9GR-0AAA to 9GR-9ZZZ for remotely piloted aircraft
Gibraltar VP-G[3] VP-GAA to VP-GZZ. Colonial allocation VR-G.
Greece SX[3]
Greenland See Denmark Previously GL.[citation needed]
Grenada J3[3] J3-AAA to J3-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-G.
Guatemala TG[3] TG-AAA to TG-ZZZ
Guernsey 2[1] 2-AAAA to 2-ZZZZ. Since 2013.
Guinea 3X[3] 3X-AAA to 3X-ZZZ.
Guinea-Bissau J5[3] J5-AAA to J5-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Portuguese Guinea CR-G.
Guyana 8R[3] 8R-AAA to 8R-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-G.
Haiti HH[3] HH-AAA to HH-ZZZ
Honduras HR[3] HR-AAA to HR-ZZZ
Hong Kong B-H, B-K, B-L[18]
  • B-HAA to B-HZZ
  • B-KAA to B-KZZ
  • B-LAA to B-LZZ
  • Colonial allocation VR-H.
Hungary HA[3]
  • HA-AAA to HA-ZZZ
  • HA-1111 to HA-9999 (Gliders, Ultralights and motor-gliders)
Iceland TF[3]
  • TF-AAA to TF-ZZZ
  • TF-100 to TF-999 (Microlights)
India VT[1] VT-AAA to VT-ZZZ. Colonial allocation (Portuguese State of India, incorporated into India in 1961) CR-I.
Indonesia PK[1]
  • PK-AAA to PK-ZZZ
  • PK-S001 to PK-S999 (Microlights)
Iran EP[1] EP-AAA to EP-ZZZ. Previously RV-.
Iraq YI[3] YI-AAA to YI-ZZZ
Ireland EI, EJ[1]
  • EI-AAA to EI-ZZZ for normal allocation.
  • EJ-AAAA to EJ-ZZZZ for VIP or business aircraft.
Isle of Man M[1] M-AAAA to M-ZZZZ
Israel 4X, 4Z[1][3] 4X-AAA to 4X-ZZZ. Colonial allocation (Mandate) Palestine VQ-P.
Italy I[3]
Ivory Coast TU[3]
  • TU-AAA to TU-ZZZ
  • TU-VAA to TU-VZZ (Military)
Jamaica 6Y[3] 6Y-AAA to 6Y-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-J.
Japan JA,[3] JR[19]
  • JA0001 to JA9999
  • JA001A to JA999Z
  • JA01AA to JA99ZZ
  • JAA001 to JAA999 (balloons)
  • JR0201 to JR6ZZZ Ultralight aviation (control surface control type)
  • JR7001 to JR7ZZZ Same as above (weight transfer control type)
  • JR8001 to JR9ZZZ Same as above (parachute type)
  • JR9001 to JR9ZZZ Gyroplane
  • JR0001 to JR0200 Other homebuilt aircraft[20]
Jersey ZJ[1] ZJ-AAA to ZJ-ZZZ
Jordan JY[1] JY-AAA to JY-ZZZ. Historically TJ-.
Jordan and Iraq 4YB[1] International operating agency: Arab Air Cargo
Kazakhstan UP[1] UP-AAA01 to UP-ZZZ99 (Suffix letters refer to aircraft type). Changed from UN to avoid confusion with the United Nations.
Kenya 5Y[3] 5Y-AAA to 5Y-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-K.
Kiribati T3[2] T3-AAA to T3-ZZZ
Kosovo Z6 plus national emblem[21] Z6-AAA to Z6-ZZZ
Kuwait 9K[3] 9K-AAA to 9K-ZZZ.
Kyrgyzstan EX[3]
  • EX-100 to EX-999
  • EX-10000 to EX-99999
Laos RDPL[1] RDPL-10000 to RDPL-99999. Previously F-L, XW-.
Latvia YL[3]
  • YL-AAA to YL-ZZZ
  • LV-001 to LV-Z99 Ballons & Gliders
Lebanon OD[1] OD-AAA to OD-ZZZ. Previously LR-.
Lesotho 7P[3] 7P-AAA to 7P-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-ZA, VQ-ZD.
Liberia A8[3] A8-AAA to A8-ZZZ. Previously EL was cancelled by the United Nations due to illegal use.[22]
Libya 5A[3] 5A-AAA to 5A-ZZZ
Liechtenstein HB plus national emblem[1] HB-AAA to HB-ZZZ. Shares allocation with Switzerland.
Lithuania LY[3] LY-AAA to LY-ZZZ
Luxembourg LX[1]
  • LX-AAA to LX-ZZZ
  • LX-BAA to LX-BZZ (balloons)
  • LX-CAA to LX-CZZ (glider and motorglider)
  • LX-HAA to LX-HZZ (helicopters)
  • LX-XAA to LX-XZZ (ultralights).
  • Previously UL-, L-U.
Macau B-M[2]
  • B-MAA to B-MZZ
  • Allocation during Portuguese rule CR-M until 1975 and CS-M from 1995 until 1999.
Madagascar 5R[3] 5R-AAA to 5R-ZZZ
Malawi 7Q[1] 7Q-AAA to 7Q-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-Y.[h]
Malaysia 9M[1]
  • 9M-AAA to 9M-ZZZ
  • 9M-EAA to 9M-EZZ (amateur-built)
  • 9M-UAA to 9M-UZZ (microlight).
  • Colonial allocation North Borneo/Sabah VR-O, Sarawak VR-W Straits Settlements VR-S before becoming part of Malaysia. Previously also VR-J, VR-R.
Maldives 8Q[3] 8Q-AAA to 8Q-ZZZ
Mali TZ[3] TZ-AAA to TZ-ZZZ
Malta 9H[3] 9H-AAA to 9H-ZZZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-M.

9H-111 to 9H-99999

a group of three to five characters, which characters can be a combination of capital letters in Romancharacter and/or Arabic numbers

Marshall Islands V7[3] V7-0001 to V7-9999
Martinique F-O[17] Outside mainland France is F-OAAA to F-OZZZ[g][17]
Mauritania 5T[3] 5T-AAA to 5T-ZZZ
Mauritius 3B[3] 3B-AAA to 3B-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-M.
Mexico XA plus national emblem[1] XA-AAA to XA-ZZZ (Commercial)
XB plus national emblem XB-AAA to XB-ZZZ (Private)
XC plus national emblem XC-AAA to XC-ZZZ (Government)[23]
Micronesia V6[3] V6-AAA to V6-ZZZ
Moldova ER[3]
  • ER-AAA to ER-ZZZ
  • ER-10000 to ER-99999
Monaco 3A-M[1] 3A-MAA to 3A-MZZ. Previously M-O, CZ-, MC-.
Mongolia JU[1] JU-1000 to JU-9999. Previously MT-, HMAY-.
Montenegro 4O[3] 4O-AAA to 4O-ZZZ
Montserrat VP-M[3] VP-MAA to VP-MZZ
Morocco CN[1]
  • CN-AAA to CN-ZZZ
  • CNA-AA to CNA-ZZ for government & military
Mozambique C9[3] C9-AAA to C9-ZZZ. Colonial allocations CR-A, CR-B.
Myanmar XY[3] XY-AAA to XY-ZZZ
XZ[3] XZ-AAA to XZ-ZZZ (Not Used)
Namibia V5[3] V5-AAA to V5-ZZZ
Nauru C2[3] C2-AAA to C2-ZZZ
Nepal 9N[3] 9N-AAA to 9N-ZZZ (commercial aircraft)
9N-RAA to 9N-RZZ (government aircraft)
Netherlands PH[3]
  • PH-AAA to PH-ZZZ
  • PH-1AA to PH-1ZZ (drones)
  • PH-1A1 to PH-9Z9 (microlights)
  • PH-100 to PH-9999 (gliders)
Netherlands Antilles PJ[3] PJ-AAA to PJ-ZZZ
New Zealand ZK[1]
  • ZK-AAA to ZK-ZZZ
  • ZK-A**, ZK-B**, ZK-GA*, ZK-HA* restored historical aircraft
  • ZK-FA*, ZK-FB* balloons
  • ZK-G** gliders
  • ZK-H**, ZK-I** helicopters
  • ZK-RA*, ZK-RB*, ZK-RC*, ZK-RD* gyrocopters
  • The remainder for fixed-wing aircraft.[24]
Nicaragua YN[1] YN-AAA to YN-ZZZ.
Niger 5U[3] 5U-AAA to 5U-ZZZ
Nigeria 5N[1] 5N-AAA to 5N-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VR-N.[c]
North Korea P[1] P-500 to P-999
North Macedonia Z3[1]
  • Z3-AAA to Z3-ZZZ
  • Z3-HAA to Z3-HZZ (helicopters)
  • Z3-UA-001 to Z3-UA-999 (ultralight)
  • Z3-OAA to Z3-OZZ (hot air balloons)
Norway LN[3]
  • LN-AAA to LN-ZZZ Aircraft in general, except:
    • LN-G**, Gliders
    • LN-O**, Helicopters
    • LN-C**, Balloons
    • LN-Y**, Sports aircraft
Oman A4O[3]
  • A4O-AA to A4O-ZZ
  • A4O-AAA to A4O-ZZZ
Pakistan AP[3] AP-AAA to AP-ZZZ, civil aircraft, from 1947
Palestine SU-Y [citation needed] SU-YAA to SU-YZZ (Temporary assignment of Egyptian prefix)
E4[i] [citation needed] E4-AAA to E4-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-P. Israel 4X-.
Panama HP[1] HP-1000AAA to HP-9999ZZZ. Previously RX. The three letters (AAA–ZZZ) stand for the ICAO code of the airline, such as CMP for Copa Airlines and PST for Air Panama.
Papua New Guinea P2[3] P2-AAA to P2-ZZZ
Paraguay ZP[3] ZP-AAA to ZP-ZZZ
Peru OB[1]
  • OB-1000 to OB-9999
  • Previously OB-initial-number, e.g. OB-M-1114, OB-M-1245, OB-T-1274.
  • Previously OA-, O-P.
Philippines RP[1]
  • RP-0001 to RP-9999 (Government-owned aircraft)
  • RP-C0001 to RP-C9999 (Aircraft with complete registrations)
  • RP-G0001 to RP-G9999 (Gliders)
  • RP-R0001 to RP-R9999 (Limited registrations)
  • RP-U001A to RP-U999Z (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
  • RP-X0001 to RP-X9999 (Experimental certificate)
  • RP-S0001 to RP-S9999 (Non-type certificated aircraft)
  • Previously PI-.
Poland SP - civil[1]
  • SP-AAA to SP-ZZZ
  • SP-0*** - Motor-gliders
  • SP-1*** to SP-3***, SP-8*** - Gliders
  • SP-B** - Balloons
  • SP-L** reserved for LOT Polish Airlines
  • SP-S*** - Ultralights
  • SP-X*** - Autogyros
  • SP-Y** - Experimental
SN - government [25]
  • SN-(two digits 00-99)(two letters) State-owned aircraft (public order services); Last two digits indicate type and owner.
  • X - Helicopter, Y - Aeroplane, A - Other
  • A - Central Institutions**, G (H,D,U*) - Border Guard, P (N,K,W*) - Police, S (F) - Fire Dept**, T - Civil Protection**, R - Govt Rescue Service**, Z (C,E,B) Customs**, M,L - other government services**, Q - trial flights**
  • * will be used if primary letters are exhausted; ** currently unused/unseen
Portugal CR, CS[1]
  • CR-AAA to CR-ZZZ Aircraft registered in the overseas provinces, used until 1975
  • CS-AAA to CS-ZZZ Aircraft in general, except:
  • CS-B**, Balloons
  • CS-H**, Helicopters
  • CS-P**, Gliders
  • CS-T**, Airliners (used by most commercial airlines)
  • CS-U**, Ultralight Aircraft
  • CS-X**, Experimental
Qatar A7[1]
  • A7-AAA to A7-ZZZ
  • A7-HAA to A7-HZZ & A7-MAA to A7-MZZ (official use)
Réunion F-O[17] Outside mainland France is F-OAAA to F-OZZZ[g][17]
Romania YR[1]
  • YR-AAA to YR-ZZZ
  • YR-1000 to YR-9999 (Gliders and ultralights).
  • YR-D0000 to YR-D9999 (UAVs, drones).
Russia RA[1]
  • RA-00001 to RA-99999 (First two digits indicate aircraft type)[citation needed]
  • FLA RF-00001 to FLA RF-99999 or ФЛА РФ-00001 to ФЛА РФ-99999 (Private - no longer valid)
  • RA-0001K to RA-9999K (Ultralight - no longer valid)
  • RA-0001G to RA-9999G (Private - aircraft without type certificate)
  • RA-0001A to RA-9999A (Ultralight)
RF[f] RF-00001 to RF-99999 (state-owned aircraft; first two digits indicate owner).
Rwanda 9XR[1] 9XR-AA to 9XR-ZZ. Historically OO-C as part of Ruanda-Urundi to 1962.
Saint Helena/Ascension VQ-H[1] VQ-HAA to VQ-HZZ
Saint Kitts and Nevis V4[1] V4-AAA to V4-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Leeward Islands VP-L.[a]
Saint Lucia J6[1] J6-AAA to J6-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-L
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines J8[1] J8-AAA to J8-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-V.
Samoa 5W[1] 5W-AAA to 5W-ZZZ, since 1961.
San Marino T7[1]
  • T7-AAA to T7-ZZZZZ
  • T7-001 to T7-99999.[j][26]
São Tomé and Príncipe S9[1] S9-AAA to S9-ZZZ. Colonial allocation CR-S.
Saudi Arabia HZ[1]
  • HZ-AAA to HZ-ZZZ
  • HZ-AA1 to HZ-ZZ99
  • HZ-AAA1 to HZ-ZZZ99
  • Historically Hejaz UH-.
Senegal 6V[1] 6V-AAA to 6V-ZZZ
Serbia YU[1]
  • YU-AAA to YU-ZZZ
  • YU-0000 to YU-9999 (Gliders)
  • YU-A000 to YU-Z999 (Ultralight).
  • YU-D0000 to YU-D9999 (Drone/Unmanned Aircraft).
  • Previously Yugoslavia. Previously UN-.
Seychelles S7[1] S7-AAA to S7-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-S.
Sierra Leone 9L[1] 9L-AAA to 9L-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VR-L until 1961.
Singapore 9V[1] 9V-AAA to 9V-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VR-S.
Slovakia OM[1]
  • OM-AAA to OM-ZZZ
  • OM-AAAA to OM-ZZZZ (Ultralight)
  • OM-M000 to OM-M999 (Microlights)
  • OM-0000 to OM-9999 (Gliders)
Slovenia S5[1]
  • S5-AAA to S5-9999
  • S5-DAA to S5-DZZ (General)
  • S5-HAA to S5-HZZ (Helicopters)
  • S5-PAA to S5-PZZ (Ultralights)
  • S5-MAA to S5-MZZ (Amateur builds)
  • S5-JAA to S5-JZZ (Gyrocopters)
  • S5-1000 to S5-1999 (Oldtimer gliders)
  • S5-3000 to S5-3999 (Single-seater gliders)
  • S5-7000 to S5-7999 (Doubleseater gliders)
  • S5-KAA to S5-KZZ (Motorgliders/sustainers)
  • S5-OAA to S5-OZZ (Hot air balloons)
  • Previously SL-.
Solomon Islands H4[1] H4-AAA to H4-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-P.
Somalia 6O[1] 6O-AAA to 6O-ZZZ. Previously 6OS.
South Africa ZS[1] ZS-AAA to ZS-ZZZ (type certified aircraft)
ZT ZT-RAA to ZT-RZZ (type certified rotorcraft) and ZT-TAA to ZT-TZZ (civil RPAS)[27]
ZU ZU-AAA to ZU-ZZZ (non-type certified aircraft).
South Korea HL[1]
  • HL0000 to HL0599 for glider
  • HL0600 to HL0799 for airship
  • HL1000 to HL1799 for piston engine
  • HL2000 to HL2099 for piston engine
  • HL5100 to HL5499 for turboprop
  • HL6100 to HL6199 for piston engine helicopter
  • HL7100 to HL7199 for single turbojet
  • HL7200 to HL7299, HL7500 to HL7599, HL7700 to HL7799, HL8000 to HL8099, HL8200 to HL8299, HL8300 to HL8399, HL8500 to HL8599 for twin-jet aircraft
  • HL7300 to HL7399 for tri-jet aircraft
  • HL7400 to HL7499, HL7600 to HL7699, HL8400 to HL8499, HL8600 to HL8699 for quad-jet aircraft
  • HL9100 to HL9699 for turboshaft helicopter
  • HL-C000 to HL-C999 for ultralight[28]
  • From 1919 until 1936, F-K. Colonial allocation incorporated into Korea in 1963.
South Sudan Z8[1] Z8-AAA to Z8-ZZZ
Spain EC[1]
  • EC-AAA to EC-WZZ (Civil Aircraft)
  • EC-YAA to EC-ZZZ (Homebuilt aircraft)
  • EC-AA0 to EC-ZZ9 (Ultralight)
  • EC-001 to EC-999 (Test and delivery)
EM[f] EM-AAA to EM-ZZZ (Military)
Sri Lanka 4R[1] 4R-AAA to 4R-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Ceylon VP-C. Then CY- from 1950 to 1953.
Sudan ST[1] ST-AAA to ST-ZZZ. Previously SN- and FT-.
Suriname PZ[1]
  • PZ-AAA to PZ-ZZZ
  • PZ-HAA to PZ-HZZ (helicopters)
  • PZ-TAA to PZ-TZZ (commercial transport)
  • PZ-UAA to PZ-UZZ (agriculture crop-dusters)
Sweden SE[1]
  • SE-AAA to SE-ZZZ
  • SE-AAA to SE-CZZ (prop aircraft, general use)
  • SE-DAA to SE-DZZ (jets)
  • SE-EAA to SE-GZZ (prop aircraft, general use)
  • SE-HAA to SE-HZZ (helicopters)
  • SE-IAA to SE-IZZ (prop aircraft, general use)
  • SE-JAA to SE-JZZ (helicopters)
  • SE-KAA to SE-MZZ (prop aircraft, general use)
  • SE-RAA to SE-RZZ (jets)
  • SE-SAA to SE-UZZ (sailplanes and gliders)
  • SE-VAA to SE-VZZ (ultralights)
  • SE-XAA to SE-XZZ (homebuilts)
  • SE-YAA to SE-YZZ (ultralights)
  • SE-ZAA to SE-ZZZ (lighter than air)
  • SE-A01 to SE-Z99 (test and delivery)
Switzerland HB plus national emblem[1]
  • General pattern: HB-AAA to HB-ZZZ, with HB-1 to HB-9999 for Gliders and Motorgliders. The registration often denotes the aircraft type and maker. Some examples:
  • HB-Axx two-engined aircraft from 5.7 to 15 tons, Aircraft over 15 tons due to shortage of Jxx.
  • HB-Bxx balloons
  • HB-Cxx single-engined Cessnas under 5.7 tons
  • HB-Dxx and HB-Kxx other single-engined aircraft under 5.7 tons
  • HB-Fxx Swiss-produced aircraft like PC-6 and PC-12
  • HB-Ixx and HB-Jxx aircraft over 15 tons, including DC-3
  • HB-Nxx and HB-Pxx single-engined Pipers under 5.7 tons
  • HB-Vxx business jets under 15 tons
  • HB-Xxx helicopters
  • HB-Yxx experimental aircraft
  • HB-Zxx helicopters
  • Also used by Liechtenstein. Previously CH-.
Syria YK[1] YK-AAA to YK-ZZZ
Taiwan B[29][2] B-00000 to B-99999[29]
Tajikistan EY[1] EY-10000 to EY-99999
Tanzania 5H[1] 5H-AAA to 5H-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Tanganyika VR-T and Zanzibar VP-Z.
Thailand HS[1] HS-AAA to HS-ZZZ
U U-A00 to U-Z99. Use for ultralight aircraft.
Togo 5V[1] 5V-AAA to 5V-ZZZ
Tonga A3[1] A3-AAA to A3-ZZZ
Trinidad and Tobago 9Y[1] 9Y-AAA to 9Y-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-T.
Tunisia TS[1] TS-AAA to TS-ZZZ
Turkey TC[1]
  • TC-AAA to TC-ZZZ
  • TC-BAA to TC-BZZ (Hot air balloons)
  • TC-HAA to TC-HZZ (Helicopters)
  • TC-PAA to TC-PZZ (Gliders)
  • TC-UAA to TC-UZZ (Ultralights and microlights)
  • TC-ZAA to TC-ZZZ (Agricultural aircraft)
Turkmenistan EZ[1] EZ-A100 to EZ-Z999
Turks and Caicos VQ-T[1] VQ-TAA to VQ-TZZ
Tuvalu T2[2] T2-AAA to T2-ZZZ
Uganda 5X[1] 5X-AAA to 5X-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-U prior to 1962.
Ukraine UR[1]
  • UR-AAA to UR-ZZZ
  • UR10000 to UR99999
  • UR-AAAA to UR-ZZZZ (private aircraft)
United Arab Emirates A6[1]
  • A6-AAA to A6-ZZZ
  • A6-GY1 to A6-GY9 (reserved for SkyDive Dubai / Gyrocopters)[citation needed]
  • A6-SD1 to A6-SD9 (reserved for Skydive Dubai)[citation needed]
DU[f][citation needed] DU-001 to DU-999 (Dubai Police aircraft)
United Kingdom G[1]
  • G-AAAA to G-ZZZZ
  • G-1-1 to G-99-99 (UK aircraft test serials for test & delivery purposes)
United Nations[k] 4U[f][citation needed] 4U-AAA to 4U-ZZZ
United States N[1]
  • N1 to N99999
  • N1A to N9999Z
  • N1AA to N999ZZ.
  • Prior to 1948 the letter 'N' was usually suffixed by one of the six following; 'C' for Commercial, 'L' for Limited, 'P' for Private, 'R' for Restricted, 'S' for State or 'X' for Experimental.
Uruguay CX[1] CX-AAA to CX-ZZZ.
Uzbekistan UK[1] UK10000 to UK99999
Vanuatu YJ[1] YJ-AA1 to YJ-ZZ99
Venezuela YV[1]
  • YV1000 to YV9999
  • YV100T to YV999T
  • YV100E to YV999E (training)
  • YVO100 to YVO999 (Official use)
Vietnam VN[2]
  • VN-1000 to VN-9999
  • VN-A100 to VN-A999 (turbo jet engine)
  • VN-B100 to VN-B999 (turbo prop engine)
  • VN-C100 to VN-C999 (internal combustion engine)
  • Previously XV- (South Vietnam).
Yemen 7O[1] 7O-AAA to 7O-ZZZ. Historically 4W- until 1978 (North Yemen, Yemen Arab Republic). Previously YE-.
Zambia 9J[1]
  • 9J-AAA to 9J-ZZZ.
  • Colonial allocation Northern Rhodesia VP-R and VP-Y.[h]
Zimbabwe Z[1]
  • Z-AAA to Z-ZZZ.
  • Colonial allocation Southern Rhodesia VP-W and VP-Y.[h]

Post-1928 table notes

  1. ^ a b c VP-L was previously shared between Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Kitts & Nevis, and the British Virgin Islands.
  2. ^ Since 2022 the registration suffix may contain the numbers 2 to 9, so long as the combination contains at least one letter.
  3. ^ a b Colonial allocation VR-N was shared between Cameroon and Nigeria.
  4. ^ Only C-F, C-G, C-I & CF- are allocated in Canada.
  5. ^ Since 2018 the suffix may contain letters in last 2 positions. In this scheme the digit immediately after the dash indicates the type of aircraft. e.g. 2 for Boeing and 3 for Airbus.
  6. ^ a b c d e f Does not figure in the ICAO document "AIRCRAFT NATIONALITY MARKS, NATIONAL EMBLEMS AND COMMON MARKS".
  7. ^ a b c d e F-O is for aircraft based outside mainland France, but aircraft may also retain mainland F-B, F-G or F-H series.
  8. ^ a b c Colonial allocation VP-Y was shared between Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  9. ^ Has not been used on any aircraft previously.
  10. ^ Any combination of 3 to 5 letters and numbers permitted (except the letters "I" or "O" are not permitted when the suffix contains numbers).
  11. ^ Besides the United Nations, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) such as the European Union and NATO do not have the power to create aircraft registrations.

Pre-1928 allocations

Note: in the suffix pattern, n represents a number, x represents a letter.

Note: This table mistakenly lists Newfoundland pre-1928 as being part of Canada. It should be listed as a separate country. The information listed for Newfoundland is inaccurate and/or incomplete as a result.

Country or region Registration prefix Suffix pattern 1913 radio call letters
Abyssinia A-B[a] A-Bxxx
Afghanistan Y-A[b] Y-Axxx
Albania B-A[c] B-Axxx
Argentina R-A[d] R-Axxx LIA to LRZ
Australia G-AU[31] G-AUxx VHA to VKZ
Austria-Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina HAA to HFZ, OGA to OMZ and UNA to UZZ[citation needed]
Belgium O-B[e] O-Bxxx ONA to OTZ
Bolivia C-B[e] C-Bxxx none
Brazil P-B[e] P-Bxxx SNA to STZ
Canada G-C[31] G-Cxxx, except G-CYxx VAA to VGZ (Newfoundland: VOA to VOZ)
G-CY (government aircraft, including military)[33][31] G-CYxx
Bulgaria B-B[c] B-Bxxx LXA to LZZ
Chile B-C[f] B-Cxxx COA to CPZ
China X-C[e] X-Cxxx none
Colombia C[citation needed] C-n to C-nnn none
Costa Rica TI-[c] TI-xxx
Cuba C-C[e] C-Cxxx none
Czechoslovakia L-B[e] L-Bxxx
Y-M[a] Y-Mxxx Not applicable
Dz Dz-nnn
Denmark T-D[g] T-Dxxx OUA to OZZ
Dominica Z-D[b] Z-Dxxx
Dominican Republic HI[b] HIxxx
Ecuador E-E[e][h] E-Exxx
Egypt SUA to SUZ[citation needed]
El Salvador Y-S[i] Y-Sxxx
Estonia E-A[j] E-Axxx
Finland K-S[j] K-Sxxx
France F[e] F-xxxx F and UAA to UMZ
Germany D[citation needed] D-nnnn A, D and KAA to KCZ[34]
Greece S-X[e] S-Xxxx SVA to SZZ
Guatemala L-G[e] L-Gxxx
Haiti H-H[e][h] H-Hxxx
Hejaz A-H[e] A-Hxxx
Honduras X-H[e] X-Hxxx
H-H[g] H-Hxxx
H-O[k] H-Oxxx
India G-I[31] G-Ixxx VTA to VWZ
Italy I[e] I-xxxx I
Japan J[e] J-xxxx J
Latvia B-L[l] B-Lxxx
Liberia L-L[e] L-Lxxx
Lithuania Z-L[h] Z-Lxxx
Luxembourg L-U[l] L-Uxxx
Mexico XAA to XCZ[34]
Monaco M-M[g] M-Mxxx CQA to CQZ
M-O[k] M-Oxxx
Morocco CNA to CNZ[citation needed]
Netherlands H-N[m] H-Nxxx PAA to PMZ
New Zealand G-NZ[31] G-NZxx VLA to VMZ
Nicaragua A-N[e] A-Nxxx
Norway LAA to LHZ[citation needed]
Panama S-P[e] S-Pxxx
Persia P-I[a] P-Ixxx
Peru O-P[e] O-Pxxx
Poland P-P[e] P-Pxxx
Portugal C-P[e] C-Pxxx CRA to CTZ
Romania C-R[e] C-Rxxx CVA to CVZ
Russia R-R[citation needed] R-Rxxx, RR-xxx R
Serbia-Croatia-Slovenia X-S[e] X-Sxxx
Siam H-S[e] H-Sxxx HGA to HHZ
South Africa G-UA[31] G-UAxx VNA to VNZ
Spain M[m] M-xxxx EAA to EGZ
Sweden S-A[c] S-Axxx SAA to SMZ
Switzerland HB[m] HB-nnn
United Kingdom K[35] K-nnn B, G and M (British colonies not autonomous: VPA to VSZ)
G-E G-EAxx, G-EBxx, G-EDCA
G-F (lighter than air craft) G-FAAx
G-G (gliders) G-GAAx
United States N[e] N-xxxx KDA to KZZ, N and W
Uruguay C-U[e][h] C-Uxxx CWA to CWZ

Pre-1928 table notes

  1. ^ a b c Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 6 October 1925.[30]
  2. ^ a b c Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 25 April 1927.[30]
  3. ^ a b c d Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 26 June 1923.[30]
  4. ^ Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 14 October 1924.[30]
  5. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z Adopted at the International Commission for Air Navigation (ICAN) meeting of 13 October 1919.[32]
  6. ^ Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 6 April 1925.[30]
  7. ^ a b c Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 28 February 1923.[30]
  8. ^ a b c d The ICAN meeting of 28 February 1923 amended Ecuador's marks to E-U, Haiti's to H-E, and Uruguay's marks to C-M. They were restored to their original marks at the following meeting on 26 June.[30]
  9. ^ Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 3 November 1926.[30]
  10. ^ a b Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 3 March 1924.[30]
  11. ^ a b Amended at the ICAN meeting of 26 June 1923.[30]
  12. ^ a b Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 25 October 1922.[30]
  13. ^ a b c Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 13 July 1922.[30]


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