This article lists political parties in New Caledonia.

New Caledonia has a number of strong, well-developed political parties because of the use of proportional representation in the island's Congress.

The major issue dividing the parties is the question of independence.

Political parties

Party Party initials Translation Ideology
Le Rassemblement Rassemblement-LR The Rally conservative, anti-independence
Caledonie Ensemble CE Caledonia Together liberal, anti-independence
Les Républicains calédoniens LRC Caledonian Republicans liberal, anti-independence
Mouvement Populaire Calédonien MPC Caledonian People's Movement conservative, anti-independence
Union Calédonienne UC Caledonian Union pro-independence
Parti de libération kanak PALIKA Party of Kanak Liberation socialist, pro-independence
Rassemblement National RN National Rally extreme-right, anti-independence
L'Éveil Océanien EO Oceanian Awakening ethnist, neutral
Générations NC GNC Generations NC liberal, anti-independence
Libération Kanak Socialiste LKS Kanak Socialist Liberation pro-independence
Union Calédonienne Renouveau UC-R Renewed Caledonian Union pro-independence
Union progressiste en Mélanésie UPM Progressivist Union in Melanesia pro-independence
Parti travailliste PT Labour Party socialist pro-independence
Rassemblement démocratique océanien RDO Oceanian democratic rally pro-independence
Tous calédoniens All Caledonians liberal, anti-independence

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