This is a list of prisons within Anhui province of the People's Republic of China.

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Anqing Prison Anqing Wanjiang Color Weaving Factory, An'qing Wangong Machine Tool Factory, Anqing Prison No. 2 LRC Daguan Guanyuemiao 1906 Oldest prison still in use in province. Houses serious offenders. Prison enterprise Anqing Wanjiang Color Weaving Company includes a colored woven cloth factory, garment factory, machinery factory, and Qingfeng Plastics Factory. Mainly does machinery processing and garment processing.
Baihu Prison Baihu Farm Chaohu Lujiang County 1953 Second largest prison in China and largest prison in the province.
Bengbu Prison Bengbu Rubber Works Bengbu 1958 Houses severe criminals. Prison enterprise mainly deals with the processing and production of rubber hoses.
Chaohu Prison Anhui Provincial Chaohu Casting Factory Ltd. Chaohu 1959 Third largest prison in the province. Houses thousands of serious offenders, most of whom are sentencing to life or serving commuted death sentences. Factory est. 1959, a national large-sized enterprise and a national key enterprise in the machinery industry, as well as a specialized enterprise designated by the Ministry of Railways to produce railway parts. Products are used in all railway engineering departments throughout China.[1]
Chuxian Prison Chuxian County unconfirmed information
Fanchang Prison Sanshan Coal Mine unconfirmed information
Fuyang Prison Fuyang Machine Works Tongli Ltd. Fuyang 1971 Mid-size enterprise working in a variety of industries including fabric manufacturing, machine processing, and clothing manufacturing.
Guzhen Prison Guzhen Engineering Department unconfirmed information
Hefei Prison Jianghuai Automobile Factory Hefei 1954 For serious offenders
Huainan Prison Huainan Coal Mine Huainan unconfirmed information
Huaiyuan Prison Xi'nanhuai Coal Mine unconfirmed information
Jiucheng Administration Branch Jiucheng Processing Plant, Jiucheng Brickyard Plant, Jiucheng Ink Factory, Jiucheng Machine Works, Jiucheng Waterworks Wangjiang County, Anqing 1957 Produces a variety of goods such as clothing, wool sweaters, and did silver paper processing.[1]
Jiulong Prison Yingzhou District, Fuyang Jiulong 120 acres (0.49 km2)
Lujiang Prison Anhui Prov. Baihu Valve Factory Chaohu Baihu Town, Lujiang County 1957 One of the largest national valve manufacturers.
Ma'anshan Prison Magang Julong Company Ma'anshan Suoku, Xiangshan Town, Yushan District 1964
Provincial Juvenile Offender Detachment Western Suburbs of Hefei
Provincial No. 1 Prison Xinsheng Cotton Mill Suburbs of Hefei
Provincial No. 2 Prison Fuyang Xinsheng Cotton Mill Fuyang County Contains some female prisoners. Produces various kinds of cotton textiles. Includes Wanjiang Machine Tool Works where 300 prisoners produce grinding machines.
Provincial No. 6 Prison Chuzhou
Qingliu Prison Chuzhou House inmates sentenced to less than 5 years.
Qingshan Prison Chaohu Lujiang County 1972 Formerly known as Baihu Farm
Shushan Prison Hefei Automobile Forging Ltd. Hefei 1955
Si County Prison Si County Farm Si County
Suzhou Prison Suzhou Prison Plastic & Steel Door & Window Factory; Huateng Garment Dyeing Ltd. Suzhou Si County Primarily houses serious male offenders but began housing female prisoners in 1969. Is Anhui's largest producer of colored cloth.
Taihe Prison Taihe County Unconfirmed information
Tianchang Prison Tianchang Farm
Tongling Prison Cement Factory Tongling Has prisoners since 1998
Wuhu Prison Xinsheng Cotton Mill Wuhu 1905 also produces metal parts
Xiuning Prison closed
Xuancheng Prison Nanhu Farm unconfirmed information
Yicheng Prison Shangzhangwei Farm Hefei Yicheng Town, Baohe District Mainly cultivates vegetables and rice but also produces soccer training shoes, soccer balls, tourism souvenirs, and other products.


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