Kim Il-sung University

There are more than 300 colleges and universities in North Korea.[1] Universities and colleges in North Korea are classified into central class and local colleges. Central universities are managed and controlled by the central (national) government while local universities are managed by local governments. Also, they can be classified into social, special, and military colleges. Special colleges were established with the purpose to raise top executives. Students who have just graduated from high school cannot enter special colleges without any experience in industrial or cooperative farm careers.


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Name Abbreviation Established Location Ref Classification
Kanggye University of Agriculture (강계농림대학, formerly known as 자강농업대학) 1970 Chagang Province [2] Local
Changsusan University(장수산의과대학), formerly known as Haeju medical University(해주의학대학) 1969 South Hwanghae Province [2] Local
Ch'ŏngjin Medical University(청진의학대학) Ch'ŏngjin Local
Ch'ŏngjin Mine and Metal University(청진광산금속대학) Ch'ŏngjin Central
Ch'ŏngjin University of Pedagogy No.1 (Oh Joong-heup University)(오중흡청진제일사범대학) Ch'ŏngjin Local
Ch'ŏngjin University of Technology(청진공업대학) Ch'ŏngjin Local
Chong Jun-taek University of Economics [ko](정준택경제대학) 1960 Kangwon Province [2] Central
Chongsong University(정성대학) 1946 South Hamgyong Province [2] Local
Choson University of Physical Education(조선체육대학) 1958 Pyongyang [2] Central
Hambuk University(함북농업대학) 1970 North Hamgyong Province [2] Local
Hamhŭng University of Chemical Industry(함흥화학공업대학) 15 September 1947 Hamhŭng [2] Central
Huichon University of Telecommunications(희천체신대학) 1 September 1959 Huichon [2] Central
Inpung University(인풍의학대학) 1969 Chagang Province [2]
Institute of Natural Science INS 1967 South Pyongan Province [3] Central
Kang Gon University(강건대학) 1971 North Hwanghae Province [2] Local
Karimchon University(가림천대학) 1971 Ryanggang Province [2] Local
Kim Chaek University of Technology(김책공업종합대학) KUT May 1988[4] Pyongyang [5][6] Central
Kim Chol-ju University of Education October 1990 Pyongyang [7] Central
Kim Hyong Jik University of Education 1975 Central
Kim Il-sung Military University(김일성군사대학) 25 October 1956 Pyongyang Military
Kim Il-sung University(김일성종합대학) KISU 1 October 1946 Pyongyang [6] Central
Kim Il-sung University of Politics February 1972 [8] Special
Kim Je-won University(김제원대학) 1960 South Hwanghae Province [2] Local
Koryo Songgyungwan University 1 September 1992[9] Kaesong Local
Kumya University(금야대학) 1958 South Hamgyong Province [2] Local
Kwangje University(광제의과대학) 1969 North Pyongan Province [2] Local
Kye Ung-sang University(계응상대학) 1959 North Hwanghae Province [2] Central
Kyongsong University(경성의과대학) 1948 North Hamgyong Province [2] Local
Manpung University(만풍대학) 1969 North Pyongan Province [2] Local
Nampo University(남포농업대학) 1967 Nampo [2] Local
Ponghwa University(봉화의과대학) 1972 South Pyongan Province [2] Military
Pyongyang Jang Chol-gu University of Commerce [ko] 1970 Pyongyang [6] Central
Pyongyang Medical University(평양의학대학) 1948 Pyongyang [10] Central
Pyongyang University of Agriculture(평양농업대학) 1981 Pyongyang [6] Central
Pyongyang University of Automation (formerly known as Mirim College)(지휘자동화대학 or 미림대학) Pyongyang [11] Central
Pyongyang University of Cinematics(평양연극영화대학) 1953 Pyongyang [6] Central
Pyongyang University of Computer Science(평양콤퓨터기술대학) PUCS Pyongyang Central
Pyongyang University of Fine Arts(평양미술대학)[12] 1947 Pyongyang [2] Central
Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies 15 November 1949[13] Pyongyang [2] Central
Han Duksu Pyongyang University of Light Industry(한덕수평양경공업대학 1959 Pyongyang [2] Central
Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering(평양기계대학) 1948 Pyongyang [2] Central
Pyongyang University of Music and Dance 1972 Pyongyang [14] Central
Pyongyang University of Printing Engineering(평양인쇄공업대학) 1984 Pyongyang [3] Central
Pyongyang University of Transport(평양교통대학)[15] 1959 Pyongyang [2] Central
Pyongyang University of Science and Technology PUST 25 October 2010[16] Pyongyang [17] Private
Rajin University of Marine Transport 1968 Rason [3] Central
Ryanggang University(량강대학) 1959 Ryanggang Province [2] Local
Sariwon Pharmaceutical College of Koryo(사리원고려약학대학) 1968 Sariwon [2] Central
Sinuiju University of Light Industry(신의주경공업대학) 1982 Sinuiju [2] Local
Nampo University of fisheries(남포수산대학) 1977 Nampo Local
Songdowon University(송도원의학대학) 1971 Kangwon Province [2] Local
Tonghae University(동해수산대학) 1959 Kangwon Province [2] Local
University of Coal Mining(평성석탄공업대학) 1968 South Pyongan Province [2] Central
University of Construction and Building Materials(평양건설건재대학 or 평양건축대학) 1959 Pyongyang [6] Central
University of Geology(사리원지질대학) 1970 North Hwanghae Province [2] Central
University of Hydraulics and Dynamics(함흥수리동력대학) 1959 South Hamgyong Province [2]
University of National Economy(인민경제대학) 1946 Pyongyang [6] Special
University of Sciences(리과대학) UOS January 17, 1967 Pyongyang [6] Central
University of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry (평성수의축산대학) 1955 South Pyongan Province [3] Central
Wonsan Agricultural University 1948 Wonsan [3] Central
Wonsan University of Fisheries(원산수산대학) Wonsan [18]

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