This is a list of notable webcomic creators.

Webcomic creators

(left to right) 4chan founder moot with webcomic creators Randall Munroe and Ryan North at ROFLCon 2008
Pénélope Bagieu in 2015
Webtoon author Jo Seok in 2013
ND Stevenson in 2015
Raina Telgemeier in 2016
Zach Weinersmith in 2011
Creator Nationality Webcomic(s)
John Allison British Bobbins, Scary Go Round, Bad Machinery, and Giant Days
Sarah Andersen American Sarah's Scribbles, Fangs
Adam Arnold American Aoi House
Pénélope Bagieu French Les Culottées, My Quite Fascinating Life
Rob Balder American Erfworld
Christopher Baldwin American Bruno, Little Dee, Spacetrawler, and One Way
James L. Barry American The Lost Horn, Lost Marbles, The Last Prophet, Punzel,
Your Fun-Packed Rapture Guide, and Rabid Rabbit
Kate Beaton Canadian Hark! A Vagrant
Boey Malaysian I Am Boey
Sam Brown American explodingdog
Michael Buonauro American Marvelous Bob
Rich Burlew American The Order of the Stick
Mary Cagle, aka Cube American Kiwi Blitz, Let's Speak English, Sleepless Domain
Max Cannon American Red Meat
Emily Carroll Canadian His Face All Red, The Hole the Fox Did Make
Sandy Carruthers Canadian Canadiana: the New Spirit of Canada
Rodney Caston American Megatokyo
Jorge Cham American Piled Higher and Deeper
Svetlana Chmakova Canadian Chasing Rainbows, Night Silver
Mitch Clem American Nothing Nice To Say, San Antonio Rock City,
and My Stupid Life
Brian Clevinger American 8-Bit Theater, Atomic Robo
Joey Comeau Canadian A Softer World
Chris Crosby American Superosity, Sore Thumbs
Evan Dahm American Rice Boy, Order of Tales, Vattu
Jonathon Dalton Canadian A Mad Tea-Party
Leigh Dragoon American By the Wayside
Brianne Drouhard American Harpy Gee
Reza Farazmand American Poorly Drawn Lines
Patrick Farley American Electric Sheep Comix (The Guy I Almost Was, The Spiders)
Tristan A. Farnon American Leisure Town
Jess Fink American Chester 5000, Kid With Experience, and We Are Become Pals
J. D. Frazer, aka Illiad Canadian User Friendly
Fred Gallagher American Megatokyo
Dorothy Gambrell American Cat and Girl
Shaenon K. Garrity American Narbonic, Li'll Mell and Segrio, Smithson
Cayetano Garza, aka Cat Garza American Whimville, Cuentos De La Frontera
Melanie Gillman American As the Crow Flies
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey British
Brian Gordon American Chuck & Beans, Fowl Language
Liz Greenfield Dutch Stuff Sucks, Steak and Kidney Punch, Swallow
Edward J. Grug III Australian The Bizarre Life of Charlie Red-Eye,
If Nobody Likes Me, Why am I So Popular?
Brad Guigar American Greystone Inn, Courting Disaster, Phables, Evil Inc.
Nicholas Gurewitch American Perry Bible Fellowship
Ha Il-kwon South-Korean God of Bath, Annarasumanara
Chris Hallbeck American Maximumble, The Book of Biff, Pebble and Wren
Christopher Hastings American The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Lea Hernandez American Atelier Divalea, The Garlicks
Tom Hodges American Various Star Wars-related webcomics
Bill Holbrook American On the Fastrack, Safe Havens, and Kevin and Kell
Jerry Holkins American Penny Arcade
Abby Howard American Junior Scientist Power Hour, The Last Halloween
Andrew Hussie American MS Paint Adventures (Homestuck)
Jeph Jacques American Questionable Content, Alice Grove, and DORD
Jo Seok South-Korean The Sound of Heart
Kerry G. Johnson American Harambee Hills
Scott Johnson American ExtraLife, Experience Points
Kang Full South-Korean Love Story, Timing
Julia Kaye American Up and Out
Dave Kellett American Sheldon, Drive
Kazu Kibuishi American Copper
Guy Kopsombut American 4am Shower
Kim Poong South-Korean
Jon Kinyon American The Jimi Homeless Experience
James Kochalka American American Elf
John Kovalic American Dork Tower, Doctor Blink Superhero Shrink
Mike Krahulik American Penny Arcade
Jonathan Kunz German War and Peas
Scott Kurtz American PvP, Table Titans, The Trenches
Sophie Labelle Canadian Assigned Male
Gisele Lagace Canadian Ménage à 3, Eerie Cuties, Magick Chicks, Penny & Aggie,
Cool Cat Studio, Sticky Dilly Buns, Dangerously Chloe, Pixie Trix Comix
Hope Larson American Salamander Dream, I Was there & Just Returned
Jen Lee American Thunderpaw: In the Ashes of Fire Mountain
Lee Jong-beom South-Korean Dr. Frost
Jason Little American Bee
Michael Lopp, aka Rands American Jerkcity
Sean Martin Canadian Doc and Raider
massstar South-Korean unTOUCHable
Nina Matsumoto, aka Space Coyote Canadian Saturnalia, Simpsonzu
Ian McConville American Mac Hall
Brooke McEldowney American Pibgorn
Matt Melvin American Cyanide & Happiness, The Last Nerds on Earth
Scott Meyer American Basic Instructions
R. K. Milholland American Something Positive, New Gold Dreams, and Super Stupor
Eric Millikin American Witches and Stitches, Fetus-X
Erika Moen American Bucko, Dar!, and Oh Joy Sex Toy
Sergio S. Morán Spanish ¡Eh, tío!, El Vosqué
David Morgan-Mar, aka DangerMouse Australian Irregular Webcomic!, Infinity on 30 Credits a Day,
and Darths & Droids
Brennan Lee Mulligan American Strong Female Protagonist
Randall Munroe American xkcd
Jamie Noguchi American Yellow Peril, Sherlock Holmes' Seriously Short Mini Mysteries,
and Erfworld
Ryan North Canadian Dinosaur Comics
Alex Norris British Dorris McComics, Webcomic Name, How to Love, Hello World!
Oh Seong-dae South-Korean Tales of the Unusual, The Cliff, My Wife's Memories, Beauty Water
One Japanese One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100
Daimaou K Japanese Haevest
Molly Ostertag American Strong Female Protagonist
Aarthi Parthasarathy Indian The Royal Existentials, Urbanlore
Michael H. Payne American Terebinth, Daily Grind
Elizabeth Pich German War and Peas
Michael Poe American Exploitation Now, Errant Story, Babylon Jones,
and Does Not Play Well With Others
Nathan W. Pyle American Strange Planet
James Rallison, aka TheOdd1sOut American TheOdd1sOut
David Rees American Get Your War On
Jennifer Diane Reitz American Unicorn Jelly, Pastel Defenders Heliotrope, To Save Her,
and Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Natalie Riess American Snarlbear
Mike Riley American I Taste Sound
Dave Roman American Quicken Forbidden, Astronaut Elementary
Jonathan Rosenberg American Goats, Scenes from a Multiverse, and MegaGAMERZ 3113T
Gilles Roussel, aka Boulet French Raghnarok, Donjon Zénith
Jeffrey Rowland American When I Grow Up, Wigu, and Overcompensating
Nick Seluk American The Awkward Yeti
Brandon Sheffield American No Girlfriend Comics
Dana Simpson American Ozy and Millie, I Drew This
Nicole Skeltys Australian Pigeon Coup
Ted Slampyak American Jazz Age Chronicles
Ryan Sohmer Canadian Least I Could Do, Looking For Group
Kean Soo Canadian Jellaby
ND Stevenson American Nimona
Kris Straub American Checkerboard Nightmare, Starslip, Chainsawsuit,
Broodhollow, and F Chords
Minna Sundberg Finnish A Redtail's Dream, Stand Still, Stay Silent
Howard Tayler American Schlock Mercenary
Raina Telgemeier American Smile
Dean Trippe American Butterfly
Spike Trotman American Templar, Arizona, Smut Peddler
Andrew Tsyaston American Owl Turd Comix, Shen Comix, Blue Chair Comics
Jason Turner Canadian True Loves
Ursula Vernon American Digger, Irrational Fears
Jason Waltrip American Fans, Penny & Aggie, QUILTBAG, Guilded Age
Nick Walker American Weird Luck
John Waltrip American Rip and Teri, Guilded Age
Zach Weinersmith American Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Captain Stupendous, Snowflakes
Drew Weing American The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo, Set to Sea, and Pup
Chuck Whelon British Pewfell
David Willis American Roomies!, It's Walky!, Shortpacked!, and Dumbing of Age
Kris Wilson American Cyanide & Happiness
Alex Woolfson American Artifice, The Young Protectors
Christopher B. Wright American Help Desk, Kernel Panic
Yang Woo-suk South-Korean If Thou Must Love Me, V, and Steel Rain
Yoon Tae-ho South-Korean Misaeng, Moss
Hampton Yount American Rob and Elliot
John Kleckner, aka hejibits American hejibits

Traditional comics creators

Phil and Kaja Foglio in 2007

Various traditional comic artists have created notable webcomics over the years.