Longing for the Sea
Longing for the Sea.jpg
Directed byJohn W. Brunius
Written byGustaf Collijn
Based onMarius by Marcel Pagnol
Produced byRobert T. Kane
StarringEdvin Adolphson
Carl Barcklind
Inga Tidblad
CinematographyEnzo Riccioni
Music byFrancis Gromon
Distributed byFilm AB Paramount
Release date
12 November 1931
Running time
101 minutes

Longing for the Sea (Swedish: Längtan till havet) is a 1931 French-Swedish drama film directed by John W. Brunius and starring Edvin Adolphson, Carl Barcklind and Inga Tidblad.[1] It is the Swedish-language version of the French film Marius directed by Alexander Korda and based on the 1929 play play of the same title by Marcel Pagnol. It was shot at the Joinville Studios in Paris and on location in Marseilles. The film's sets were designed by the art director Vincent Korda.


Marius works in his father's cafe on the Marseille waterfront but dreams of going away to sea. He has a dalliance with Fanny, but ultimately leaves her to take a job as a sailor on a ship sailing the world.



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