Look at Life
Narrated byTim Turner and others
Release date
Running time
8 minutes-or-more on average
CountryUnited Kingdom

Look at Life was a regular British series of short documentary films of which over 500 were produced between 1959 and 1969 by the Special Features Division of the Rank Organisation for screening in their Odeon and Gaumont cinemas. The films always preceded the main feature film that was being shown in the cinema that week. It replaced the circuit's newsreel, Universal News, which had become increasingly irrelevant in the face of more immediate news media, particularly on television with the launch of ITN on the Independent Television service, which began broadcasting in parts of the United Kingdom in 1955.[1]


Produced on 35mm film and in Eastmancolor, these eight-minute 'featurettes' melded a light-hearted magazine format with a more in depth documentary approach and depicted aspects of life, mainly in Britain, but sometimes further afield. The films often depicted elements of the 'push button' or 'jet age', demonstrating advances in technology and a reflection on the changing tastes, fashions and trends representative of the so-called 'swinging sixties' era, which were often portrayed in a glossy, vibrant and optimistic way. The films also reported on topical issues that were affecting modern day society such as road safety, civil defence and pollution, and often sought to explain the rapid changes that were taking place in the country in an entertaining and informative narrative. Look at Life also took its cameras abroad to focus on events and affairs within the Commonwealth and British colonies including Aden, Gibraltar and the ever diminishing British controlled areas of Africa. Look at Life cameras were also offered exclusive access behind the Iron Curtain to present life in the Eastern Bloc, particularly in East Berlin and the Soviet Union.

The films were generally narrated in the style typical of newsreel films with a principal voice-over while letting the images tell the story. The narration was generally spoken over the natural sounds of the subject being discussed such as motor traffic or the activities within a workplace and with musical accompaniment. People who were featured in the programmes were seldom heard to speak unless as background sound, their activities and interactions with others generally being commented upon by the narrator. Otherwise the subject of the film or clip would sometimes address the camera directly or perform in a given situation, both in a staged and a scripted manner whereby the narrator could often add a humorous or ironic comment in the context of the subject.

On occasions an expert or professional in the field of the subject such as inventor of the Hovercraft Christopher Cockerell could be watched presenting the film directly to camera and providing the voiceovers. In the most part narration of the films was provided by well known celebrities and presenters of the time including Raymond Baxter, Eamonn Andrews, Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, Michael Ingrams, Anthony Bilbow, Sid James and Martin Jarvis in later editions. James Bond’s Island was narrated by voice actor Peter Hawkins. However the majority of the films were narrated by actor Tim Turner.

In the early years at the end of each film the caption "Take a Look at Life Again Soon" would appear on screen. Most episodes were between 8 and 10 minutes long, but some such as Common Market and High, Wide and Faster were more feature length at 17 minutes.


When the first issue of Look at Life, "Marrakesh" was released in March 1959, it was hailed in the trade journals as an "exciting venture in film journalism" and Rank announced this innovation would have "a more lasting impact than the present ephemeral newsreel content". Look at Life was a popular formula but did become rather frozen in time with its light-hearted presentation and jaunty theme tune and despite subtle changes to the opening titles, their graphics and the introduction of the Rank 'gong' logo at the beginning of later films. Television led audiences into a documentary world that had more grit and less glamour than the relative escapism of the cinema and by 1969 Rank could no longer ensure the survival of the series and the concept waned just as other newsreels and magazine films also available at that time, such as the Pathé Pictorial which was shown on the rival ABC cinema circuit, and as cinema audience continued to decline rapidly on the verge of the 1970s.[2]

Public Releases

Over 500 episodes were produced altogether. Digitally restored from the original film elements, the Look at Life series is now licensed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment, previously known on screen as Granada Ventures and distributed by the Network imprint. Many of the films have not been seen in full since their original screenings in the cinemas, although a number of films have been previously released on Super 8 and on DVD in themed categories. These include Look at Life – Swingin' London, which explores elements of contemporary London life, work and traditions and Look at Life – On the Railways, which represented the great changes that were taking place to Britain's railways in the wake of the modernisation programme and the decline of steam. However Network has gradually released box-sets of the films over eight volumes, containing a total of 499 films.

Volume 1: "Transport" is a four disc compilation released in 2010 and contains 54 films on the theme of transport. Look at Life Volume 2: "Military" containing 45 films on three discs was released in June 2011, whilst Volume 3: "Science" containing 45 films on three discs was released in September 2011.

Two further volumes, Volume 4: "Sport" containing 42 films on three discs and Volume 5: "Cultural Heritage" containing 64 films on four discs were for release in August and November 2012 respectively. Volume 6: "World Affairs" containing 72 films on five discs was released on 1 February 2013. On 10 August 2015, a seventh volume Volume 7: "Business and Industry" containing 60 films on three discs was released.

The final 7 disc Volume 8: People and Places presenting a remaining 117 films on seven discs was released in the spring of 2021.

In November 2012, the series Britain on Film commissioned by BBC Scotland for broadcast on BBC Four began a twenty-part series providing an insight into life in Britain in the 1960s exclusively featuring footage from the Look at Life series. Distributed by ITN Source, a partly owned subsidiary of ITV Plc, each episode features a different aspect of British life and culture during the decade, including the changing role of women and how leisure time was spent including the rising popularity of overseas travel. It is presented with original commentary from the series with captions to provide the contemporary viewer with explanation.[3]

In the 2020s, many of the original films have been shown regularly on the UK channel Talking Pictures TV, both live on broadcast platforms and on demand via the red button and the channel's Encore website.

Available on DVD

Volume 1: Transport

Disc 1 (1959–1960)

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
April 1959 Ticket to Tokyo E.V.H. Emmett Travelling with a British Commonwealth Britannia airliner from London via Bombay to Tokyo to discover Japan and back via Hong Kong
May 1959 Letting off Steam Tim Turner The phasing-out of coal-powered steam locomotives and their replacement with oil-powered and electrified trains.
May 1959 New Roads for Old Tim Turner A look at new roads such as the London to Yorkshire motorway, Preston By-pass, Runcorn Bridge and works around London, including the gyratory system at Marble Arch, the underpass at Hyde Park Corner, road widening at Elephant and Castle, and the new Chiswick Flyover.
August 1959 Flight on a Cushion Tim Turner Peter Lamb, the Chief Test Pilot of East Cowes-based Saunders Roe, talks about hovercraft with the inventor Christopher Cockerell and the recording of the first cross Channel crossing on 25 July 1959.
August 1959 Talking of Coaches Tim Turner Life from the back of a coach with a tour of Blackpool and Italy with young Eric.
October 1959 Alpine Rescue Tim Turner A Swiss Flying Club uses adapted aircraft to deliver supplies to Alpine ski lodges - and to effect the rescue of injured mountaineers
October 1959 Shopping for a 'Queen' Tim Turner Replenishing the Queen Elizabeth, the 83,000-ton liner, before her next voyage.
November 1959 Sailing the Sky Tim Turner A look at the world of silent flight, including a brief introduction to record breaking British female glider pilot and instructor Ann Welch
December 1959 Driving Test Tim Turner Driving school tuition, including the innovative mock-up car with moving lights, cars for disabled people, the junior driver course at Grammar schools, and the training of police drivers and London Bus drivers.
January 1960 Shape of a Ship Tim Turner Building ocean liners such as the Canberra and how their shape is changing, plus a review of the slump affecting cargo shipping and the exciting future of air freight.
February 1960 Air Hostess Tim Turner Following the perceived glamorous life of 24-year-old airline hostess Pat Rossiter on her working day on an 11-hour flight from London to Rome and Benghazi
March 1960 Taxi! Taxi!! Tim Turner Looking at the organisation behind London's taxis, their maintenance, regulation of meters, training for "The Knowledge", to picking up passengers and driver welfare.
April 1960 All Through the Night Tim Turner A look into trunk roads with the night lorries, following the night drivers, to see where they eat and who they meet

Disc 2 (1960–1963)

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
April 1960 Over and Under Tim Turner Painting the Forth Bridge and a look at modern bridge-building including temporary bridges. Reflecting on past bridge successes and future methods of construction.
July 1960 Horse-power Riders Tim Turner The Royal Corp Signals demonstrate motorcycle safety techniques. Following The AA and RAC in their training programmes supported by RoSPA, and over to the Isle of Man TT to visit winner John Surtees and former champion Geoff Duke.
March 1962 Eyes of the Law Raymond Baxter A look at traffic controls in West Germany and their autobahns and how Britain can learn as they build miles of new motorway including the new Hammersmith Flyover.
April 1962 Scooter Commuter Tim Turner Amidst the jams, In ten years, the number of scooters on British Roads has increased from 4,250 to over 470,000, and the convenience of "Corgi" style bikes.
May 1962 Sea Horses Tim Turner A look at tugboats, without which any big port would come to a standstill, and ocean-going tugs, delivering their load across thousands of miles of sea.
September 1962 So They all Hover Now Tim Turner For passenger services large and small, the development of the hovercraft and how the declining ship yards of Clydeside are adapting to hovercraft design. Featuring the SR.N2.
September 1962 The Village Sleeps Again Tim Turner The arguments for and against building by-passes, featuring Transport Minister Ernest Marples, how these can be built through many urban areas, how objections to new routes can be overcome, and what effect they are having on previously swamped towns and villages.
January 1963 Birdmen Tim Turner Puffin, the man-powered aircraft designed and built by instructors and students of the de Havilland Aeronautical Technical School.
April 1963 Draw the Fires Tim Turner The railways are changing, with coal-powered steam being phased out and replaced by diesel engines and a network that is being modernised by new signalling, continuous welded track on concrete sleepers, and controversial closures of lines.
June 1963 The Car Has Wings Tim Turner Cars are carried through tunnels, on ferries, over the new Forth Road Bridge, by train, air ferry, and possibly by hovercraft in the future.
June 1963 Vintage Models Raymond Baxter The story of Britain's vintage car scene, including the high-speed trials at Silverstone, the Montagu Motor Museum at Beaulieu, and the famous London to Brighton run
July 1963 Pilot Aboard Tim Turner A look at Britain's pilotage services.
August 1963 Where No Tide Flows Raymond Baxter A look at canals and how they have been rediscovered by holidaymakers.

Disc 3 (1963–1965)

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
November 1963 High, Wide and Faster Tim Turner Examining contemporary developments in road, rail, and sea transport
December 1963 Oil Aboard Tim Turner The story of the oil tankers and the crews that sail in them
December 1963 Report on a River Tim Turner Following the River Thames from its source in Gloucestershire to the Port of London, which is modernising services and keeping traffic moving.
December 1963 Europe Grows Together Tim Turner An urgent look at Britain's links with the Continent.
April 1964 Turn of the Wheel Tim Turner Exploring the various ways folk put old disused items of transport back into use.
May 1964 City of the Air Tim Turner A look at the many aspects of London Airport, with a focus on BOAC and BEA airlines.
August 1964 Behind the Ton-Up Boys Tim Turner A reflection on the nearly two million motorcyclists in Britain.
August 1964 Going Places Under Water Tim Turner Submarines and commercial diving, including the world's first underwater sightseeing bus.
November 1964 Living with Cars Tim Turner Analysis of what was being done at the time to cope with the increasing number of cars on our roads.
December 1964 Flying to Work Tim Turner The increasing number of private planes and helicopters in Britain's airspace.
February 1965 The Spirit of Brooklands Tim Turner The story of the Surrey motor racing circuit and its aircraft industry with a particular emphasis on the VC-10.
April 1965 Weather Adviser Tim Turner How special ships maintain a constant watch on the weather, whatever the conditions
May 1965 What Price Safety? Tim Turner A look at what was being done to make cars and roads safer
September 1965 Down in the Dumps Michael Ingrams A look at waste disposal and what happens to old cars when it comes to the end of their road.

Disc 4 (1965–1969)

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
November 1965 Cats of the Sea Tim Turner The thrill of sailing Catamarans
March 1966 Breaking the Ice Tim Turner Looking at the Finnish icebreakers which keep the Baltic shipping routes open.
December 1966 Skimming through the Sixties Tim Turner Revisiting the Hovercraft and how it has been evolving.
December 1966 The Big Take-Off Tim Turner Assessing what was happening to Britain's aircraft industry in the face of stiff competition.
March 1967 Lighter than Air Tim Turner A brief history of ballooning and lighter than air flight.
May 1967 Just an Accident Tim Turner Accident prevention and safety measures with the HM Factory Inspectorate, ROSPA, and in-house company courses
May 1967 Scrambling for It Eamonn Andrews The motor sport of scrambling, which is attracting thousands of followers.
June 1967 The Straights of Dover Tim Turner A closer look at the 750 ships that pass through the five-mile wide shipping channel every day.
August 1967 Where Do You Leave the Boat? John Witty The problems of where to keep pleasure boats as more are built.
October 1967 Pushing the Bike Tim Turner The impact of the bicycle on the world today.
December 1967 Playing Trains Tim Turner Britain's burgeoning railway preservation scene, and a trip with the locomotive Flying Scotsman on one of its last main line runs
September 1968 The City's for Living In Ann MacEwen A response to the Buchanan Report with a focus on Bath and Norwich as to how British cities face the danger of the impact of traffic on the environment.
March 1969 All in a Day's Work Duncan Carse People who travel the world by air as part of their everyday jobs
March 1969 A Load of Pheasants Duncan Carse The journey of the intercontinental lorry driver delivering a trailer load of pheasants abroad, with the aid of the TIR convention.

Volume 2: Military

Disc 1 (1960–1961)

Date of Feature[4] Title Narrator Synopsis[5]
1959 The Black Arrows Tim Turner The RAF aerobatic display team "Treble-One" Squadron, nicknamed "The Black Arrows"
1959 Ceremonial Soldier Tim Turner A look at the Grenadier Guards, and how they perform the differing roles of front line soldier and sentry at Buckingham Palace.
1959 Soldier Abroad Tim Turner The 3rd Royal Tank Regiment and their role as part of the British Army of the Rhine in Detmold, West Germany
1960 Under the Rocket Tim Turner Life at the rocket range in Woomera, South Australia, through the eyes of a young REME corporal and his wife.
1960 Thunder in Waiting Tim Turner Visit to an RAF base in East Anglia, shows Thor rockets and Vulcan bombers.
1960 'A Piece of Cake' Tim Turner The sport of parachuting and the territorials of the Parachute Regiment
1960 Return to Arms Tim Turner A visit to Germany to find out what kind of army the country is raising today under the auspices of NATO, with a focus on the mountain troops and how they train
1960 Submarine Tim Turner A glimpse of the life and work of the submariners of HMS Narwhal}
1960 The Rocket-Age Lancers Tim Turner The 9th Queen's Royal Lancers including the parade on their final day before they merged to form 9th/12th Royal Lancers
1960 Air Umbrella Anthony Bilbow Work and organisation of NATO’s Second Allied Tactical Air Force which forms part of a vigilant air umbrella over Europe
1961 Flight Deck Tim Turner The Royal Navy's latest aircraft carrier, HMS Hermes
1961 Pipeline Tim Turner Refuelling both in the air and at sea
1961 Girls Ahoy! John Witty A look into the Women's Royal Naval Service showing the full range of duties carried out by the wrens.
1961 Survival Tim Turner A look at various survival techniques with Peter Whittingham and Jock Wishart.
1961 Muscle Men Tim Turner Deals with circumstances and situations where "muscles" still count: in the Army, in wrestling, weight lifting, etc

Disc 2 (1961–1964)

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1961 Action this Day Tim Turner The tough training of the Royal Marine Commandos - some of Britain's finest fighting men
1961 Char and Wad Tim Turner The work of the NAAFI - Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes
1961 Test Pilot Tim Turner A film looking at the work involved in being a test pilot of jet planes, particularly concentrating on test pilot Jim Dell and the English Electric Lightning.
1962 Rendered Safe Tim Turner The work of a bomb disposal squad with Charles Lawrence, bomb disposal expert with the Royal Navy.
1962 The Last Battleship Tim Turner The story of the last British battleship, HMS Vanguard, as it makes its final journey to the scrapyard
1962 Amphibian Tim Turner A look at the DUKW ['duck’] amphibious military craft.
1962 Turning Blades Tim Turner Helicopters and their uses
1962 Plumbing the Depths Tim Turner The importance of surveying the seas and oceans and the part played by HMS Vidal in the surveying.
1962 Golden Wings ACM Sir Philip Joubert A look at some of the most important military aircraft through the decades
1963 The Black Watch Tim Turner Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother visits the Black Watch
1963 Girls of the Air Tim Turner The work of the Women's Royal Air Force, with Dame Anne Stephens, Air Commandant Jean Conan Doyle, senior radar technician Carole Nicholson, and Mary McGurk.
1963 The Sky's the Limit Tim Turner Aerobatics, originally devised as manoeuvres to avoid a pursuing enemy, are today part of the training of specialised squadrons of the Royal Air Force. Civilian flying is also discussed.
1964 Forward, March! Tim Turner The infantryman as the indispensable soldier of the British Army
1964 Doctor on Call Tim Turner A North Malayan civilian doctor makes his regular and emergency calls by helicopter made available by the R.A.F.
1964 Trouble-Shooters John Witty The Royal Marines, whose 300th anniversary fell on the year this film was produced

Disc 3 (1964–1969)

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1964 Under One Umbrella Tim Turner The MOD and unified operations in Aden
1965 The Price of Valour Tim Turner The history of the Victoria Cross and the story behind some of its recipients
1965 The Jet Folk Tim Turner The lives and work of servicemen in the United States Third Air Force, mainly operating from RAF bases in East Anglia.
1965 Drummers of the Queen Tim Turner Spotlights on the drummers of the Junior Guardsmen's Company which supplies the whole Brigade of Guards.
1965 The Flying Soldier Tim Turner Helicopter training in the British Army
1965 The Cherry-Pickers Tim Turner A look at the history of the 11th Hussars, a regiment that celebrated its 250th anniversary in 1965
1966 Jumping Jets Tim Turner A look at the test programme behind the RAF Hawker Siddeley Kestrel VTOL aircraft
1966 Air Lift Tim Turner A survey of the air lift organised by the RAF Transport Command to maintain supplies of oil and petrol to Zambia
1966 Down to Earth John Witty Women of the WRAF take part in a jungle survival exercise, parachute jumps, and sub-aqua diving
1966 East of Suez Tim Turner Survey of the police work in the Borneo jungle of the British forces against the Indonesian confrontation and the provision of supplies via air drop.
1966 School for Skymen Tim Turner Training at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell
1967 Moving Day Tim Turner Moving of NATO SHAPE headquarters to Casteau in Belgium
1967 Free Fall John Witty Free fall parachute jumping by the RAF Falcons parachute display team
1968 Jumping For Joy Tim Turner The story of the Royal Green Jackets Skydiving Team
1968 Underwater Menace Duncan Carse The work of the Royal Navy in its quest to rid the sea of World War II underwater mines and other dangerous debris

Volume 3: Science

Disc 1 (1959–1963)

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis[6]
1959 Follow the Stars E.V.H. Emmett Looking at the stars from the astrologer’s, the astronomer’s, and the radio-astronomer’s point of view.
1959 A Marriage is Arranged... E.V.H. Emmett How a marriage between steel and plastic is successfully forged at British steelworks
1959 Channel Tunnel Tim Turner The possibilities of the construction of a Channel Tunnel.
1960 Healing Hands Anthony Bilbow Deals with the advances made in surgery and anaesthetics and the activities of the Royal College of Surgeons.
1960 Testing Time Tim Turner The work of the British Standards Institution.
1960 Making a Meal Out of It Tim Turner A look at the processes of canning and freeze-drying food
1961 Press-Button Age Michael Ingrams A survey of how are lives are becoming increasingly automated
1961 Flood Tide Tim Turner Deals with storms, floods, and erosions along Britain’s coastline and how they are combated.
1961 Men With Ideas Tim Turner A look into inventors and how they go about getting their inventions accepted.
1961 Mystery of a Fish Anthony Bilbow Deals with the habits and the fishing of salmon.
1962 Rockets Away! Tim Turner A feature investigating modern rockets and the backroom world of research and their production.
1962 The Little Menace Tim Turner A look at medical research and developments, particularly in the field of penicillins and viruses.
1962 Trouble on Oily Waters Tim Turner The increasing problem of oil pollution on Britain’s shores.
1962 Any Old Iron? Tim Turner The scrap metal recycling business in Waltham Cross and Ebbw Vale.
1963 Caught in the Cold Tim Turner The chaos brought by snow and ice to Britain’s town and country and what is done to minimise disruption

Disc 2 (1963–1964)

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1963 Figure it Out Tim Turner Computers: how they are made, what they are used for, and how they may develop in the future
1963 Keeping Clean Tim Turner The story of the many thousands of people in Britain who are employed to keep offices, shops and other places clean.
1963 The Destroyers Tim Turner A look at pest control, particularly in agriculture
1963 Back-Room of the Sky Raymond Baxter A look at the Ministry of Aviation's centre at Boscombe Down
1963 People of Power Anthony Bilbow A visit to the Berkeley Nuclear Power Station where commercial power is produced from nuclear energy
1963 Second Chance Tim Turner The story behind prosthetic limbs
1963 The Key of the Door Tim Turner The Colleges of Advanced Technology in England and Wales with particular reference to Loughborough
1963 You Can't Catch Much from a Fish! Tim Turner A view of what the six months compulsory quarantine period means to the animals and birds that are brought into Britain.
1963 Men Under Pressure Tim Turner A look at some of the most dangerous, yet vital jobs in Britain
1964 Fings are Getting Smaller Tim Turner A glimpse into the scientific world where things are getting smaller by the day
1964 Salute the Engineer Tim Turner A glimpse into the wide range of jobs available for the trained engineer, along with the research and training that goes into developing their role
1964 So Much Flattery! Tim Turner The use of synthetics in the art of imitation
1964 Having a Baby Tim Turner The medical and social services which are available for expectant mothers whether the baby is born in hospital or at home.
1964 Power Needs No Passport Tim Turner The co-ordinated production and transmission of electricity in Western Europe
1965 Wealth Under the Sea? Tim Turner A look at the North Sea oil and gas industry

Disc 3 (1964–1969)

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1965 By Bread Alone Tim Turner Documentary on aspects of bread production and marketing, including research into the problems of staleness and how to prevent it
1965 Frontiers of Medicine Michael Ingrams A look at the advances being made in medical technology and the treatment of diseases
1965 Sugaring the Pill Tim Turner Facts and figures behind Britain's growing pharmaceutical industry
1965 Beating the Racket Tim Turner A study of the research into what was being done to reduce noise levels.
1965 Will Taps Run Dry? Tim Turner New measures for the collection, storage, and distribution of Britain’s rainwater to meet increasing consumer demand.
1966 Treading on the Gas Tim Turner The import of methane gas by sea from North Africa to Britain
1966 Boxes of Tricks Tim Turner The research which goes into developing programmed learning for schools, universities, and industry.
1966 The Givers Antony Bilbow Blood donors and the help they give in medical emergencies.
1967 What Price Ideas? Tim Turner How the National Research Development Corporation helps by governmental loans to develop new inventions for industry
1967 Cleaning People Michael Ingrams The dry cleaning business and the work of the chemists behind it.
1967 Press-Button Farms Michael Ingrams Survey of the revolution in farm machinery which leads to automated farming
1967 Keeping Tabs on Space Tim Turner A brief look at Britain's burgeoning space industry which culminated in the launch of the UK3 satellite
1968 Brain Drain Martin Jarvis A look at the problems arising from the emigration of many of Britain’s top engineers and scientists, who are travelling abroad for work
1968 North Sea Commuters Martin Jarvis A look into the lives of the men on the North Sea oil and gas rigs
1968 Their Lifeline – The Nile Robert Tyrrell The story of the Aswan High Dam in Egypt and the changes and improvements it has meant to the lives of the people who live along the banks of the River Nile.

Volume 4: Sport

Disc 1

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1959 Jumping to Aintree E.V.H. Emmett The story behind the 1959 Grand National won by Oxo
1959 Derby Day Unknown A look at the tradition behind Derby Day at Epsom
1959 Kings of Speed Unknown A look at the motor racing industry and the part played by British cars and British drivers.
1959 Making an Effort Tim Turner Following the thrills of the Hampton Court Regatta, the Jersey Battle of Flowers, and shark fishing off the coast of Cornwall
1959 Pony-Tale Tim Turner A film of a pony from the time it is rounded up in the forest until, with its young rider astride, it enters for the high spot of the pony-riding year at the Pony Club Championships
1960 Four Men Down Tim Turner Deals with the thrills and dangers of bobsleighing on the Cresta Run, following the British Olympic bobsliegh team as they practice at St. Moritz.
1960 Ten Pins Down Unknown A look at ten-pin bowling in Britain today, and also oldstyle skittle alleys
1960 Smashing Through Tim Turner The sport of stock car racing and a visit to a race at Brayfield, Northamptonshire
1960 Solent Saturday Wynford Vaughan-Thomas Yacht racing in and around Southampton Water
1960 Saturday Fever Cliff Michelmore A look at the Saturday afternoon football tradition
1960 Out for a Catch Antony Bilbow A look at angling - both coarse and fly fishing
1961 Against the Clock Raymond Baxter Look at Life follows the RAC International Rally of Great Britain
1961 Man into Fish Tim Turner A film covering the training, both above and below the surface of the British Sub-Aqua Club.
1961 Ski Fever Tim Turner A look at what British skiers are doing, both at Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands, and at Murren, where the British Championships provide almost as many thrills

Disc 2

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1961 The Ball at His Feet Kenneth Wolstenholme The competetive world of League football
1961 A Hundred Thousand Oarsmen Antony Bilbow A look into the sport of rowing
1962 Snow Business James McKechnie The flourishing winter sports business within Scotland, taking an in depth look at the famous Austrian Ski School at the Struan House Hotel in Carrbridge
1962 Riding it Rough Tim Turner The growth of speedway and all its thrills
1962 Target - The Stadium Tim Turner The raising of finances for the Commonwealth Games, held in Perth, Australia,
1962 A Flight of Fancy Tim Turner Pigeons, their fanciers, and racing
1962 Getting Wet Tim Turner The growth of the sport of swimming and the building of swimming pools in Britain
1963 See How They Jump! Wynford Vaughan-Thomas A glimpse into the world of show jumping
1963 It's A Gamble Tim Turner The vast scale and variety of gambling in Britain
1963 Queue for the Tee Tim Turner A look into the world of golf, both as a sport and an industry
1963 In the Kart Tim Turner The sport of karting which was quite new at the time of filming
1963 Over My Shoulder Tim Turner A look at the training in self-defence that is given to Women Police Officers and at the self-defensive arts and sports of Japanese origin
1964 Women with Leisure Tim Turner The rising popularity of ten-pin bowling among women
1964 Rulers of Racing Tim Turner The story of Newmarket, racing and the Jockey Club, told against the background of the Cesarewitch and the Grand National.

Disc 3

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1964 Winning the Hard Way Tim Turner An investigation into the training facilities for athletes in Great Britain and their need for improvement
1964 Bookies at the Crossroads Tim Turner Study of the present state of bookmakers in England, their possible future, and competition represented by the tote.
1964 How Do You Swing? Tim Turner Study of research done by scientists and technologists on what is involved in the swing of the golf club from a physiological and physical viewpoint.
1965 Living on Skis Tim Turner Skiing in Norway is not only a sport but for many the normal way to get around
1965 Cricket on Test Richie Benaud The sport of cricket and its place in British society
1965 Room at the Top? Michael Ingrams Mountaineering in the Alps with particular emphasis on the Mattherhorn, first conquered in 1865
1965 Out of a Bomb-Site Tim Turner A new sport, cycle speedway racing, which started life in the rubble of the bomb-site
1966 Behind the World Cup Tim Turner The organisation behind the final rounds of the World Cup series played in England in 1966.
1966 Over the Sticks Tim Turner Survey of the current fashionability of steeplechasing in Britain, and the training of horses.
1967 Sea Riders Tim Turner The 1966 Daily Express International Offshore Power Boat Race between Cowes and Torquay.
1967 Racing to the Start Michael Ingrams The research and technical skill involved in building a racing car, and how they are produced and put to use.
1967 White Water Craft Tim Turner A documentary on touring by canoe, seen as a popular way to see the great outdoors
1968 Single-Handed Sailors Duncan Carse The attempt being made by ten men to prove that it is possible for one man to sail round the world without even one stop.
1968 It's Odds on the Fish John Westbrook A look into the art of angling

Volume 5: Cultural Heritage

Disc 1

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1959 A Dog's Life Vernon Greeves Dogs as pets and as working dogs.
1959 Down London River Tim Turner Trvelogue of the River Thames
1959 Coffee Bar Uncredited Coffee bars and their clientele
1959 Garden of Tomorrow Roy Hay A trip around the Chelsea Flower Show
1959 Harvest of Hops Tim Turner The annual trip to the hop fields in Kent by people living in the East End of London.
1959 Island of Men Tim Turner A tour of Fair Isle, in the Shetlands, where live three times as many men as women.
1960 Top People Tim Turner The high-rise construction building in London including the Barbican centre.
1960 Rebirth of a City Tim Turner The reconstruction of Coventry, with the architect Basil Spence as an on-screen participant.
1960 Shopping by the Ton Tim Turner A look at London's main markets - Billingsgate, Covent Garden, and Smithfield
1960 Towns By Design Wynford Vaughan-Thomas A look at fifteen new towns being built in Britain to house seven million people.
1960 Fairs Please Tim Turner A look at fairs in Britain and Ireland
1960 Ringing the Changes John Langham A look at the traditions of bell-ringing and bell-making in England
1961 Hyde Park Corner Tim Turner The planning and progress of work on the new road scheme and underpass at Hyde Prak Corner and Marble Arch.
1961 The Big Blow Tim Turner Brass bands and their traditions
1961 Woman-Power Stephen Potter Deals with the growing strength of women’s periodicals
1961 Art is a business Tim Turner A look at the contemporary British art world, and the increasing interest in all its aspects

Disc 2

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1961 Counting Heads Anthony Bilbow Made with the co-operation of the Registrar-General, this film shows how the ten-year census was carried out.
1961 Looking for Nothing unknown A look at the various sights, in London and in Manchester
1961 The Dance of Life unknown English folk dancing including the Hobby Horse dance and the Furry dance.
1961 Why All the Rush? Tim Turner The tradition of the August Bank Holiday
1962 On the Map Tim Turner A feature looking at the history of Ordnance Survey maps,
1962 Chickens in the Mill Tim Turner Industry in Lancashire, and how the reduced demand for cotton goods is being countered by the modernisation of some mills and the conversion of others
1962 Treasure Houses unknown A film about various stately homes in Britain, with a particular look at Woburn Abbey
1962 State Occasions unknown A look at the Earl Marshal of England and the College of Arms, and the work that goes on behind every state ceremonial
1962 Down in the Forest Tim Turner The work of the Forestry Commission
1962 Meet the Mayor Tim Turner A look at the office of mayor in Britain and the Lord Mayor’s Show in London.
1962 Under Your Feet Tim Turner The various services underground such as the underground railway of the London postal service, sewers, underground vaults and electricity cables.
1963 The Silent Change Paul Rogers The 200th issue of Look at Life combines the pageantry and ceremonial of the past with the drive for more exports.
1963 Signposts of the Sea Tim Turner Lighthouses off the Welsh, Cornish and North-east coasts, and the introduction of automation at Dungeness
1963 The City's Built for Shooting Tim Turner The film set - its design, use, and ultimate dismantling
1963 New Universities Tim Turner A description of what is being done to expand university training and improve facilities in England
1963 Rag Time Tim Turner Student rags in Manchester, Hull, Sheffield and Leeds raise thousands of pounds for charity each year

Disc 3

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1963 Market Day Tim Turner Taking a look at the British country market, and the problems it is facing through changing customer demand
1963 They Learn as They See Tim Turner History and geography lessons outside the classroom
1963 Jazz All the Way Tim Turner Survey of the jazz scene in Britain today: record sales and the festivals at Cleethorpes and Manchester.
1963 Island Refuge Tim Turner The Island of Skomer off the Pembrokeshire coast and the work of the warden of the wildlife sanctuary there,
1964 Holiday Camps Bob Willcox The development of holiday camps in Great Britain and elsewhere
1964 Sound of a City Tim Turner Liverpool and the beat music scene
1964 Saving a Heritage Tim Turner The work of the National Trust
1964 The Way of Reckoning Tim Turner The pros and cons of the metric system and decimal coinage for Great Britain.
1964 Lady by the Sea Tim Turner Investigation of the present position of the seaside landlady in the face of competition from easily available Continental holidays.
1965 Early Starters Tim Turner A look at some of the independent and local government-sponsored nursery schools in Britain
1965 But Not on a Sunday Tim Turner A look at a typical Sunday in England – and the changes that are taking place.
1965 The Things They Sell Tim Turner A brief look at some of Britain’s less publicised exports
1965 Boys Without Girls Tim Turner The history of Boys' Clubs in Britain
1965 Members Only Michael Ingrams A visit to London's members only clubs
1965 City of Sailors Tim Turner The changing face of the city of Portsmouth
1965 Why Drown Yourself? Tim Turner The part played by voluntary life-saving organisations in helping bathers and water sportsmen and the RAF’s Air Sea Rescue Service in saving those in distress at sea.

Disc 4

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1965 In the Livery Tim Turner An impression of the present-day activities of the great livery companies of the past
1965 The Needles Point the Way Tim Turner An assessment of the Isle of Wight and its industries
1966 Crisis in the Cathedral Tim Turner The plight of England’s medieval cathedrals threatened with serious decay, insufficient funds and no state aid.
1966 The Tower of Babble Tim Turner The building of the Post Office Tower in London and the part it plays in Britain’s communications system.
1966 On Tape for Tomorrow Vernon Greeves Some of the organisations which travel around the country recording traditional songs and stories.
1966 The Abbey Backstage John Westbrook Issue devoted to Westminster Abbey on its 900th anniversary and its administration
1966 The Shape of Things Tim Turner The work of the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works in designing new buildings, and furniture and consumer goods for the vast range of government buildings and contracts.
1966 Churchill Pilgrimage Tim Turner The homes of Sir Winston Churchill and the churchyard at Bladon in Oxfordshire.
1967 High and Dry Tim Turner The ceremony of the installation of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and the life of the seven Cinque Ports
1967 IN gear Michael Ingrams The film presents the "in" scene of London by visiting some of London’s fashionable shops and the young people who frequent them.
1967 Hidden Treasure Michael Ingrams The present state of the British Museum, and the shortage of space for its many thousands of items
1967 Goodbye, Piccadilly Tim Turner A look at the changing face of London's Piccadilly, both above and below ground
1967 Change at The Tower John Westbrook A look at the day-to-day running of the Tower of London and how it copes with the growing number of tourists
1967 The Spoilers John Witty The need for co-operation in the conservation of the countryside.
1968 Queue for Gardens John Westbrook The greenhouse at Kew Gardens and the plants at the Gardening Centre at Syon Park
1969 In the Honours List Duncan Carse Britain’s honours system and the way it works.

Volume 6: World Affairs

Disc 1

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis[7]
1959 Marrakesh E.V.H. Emmett A vibrant look at Marrakesh in Morocco
1959 The Divided City unknown A look at the German city of Berlin and its division between the east and the west
1959 Operation Noah's Ark George Cansdale A film showing the rescue of thousands of animals following the building of Africa’s Kariba Dam
1960 Seaway Uncredited A look at the opening of the Saint Lawrence seaway
1960 Village of Violins Uncredited A visit to the village of Mittenwald in the Bavarian Alps, and its traditional craft of violin making.
1960 Gibraltar's New Day Tim Turner A look at Gibraltar as it prepares for an increase in tourism
1960 The Wind of Change Tim Turner A film dealing with the rapid and ceaseless changes to the social and political life of Africa.
1960 Power for Africa Tim Turner A look at Africa's increasing capacity to harness its waters, highlighted by the opening of the Kariba Dam on the Zambezi river
1961 Rolling out from Rio Tim Turner The building of Brazil’s new capital city - Brasilia.
1961 Lady of Japan Anthony Bilbow The development of Japan and especially its capital Tokyo.
1961 Flags over the Temples Anthony Bilbow A look at the impact of the South-East Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO) in Thailand.
1961 City of Crisis John Witty Deals with the divided city of Berlin and the recent incidents on the East-West border
1962 A Problem of People Tim Turner A film looking at the problem of homelessness in the world, particularly amongst refugees.
1962 Eagle's Nest Tim Turner Record of Adolf Hitler’s retreat in the Bavarian mountains at Berchtesgaden, now a tourist site.

Disc 2

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1962 The Maple has New Leaves Gordon Tanner A film showing the emigration to Canada of a typical English family.
1962 Chasing the Dragon Tim Turner A look at illegal drug trafficking in Hong Kong and the problems of heroin addiction
1962 The Trail leads Upwards Tim Turner A visit to a Native Canadian family, and a look at the construction of a new bridge across the Niagara River.
1962 GHQ Middle East Tim Turner A look at the British base at Aden, which at the time of filming was GHQ Middle East. There is also a glimpse of the visit by the aircraft carrier HMS Centaur which coincided with ‘Aden Forces Week’.
1962 The Wall Tim Turner A visit to Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, and a more detailed examination of the Berlin Wall.
1962 Out of the Sun Tim Turner A look at immigration from the West Indies into Britain
1962 Common Market John Snagge An assessment of the progress of the Common Market during a period in which its member countries had begun to remove trade barriers
1962 The Changing River Tim Turner A film looking at the changing face of the River Rhine.
1962 Millions on the March Brian Connell Following the state visit of Queen Elizabeth II, this film looks at India’s development in terms of farming and industry
1963 Call from the Wild Peter Scott A look at wildlife protection in North and South Rhodesia, and the development of national parks
1963 Out of the Bush Tim Turner A look at the emerging independent countries of Africa and the growth of urbanisation
1963 Men of the Woods Tim Turner How mechanisation is eroding the traditional skills of the Bavarian lumberjacks of Berchtesgaden
1963 Forging New Links Tim Turner A film looking at Ulster’s role in Britain’s productivity
1963 Gypsy Holiday Tim Turner A look at Europe’s annual gypsy pilgrimage to the Camargue
1964 Pick of the Bunch Tim Turner A glimpse into the vinification industries in France and Germany

Disc 3

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1964 The New Australians Tim Turner A trip to Australia to see how the country is coping with its large intake of immigrants
1964 Men of the Snowy Tim Turner A look at the men working on Australia's Snowy Mountains irrigation scheme
1964 Singapore is Youth Tim Turner A fascinating look at a modern, forward-looking Singapore
1964 Off the Sheep's Back Tim Turner A glimpse into Australia's lucrative wool trade
1964 Constant Hot Water Tim Turner A film looking at the volcanic zone of New Zealand, and the hot water it produces
1964 Tide on the Turn Tim Turner A study of the new industry in Ireland and the efforts to keep the young people at home to reduce emigration
1965 Malta Milestone Tim Turner A documentary on the fate and development of the Maltese economy
1965 Women at Sea Tim Turner A look at the various seafaring jobs for women – from work on the great passenger liners, to merchant navies.
1965 James Bond's Island Peter Hawkins A look at post-independence Jamaica, and the country’s hope to gain a firm footing in the modern world
1965 Volunteers for Service Tim Turner Some aspects of the varied work being done by young volunteers from Britain for Voluntary Service Overseas in social and medical services
1965 Men Against the Sea Tim Turner The Dutch Delta-Plan sea defence scheme and what it aims to achieve
1966 The Curtain Changes John Snagge A look at the frontiers of the Iron Curtain between Eastern and Western Europe
1966 On Top of the World Tim Turner A glimpse into the changing way of life in Lapland brought about as a result of the revolution in transportation through the introduction of the motor-sledge
1966 Swedish Pattern Michael Ingrams A survey of industrial and domestic modern-day Sweden
1966 Market by the Danube Roger Wesson A visit behind the Iron Curtain to Hungary to see how it has changed

Disc 4

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1966 The Beach Peter Duval Smith The changing faces to Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach
1966 Face Lift Tim Turner A tale of two cities looking at the ways in which Paris and London have set about cleaning up their appearance
1966 Incas in bowler hats Tim Turner A look at Bolivia, its traditions and its divided population
1966 One in Six Tim Turner A glimpse into life in Luxembourg
1966 An Island Awakes Tim Turner The re-development of Sardinia by capital grants from the Italian government for industry and tourism
1966 City of all Nations Tim Turner A visit to São Paolo in Brazil, a city which is growing continually each year
1967 Six come closer Tim Turner A close look at the European Community, showing some of the problems that the Common Market has had to solve
1967 Jobs where you like Tim Turner A film examining one of the most exciting aspects of the Common Market: the free movement of migrant workers
1967 Pipeline to plenty Tim Turner A look at how Kuwait is coping with its newly acquired wealth, and the provisions being made for the future
1967 End of a Polish march Tim Turner The Polish community in Britain today and how they have settled down in their adopted home
1967 Once upon a time... John Witty A trip to Denmark to look at the Danish way of life
1967 Living on a volcano Tim Turner A look at life on Ascension Island.
1968 Chinatown Michael Ingrams A look at the world of the Chinese who have made Britain their home, and in particular London's "chinatown"

Disc 5

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1967 Inside Russia 1: Fifty! Michael Ingrams A film providing a background to the achievements of the Russian people
1967 Inside Russia 2: The Heiresses Michael Ingrams A look at the significant role of women in the Soviet Union
1967 Inside Russia 3: Childhood Anthony Bilbow A film that traces the story of Russian children, through kindergarten, school and university.
1967 Inside Russia 4: The Woken Land Michael Ingrams This film explores Siberian life east of the Urals.
1968 Winter Blossoms John Westbrook A look at the rapid changes taking place in the Algarve as tourism grows
1968 Man of the Desert Uncredited How the Republic of Tunisia is solving its problems, ten years after it gained independence from the French
1968 Something new under Everest Michael Ingrams How the past is coming to terms with the present in Nepal - one of the world's most ancient and secretive of societies.
1968 A new shade of red Michael Ingrams A look at the changing pattern of Czech life during the upheaval of 1968
1968 Coming of Age Michael Ingrams What has been achieved in India since independence from English rule
1968 Home is Tibet Michael Ingrams A film looking at Tibetan refugees, and the way in which their Dalai Lama has kept the scattered community intact
1968 The Sinking City Martin Jarvis A look at the efforts being made to prevent Venice from sinking
1968 Escape into Riches Michael Ingrams The richness of the arts of India
1968 In the shadow of the Wall Tim Brinton This film looks at the rebuilding of West Berlin, and the hope of reunification
1969 After the Queen's visit Duncan Carse The rising standards of living in Chile and the opportunities for Britain to increase her exports there following a visit to the South American country by Queen Elizabeth II
1969 Look at Man Martin Jarvis A visit to the Isle of Man to discover why it wants greater independence.

Volume 7: Business and Industry

Disc 1

Date Title Narrator Synopsis[8]
1959 Market Place Sidney James A look into London's street markets and how they're suffering to compete with supermarkets
1959 A Car Is Born Bill Hartley A documentary looking into the British car industry, with a look at completed cars being tested on proving grounds
1959 Saving Face Michael Brooke A delightfully compelling look at the magic of the beauty business
1959 Money Talks Tim Turner A look at the financial institutions of London, including the Royal Mint
1959 Down on the Farm Tim Turner Looking at the changes taking place in the agricultural industry through new methods of mechanized farming
1960 Bottle Party Tim Turner The manufacture, uses, and disposal of bottles
1960 Under the Hammer Tim Turner A look at various auctions and the job of the auctioneer
1960 A Year for a Day Tim Turner A look into the business of Christmas and the individuals who spend most of the year contributing to the festivities
1960 Roman Invasion Tim Turner A look into Italian immigration in the UK, which began with the Roman Invasion
1961 On The Mark Tim Turner Looks at the production and testing of guns and their use on moors, ranges and in the various shooting sports
1961 Shares in Tomorrow Anthony Bilbow Deals with the working of the Stock Exchange
1961 Shelling Out Tim Turner Shellfish as a growing delicacy
1961 What A Pet! Tim Turner A look into the world of pets with a special glimpse at budgerigars.
1961 Ice Age John Witty The manufacture and the uses of ice
1961 And So To Bed Anthony Bilbow A focus on sleep and the best methods to get it. Also, with a look at beds, mattresses, and how they have changed over time.
1961 Coming, Sir! Tim Turner A glimpse into the hotel industry in Britain
1961 Tulip Town Anthony Bilbow The town of Spalding, Lincolnshire, and its annual flower festival
1961 For the Record Jean Metcalfe Shows the work of the gramophone record industry, from the birth of an idea to the finished disc, and how Helen Shapiro's hit "Walkin' Back to Happiness" was recorded, pressed, and distributed.
1961 Jobs with a Thrill Tim Turner Demonstrates some thrilling occupations, including a steel erector, a quarry blastman, steeple jacks and riding the wall of death
1961 Roses All The Way Anthony Bilbow The art of rose growing and the competition it breeds.

Disc 2

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1961 Everything Stops For Tea Tim Turner A film following what happens to tea, from the time it is landed at the London docks until it reaches the domestic teapot.
1962 Lights Up! Tim Turner Exploring the world of lighting, including a glimpse of the famous Blackpool illuminations
1962 Fish and Ships Tim Turner A feature looking at the trawling industry and the lives and work of some Grimsby fishermen
1962 The Hat Trick David Nixon A look at the hats manufactured in Britain every year
1963 At the End of a Rope Tim Turner A detailed look at the story of the rope and its many uses in the world of today.
1963 Pictures Tell the Story Tim Turner The distribution of pictures to papers, magazines and television by wire, radio and Telstar.
1963 The Box on the Wall Tim Turner A look behind the scenes of industry, exploring what is being done to improve Britain's output including through the use of suggestion boxes.
1963 Crowning Glory Tim Turner The creation of new hair styles, the training of future hairdressers and the art of wig-making
1963 Rising to High Office Tim Turner A film focusing on the modern office block and in particular the newly built Shell Centre in London
1963 The Trade Winds Blow Anthony Bilbow A survey of the industrial problems of the north-east of England and what was being done to overcome them
1963 Glamour Gets a Passport Tim Turner A glimpse of the UK fashion industry and its export plans
1963 A Pinch of Salt Tim Turner An underground view of Britain’s only active salt mine at Meadowbank in Cheshire
1964 Silver's New Shine Tim Turner The new uses being found for silver
1964 The Golden West Tim Turner The story of the declining tin mining industry in Cornwall and how unemployment could be arrested through the development of new industry.
1964 For Crying Out Loud Tim Turner A look at the advertising industry, with a focus on how it works and what it does
1964 Stone Age Tim Turner The revival of interest in the uses of stone, showing how a modern stone quarry operates
1964 Ups and Downs Tim Turner The demolition of old buildings for the development of new
1965 Spuds Galore Tim Turner A look at Britain's potato farming industry
1965 Money in the Slot Tim Turner Documentary on automatic vending machines and their wares
1965 The Other Film World Tim Turner Survey of the industrial and research uses of film and language teaching

Disc 3

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1965 Laying The Table Tim Turner Modern design in pottery, glass and cutlery
1965 New Hands on the Farm Tim Turner A look at farming, and how mechanisation has increased as a result of rising production costs and the unavailability of manual labour
1965 Down Town Michael Ingrams A study of different modern city centres, designed for modern living. Includes a look at Rotterdam, Coventry, Birmingham, London and Manchester
1965 Farming For Fish Tim Turner Experiments by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the White Fish Authority
1966 Putting More Beef into It Tim Turner A study of new methods of beef production to cope with the increased demands for supply
1966 The Sweet Life Tim Turner A glimpse in to Britain's colourful sweet manufacturing industry
1966 Living on Smoke Tim Turner A study of Britain's tobacco industry, including the latest in medical research
1966 Cover Story Michael Ingrams A closer look at the paperback book industry, both large and small scale
1966 Evening Paper Tim Turner Documentary on the current production of evening papers, and some of the modern developments which help to cut the cost of production.
1966 Music by the Mile Tim Turner How taped music is produced and networked by telephone line to places all over the country
1966 Home Tomorrow Michael Ingrams The contrast between the British and Swedish ways of dealing with the housing shortage.
1967 Roll Out The Barrel Tim Turner The ancient craft of coopering and the making of metal kegs for beer.
1967 Hidden Strength Tim Turner How banking, insurance, brokerage and foreign investments contribute to bridging the trade gap
1967 Putting up a Show Tim Turner A behind the scenes look in to the complex organisation of exhibition display
1967 Put to the Test Michael Ingrams The thorough testing of merchandise before it is put on the market
1967 Put Out The Flags Tim Turner The history of flags and flag-making
1967 On The Scent Tim Turner A glimpse into the perfume and fragrance industry
1967 Hopping Along Martin Jarvis A look at hopping, the traditional East London holiday to Kent to pick the hops, before mechanisation took over.
1968 Top Chef Eugene Kaufeler The life of Eugene Kaufeler, chef de cuisine at one of London’s most famous hotels.
1968 Can you read this? Michael Ingrams A look at literacy in Britain

Volume 8: People and Places

Disc 1

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1959 Cause for Alarm Tim Turner A look at `modern' technology and how it was used at the time to make life more difficult for lawbreakers
1959 Dustmen's Day Sidney James & Michael Henderson A day in the life of a 'dusty' and an insight into the particular problems of refuse disposal
1959 Let's Go Dancing Raymond Baxter A survey of all that dancing involves, from amateur teaching to exhibition ballroom dancing
1960 Running Dry Tim Turner A look at the emergency and temporary measures put in place to ensure water is available during periods of drought
1960 Model World Uncredited A look at various model villages, including Bekonscot.
1960 Student Nurse Uncredited The life of a female student nurse, looking at the training and opportunities available to her
1960 In the Swim Kay Hammond A glimpse into the world of tropical fish, both as a hobby and as ornaments.
1960 Safe in a Boat Tim Turner Safety at sea, and the research into ways of improving current working methods
1960 Glamour Girls Tim Turner A look into the world of the fashion model
1960 I Protest Tim Turner A look at some protesters in Britain, including the Aldermaston marchers and Speaker’s Corner
1960 BRAINS - Unlimited Tim Turner How the schools and colleges of today are measuring up to the demands of the world of tomorrow
1960 Wheel Power Uncredited A look at the many spects of bicycling
1960 Keeping Fit John Langham Shows the different ways in which people in Britain strive for physical fitness
1960 All Their Own Work Tim Turner An item covering how the inhabitants of the Cotswold town of Moreton-in-Marsh decided to save on the rates when the town needed doing up, and how volunteers reopened the Talyllyn narrow-gauge railway in Wales
1960 Holiday - With Pay Tim Turner A film looking at the part-time summer jobs available to students throughout the UK
1960 Women in Green Antony Bilbow An account of the work and organisation of WVS in Britain.
1961 Up to Scratch Sidney James A look at fleas and elephants in the circus

Disc 2

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1961 Going to Blazes Tim Turner Shows the organisation, training methods and work done by the Fire Brigade in London.
1961 High Tension Tim Turner Looking at ways of relieving stress and tension in today's modern world
1961 Match Makers Tim Turner A glimpse at those who make intricate models from matchsticks
1961 Battle of the Bulge Anthony Bilbow The world of slimming, and a focus on all the things you can do to lose those extra ounces
1961 Prison on Wheels Uncredited Light-hearted miscellany covering the problems of parking cars in London, and a glimpse of the eight-storey mechanical park in the City that could be an answer
1961 Controlled Landing Tim Turner Inside the control tower of London Airport, showing the talk-down procedure for an incoming Comet arriving in a fog. We also see the 'Blind Landing Experimental Unit' on a Vickers Viking.
1961 Men in the Mode Tim Turner A look into the story of the male fashion world and how it is slowly moving toward gaiety and decoration
1961 High Rise John Witty An intriguing look at the world of lifts, known to some as elevators
1961 Relax, Relax! Tim Turner A light-hearted look at relaxation methods
1961 A Girl's Best Friend Tim Turner A look at the world of gems, how gems are formed geologically, the night classes in gemmology held in London’s Northern Polytechnic, the world of the diamond business at the Diamond Trading Company in London, and diamond cutters.
1962 Earning Their Keep Tim Turner A look at the various uses of the horse and dogs - animals who very much earn their keep.
1962 Getting a Move On Sidney James A look at the work of the removal men as a family move from Suffolk to Scotland
1962 The Cinema Steps Out Tim Turner A look at cinema and the evolution of the motion picture
1962 One Horse-Power Tim Turner How police horses and their riders are trained and how they do their job.
1962 A Clean Sweep Tim Turner The problem of air pollution from chimneys and how they are cleaned and swept
1962 In Good Shape Tim Turner The importance of good industrial and commercial design and the work of the Design Centre in London.
1962 Blue Streak Uncredited Record of the construction and testing of Britain’s "Blue Streak" intermediate-range ballistic missile.

Disc 3

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1962 ...Through Glass Tim Turner A look at the interesting profession of window cleaning and the various problems faced
1963 Beauty - and the Rest Unknown A look at annual beauty contests with some of the contestants
1963 Island at the Cross-roads Tim Turner A look at the plans to make the Isle Of Man a tourist attraction once more.
1963 The Greatest of These... Tim Turner Some of the ways in which money is collected for charity
1963 As Good as Gold Tim Turner A look at the production of gold and its journey through London
1963 Rolling Home Tim Turner Caravanning in Britain today, looking both at holiday sites and permanent sites.
1964 Digging Up the Past Tim Turner Taking a look at professional and amateur archaeological digs
1964 Chairbound Tim Turner A visit to the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville showing what happens after patients become paralysed. Imcludes a look at the annual Stoke Mandeville Games.
1964 Glorious Mud Tim Turner The story of mud in our lives, from the motorcyclist and sports car enthusiasts contending with it to the men who dig out fuller’s earth for industry.
1964 Instant Homes Tim Turner A film showing how the conveyer belt idea is being applied to building houses and flats in Britain, with the result that a multi-storey block of flats can now be completed in less than six months.
1964 Do it Yourself Tim Turner Investigates the new found 'Do-it-Yourself' craze, a hobby that is becoming icreasingly popular
1964 Who Wants a Statue? Tim Turner A look at the statues of the past and the statuary of today
1964 Donkey Work Tim Turner A look at the popularity of donkeys, including donkey racing.
1964 What's on the Roof? Tim Turner A glimpse in to the world of the roofer, and how new buildings are putting their roofs to new uses
1964 Calling the Tune Tim Turner A general look at music, the increasing popularity of classical music and the lack of composers
1964 Keeping in Touch Tim Turner A look at the devcies that the blind use to help them overcome their disability
1964 Crossing the Channel Tim Turner A look at the facination of some to swim the English Channel

Disc 4

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1965 Tax Haven Tim Turner A look at life on the Channel Island of Jersey
1965 One for the Road Tim Turner How Britain tackles the problem of drink and dangerous driving
1965 Old School Tie Tim Turner A look in to public school life at Eton, Winchester, and Gordonstoun
1965 Blood and Fire Tim Turner A glimpse at the widespread activities of the Salvation Army in welfare work a hundred years after its foundation
1965 Putting on an Act Tim Turner A survey of the work in amateur theatricals and examples of leading 'am dram' companies.
1965 Tails of the Law Tim Turner Study of the training of police dogs, their handlers, and their contribution to police work.
1965 Cool Cats Tim Turner A look at cats of all breeds, including the fashionable Siamese
1965 A Policeman's Lot Michael Ingrams Commentary on the mixture of events in a policeman’s life, from traffic duties to watching for pickpockets and filling in forms after an accident
1965 You're Under Inspection Tim Turner Study of the contribution of inspectors to daily life of weights and measures
1966 Anything to Declare? Tim Turner The short film about the wide ranging activities of HM Customs and Excise
1966 When the Debs Come Out Tim Turner Survey of the unofficial routine of the modern debutante and the spots where they are required by fashion to be seen
1966 New Deal for Deer Tim Turner The work of the Forestry Commissioner stalkers who control and maintain the protected species of wild deer
1966 Away from the Blackboard Tim Turner A survey of the facilities and special subjects provided in comprehensive schools.
1966 A Fair Cop Tim Turner A survey of Britain’s policewomen and their specialised work.
1966 Jobs for Dogs Tim Turner A look at the work of trained dogs and their schooling
1966 Inside Jobs Tim Turner A glimpse inside Britaim's prisons to see the variety of employment now available to prisoners in place of traditional punishment work.
1966 Fire Over London Tim Turner A film looking at the history of the London Fire Brigade and the London Salvage Corps, made to mark their centenary

Disc 5

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1966 Clearway for Ships Tim Turner The work of dredgers in clearing the rivers and estuaries to make them deep enough for ships
1966 After Harold Fell Tim Turner A look at the traces of the Norman invasion which still exist in Britain today, both geographically and socially.
1966 Space for Adventure Tim Turner A look at the development of the adventure playground
1966 With the Lions Tim Turner Lions in zoos and roaming free in Longleat Park.
1966 Loads for Roads Tim Turner A survey of large transporters on the roads and their cargoes
1966 Things Out of Space Michael Ingrams A film about the sculpture in the Battersea Park exhibition, and the students at the Slade School of Art.
1966 Look - No Hands! Tim Turner The use and development of working models in laboratories to simulate planes and hovercraft, and radio-controlled models made by amateurs
1966 Topping Out Roger Wesson Laying foundation stones for new buildings and the contrasting ways in which the ceremony of topping out is done in Britain and on the Continent.
1967 Eating High Tim Turner An examination of the 60's trend of top-of-skyscraper revolving restaurants.
1967 No Place Like Home Tim Turner A presentation of some unlikely buildings that have been turned into homes - and one new home that was put together like a child’s construction set.
1967 Way Out West Tim Turner A look into the growing popularity of 'cowboy clubs'.
1967 Out of the Rainbow Tim Turner A film about colours, and the important part that they play in our lives today.
1967 The Hair Set Tim Turner A look at some of the top hairdressers and the women who patronise them, and how wigs are becoming more popular.
1967 Taking the Waters Tim Turner Aspects of the social services in Germany and how they are now being harmonised between the six member nations of the European Community.
1967 Collectors' Pieces Unknown A documentary depicting London as the centre of the world’s antique market and Britain the home of antique pieces
1967 Funny Business is No Joke Tim Turner The business of comedians and of writing humorous material for them
1967 In For a Fast Michael Ingrams This film visits three nature cure hydro-spas in Britain where diet, exercise, and rest are provided

Disc 6

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1967 Who Needs Eel Pie? Michael Ingrams A documentary about Eel Pie Island, and its a jazz youth club
1967 Coming to Terms Tim Turner The problems facing overseas students when they come to study in Great Britain - making friends, finding somewhere to live, and raising enough money to live on
1967 Ark in the Sky Tim Turner Looks at the remarkable livestock traffic passing through London’s Heathrow Airport, which are cared for by the RSPCA
1967 Booming Good Wishes Tim Turner A short film covering the growth of the greetings card business
1967 Gardens to Order Roy Hay The changes in modern gardening techniques when plants are available fully grown and the necessity of waiting years to establish a garden has gone
1967 Pulling the Strings Tony Britton Exploring the world of puppetry, from Punch and Judy to the people who bring them to life
1967 Murder Bag Tim Brinton The glimpse behind the scenes of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad
1967 So Much Hot Air Franklin Engelmann A look at central heating and how houses can now be insulated so as to prevent the loss of heat.
1968 Little Orphan Annie Ray Browne A comparative look between the children’s homes of the twenties and thirties and those of the present day.
1968 Out of the Inn Michael Ingrams A look at the changing face of Britain's public houses
1968 Gun Dogs John Stockbridge The training and work of gun dogs in Britain and America
1968 Mini and Mod (aka Many A Mod) John Westbrook The project given to the students of Hornsey College of Art, which was to design a flat that would appeal to the ‘minis’ of Carnaby Street.
1968 Stuck on Stamps Jeffrey Kirkham A look at Britain’s stamps from the time they are first designed
1968 The Big Sell Tim Turner Brussels and Toronto are taken as examples to show how British Weeks are planned and carried out.
1968 High Living Martin Jarvis A look at the problems of housing and growing population in Britain, and the development of the high rise block of flats to ease the problem
1968 Throwaway Society John Stockbridge This film looks at different types of rubbish generated by society, and the problems of how to dispose of it, including recycling.
1968 Some of My Best Friends are People! Unknown An examination of the relationship between humans and animals particularly wild animals in captivity

Disc 7

Date of Feature Title Narrator Synopsis
1968 There Ought to be a Law... There is! Brian Hewitt-Jones A light-hearted survey of some legal pitfalls.
1968 City Dogs Martin Jarvis A look at some of the varied amenities available for dogs in cities.
1968 On the Meter Martin Jarvis A glimpse into the world of female traffic wardens in London
1968 Painting People Noel Johnson How far does painting in Britain truly reflect the life of our time?
1968 The Ganges Might Lead Anywhere Michael Ingrams A quick survey of the creeds and beliefs of India.
1968 Switch On at Seven Michael Ingrams The work of the children at a junior school in Hertfordshire that has its own recording studio, television sets and language machines
1968 Hot History George Scott The work of the Press Association which feeds not only the newspapers, but also radio and television with their basic news service
1968 Where Have All The Butterflies Gone? Martin Jarvis A look into the natural wrold of the butterfly and some of the reasons why we seem to have fewer.
1968 Watch on the Coast Tim Brinton A study of Britain's Coastguard service
1968 Southern Miracle Martin Jarvis The development of industry that is taking place in southern Italy.
1969 Model Girl Tim Brinton A look into the world of the fashion model
1969 Gold in the Mud John Witty Scampi - its source, and its rising popularity
1969 Link-Up Tim Brinton The use of the radio in today’s police force.
1969 Bronze, Silver and Gold Michael Ingrams The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.
1969 Saturday Special Deryck Guyler The look at the work of the Children’s Film Foundation.


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