Los Testigos
Los Testigos Islands
LocationCaribbean Sea
Coordinates11°22′59″N 63°05′50″W / 11.38306°N 63.09722°W / 11.38306; -63.09722
Federal dependencies of Venezuela

Los Testigos Islands (Spanish: Islas Los Testigos, Witnesses Islands) are a group of islands in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. They are a part of the Dependencias Federales (Federal Dependencies) of Venezuela.


The Los Testigos Islands are located about 400 km (250 mi) northeast of Caracas and about 80 km (50 mi) northeast of Isla Margarita. The coordinates of the main island are 11°22′59″N 63°05′50″W / 11.38306°N 63.09722°W / 11.38306; -63.09722.The archipelago has an area of 6.53 square km (2.52 square miles) (1) and consists of 6 major islands and a number of smaller rock islets.[1][2][3]

The larger islands are:

The larger rock islets are:

The population is about 200 inhabitants (according to 2001 census) mostly being fishing families. There is a small military base operated by the Venezuelan navy on the main island.


In 1938, the islands were put under the administration of the Ministerio del Interior y de Justicia (Ministry of Interior and Justice) (2) as part of the Dependencias Federales.

On August 9, 1972, the islands, together with the other islands of the Dependencias Federales, were declared a national park (3) with the park being established on August 18.

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11°22′59″N 63°05′50″W / 11.38306°N 63.09722°W / 11.38306; -63.09722